Thursday, November 4, 2010

For the sake of Allah -Alhamdulliah

Who wants to win?

You don’t want to lose?

its simple you choose!

The urban Muslim,

none to blame, yet sin came,

not many options, you cant always be adopting,

never adopt the way of those astray,

who can judge except a creator,

is that not why i'm in prayer,

I can ask and you can answer

but its better you question and then,

not doubt though- what your about is what you know-

but its better you question and then,

never doubt

but its better you question and then,

still at the end we'll wish to amend,

this is were I humbly begin,

been there before is the moto,

in islam there are no-no's,

in your heart there is what you know,

none will ever show intent but by action,

know its all meant even the attractions,

but by patience we'll all succeed,

shouldn't i strive to believe,

how could i be alive with no peace,

none can fight for relief,

yet the greatest obstacle is thysef,

to see with no opticals this test,

my vision gives no wisdom less i listen,

the greatest speaker- the messenger whom delivered,


who showed light,

who illuminated my sight,

so of course i take his course with all my might,

in allah i depend,

i rely on him till the very end,

no sentiments for the changeless,

and unless you change for the best,

you'll remain shame less,

good only gives good,

what would it take for this to be understood,

think deep in a blink we're all six feet deep,

paradise is in my eyes,

i try truely, so surely why wouldn't i cry when the innocent

aren't innocent no further,

you see the murder need not to go farther,

don't bother to care, realy who cares,

but i do thats why i do

trying pay my dues for the gifts god gave,

the moment is a present, so may god save us from ignorance,


- never was i finished but a million words wouldn't do much,

its that one pure thought that will touch you to truth,

and thats up to you to find -keep in mind- in the time of your youth,

please for peace of now and whats to come,

if anotha sun rises my demise may be promised,

but i promise before i see the sun sneek back up,

i'll make sure i did more then enough,

not just a lil bit, cuz a bit aint legit,

but bit by bit make sure you make all legit,

peace upon the messenger

peace be upon his family

peace be upon our familys

peace be upon yourselves

peace be upon us all

peace be upon those whom hear islams call

peace be for those who oppose sin

peace for those who demise being in the dim

peace for any

peace for the many who try

peace for none who ask why

but know allah knows best

this test begins

this test then ends

before then amend,

allah forgive us,

allah give to us

not just lust but virtue,

remember the shaytan came to hurt you,

forgive me If didn't say whats true.....

-Dhaha Nur-


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