Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dialogue With A Sister

Why must I Fast dear sister?
Why must I feel hunger when endless bounty of sustenance lies around me?
Why must I limit myself to Halaal when the Haram is much easier and desirable?
Why must I be strict with my prayers and attend jummah?
Why must I cover my illustrious hair with a Hijab when its easier to blend in and look pretty?
Why must I lower my gaze when looking at the object of my affection?
Why must I speak softly and remain restrained?

You fast not for I, yourself or for the world but in the name of your lord
That hunger is mere trickery thy body plays, to prevent u from truly being internally and externally full
Haram, dear sister, is living for the moment empty in its entirety but Halal is forever
Because sister your religion...Islam is one made of rules that cannot be bended and Allah truly does not burden the soul of what it is incapable of

because sister you require stability since ur flexibility has no rigidity
because sister this life is not worth pretending for
because sister you will have no essence if you go down this road
because sister thou made by the creator thus returns to the creator

But why o why?
These are simple requests and no one will know if I defy them
Sista, I pray you, understand my situation and have sympathy

Sister, I am not that in which who can provide sympathy
Allah whom u must pray to is that in which gave u beauty
Allah whom provided you with the signs to change
Allah whom gave you the gift of Islam
Allah whom provided guidance to those before u and after you
Allah whom listened to u, protected you and blessed you
Allah whom you and I would be nothing but lifeless sand

Remember your creator, you sustainer
as He has remembered you
So fast as you have been told, since the dawn of creation
and ask for forgiveness and reconnect with those from past relations
Pray for what you lack and be truthful as Allah knows your intentions
Our lord as is the most merciful, most kind
He and He alone can save you....if u pray to him in time

What must I do, when all I know seems impossible?
and the simplest task seems towards the line of complexity?

So say what you mean and mean what u say
let not your tongue and your skin be vessels of sin
rather catalysts for good
let not your hair be heathens of time and effort
but rather secret treasures leaking under humble cloths
let your eyes be windows of truth and modesty
rather chains of attraction and suffering
Let not your hands be causes of destruction but of charity
let your sanctuary be thy place of worship
rather than a building of inconvenience and hatred

Fast, dear beloved sister
I love you too much to see you fall into Shaytans hands
and even though mere blood doesn't connects us
our Deen connects us like fine unbreakable golden threads
Fast and leave everything else unsaid

This ,my sister, is my only advice to you
Take what thy want and leave thy rest
but tomorrow might be too late
and tonight is fleeting....

Hana Aw-Dahir
Copyright © 2010

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