Friday, March 29, 2013

My Dear Sweet Butterfly

We met during the sunset days of my life
You flew towards, I lag behind
You round danced between the crevices of my fingers
Reciting poetic truths while reflecting forgiveness on your multihued colored wings
You were the only constant in these changing times
And I scared of growing up, losing innocence through brief moments
Growing to hate, hating to grow
You comforted me like an old sweater brought back to life by needle and mismatched thread
Dear sweet butterfly
You were there during every honest tear
Every dream shattered, collogued and later hanged to display decorative humility
Every promise wept and every promise kept
I cannot imagine tomorrow without the existence of you today
And even though you claim to be a figment of my imagination
Brought on by a need for juvenile mental stimulation to substitute lack of human interaction
Life is sweeter within confines of this fantasy
So let me envision on...
Unchanged from yesterday, I lose patience while waiting for you
You see me as fragile and I see myself as misunderstood
But you beg to differ while we just now differ
I wallow in my own self truths
Because life can be so cruel and reality is a brute from which there is no getaway
And you the best of creation without human imperfections
Mock me because I cannot see beyond the here and now
I hear you but now, I prefer to be blind
Years have now snuck up on me
I am at the age of misguided truth
Your presence is now diminished to fragmented dreams
Although, when I hold my breath and cover my eyes, I can still hear the buzzing of your familiarity
Dear sweet butterfly
All the lessons taught and all the lessons learned are nothing in comparison to what you have given me
A mother, a father, a sister, a hated brother and a teacher beyond their years
Illuminated by your open candor and lack of discretion, I truly see now everything was a God given life lesson
And too often you would school me in such a manner that class would forever be in session
So it seemed
Dear sweet butterfly
I want to preserve you within the pages of my memory
Not because you deserve it but it would be an honor to be your curator
Know this, between every heartfelt line was a genuine dedication with best of intention
No need to mention, you repeatedly say
But just stay humble while letting your essence flow through, as you elegantly flutter away
I take comfort knowing you are guiding, loving and forever uplifting another
So, please remember you are forever woven within the fibers of my being
Blessed was I to have met you on that fair sunset day
And so, I dedicate this poem to you
Dear Sweet Butterfly

Hana Aw-Dahir
Copyright © 2013

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