Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 10: For the Love of Him by Hana Aw-Dahir

You want to matter in a manner where mattering matters
Skim off the superficial and drink up to the meaningful
Never sheep to the heard or herding sheep wrongfully
Settling for nothing more than making waves on the oceans of infinity
Of a life built on the premise of Truman’s Wold, starring you
I watch on just to later reminisce of your every move
Gravitating to the gravitational pull, I’m drawn to your life force
Radiating exception, you relate being is a matter of concentrating
Exceptionally exceptional you connect the dots on the solar system of humanity
Bearing kindness is a reminder to the oath of the creator
Deep seated in profound meaning, I draw nearer
You stay clearer to the ugliness of the bitter
Reminding me of what it means to live up to potential
While walking on the pebble stones of traditional Islamic values
You are a man far beyond measure
Simply Muslim, I remember you I get Ajar
Domination has no significance in return for worldly pleasures
Affiliated to only those who love you dearly
You couldn’t be anything more
So instead of needing me Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
I need you undeniably

Hana Aw-Dahir
Copyright© 2013

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