Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 3: Hana Aw-Dahir

100 years later and the Negro is still not free
His noir bought to sell shoes and chains that relinquish his tribal name
Attained when dignity was not a mere trinket used to bought in exchange for idiotic fame
Optimistically damned, still he reclaims his roots from withered soils
While toiling with a jig sawed identity jumped back and forth from a broken broom
African yet told to be Monzugu

These are not the times Martin Luther foretold with a heavy soul
Gunned down in 306, prevented for mending what could not be a quick fix
I have a dream still echoed, 8.9 on the Richter scale O, leaving demolish change in its wake O
Now whispers to deafen ears in the process of decay
Dead and gone is all the activists who truly remember Martin Luther’s Day
Now young faces try reclaiming though t-shirts with quirky slogans and pictures of famous faces to show they down rather they should be picking themselves up
Puppet tears to the puppet master their strings saturated with confusion of what the man has told them
O no, these are not the times once filled with hope

In this century I live where KKK are still in the game
Revamped like on TLC for the modern day
Given twitter, fb and my space to express their prejudice ways
No weekly Masonic, ironically hidden from the general public, clan meeting neither
Chat groups are all the rage, so says the brother hating on mixed races
Lynching so back in the day
Cyber bullying to the point of suicide, who care if another little black face dies
We can just import more from Africa and claim charity on our taxes
Remember, I’m not a racist, golly I have African friends!
Yet their actions mimic old trends

O no, these are not the times
These are not the times I want to grow old
Just reality injected with lies
later circumscribed on rap lines to tolerated like jagged placebo
Mr. Skibo, must we all take English as another language, if we don’t want 2
Can I speak my language to sustain my heritage and still be a Canadian, eyh?

Oppression is in the oppressor who oppresses
Right now we are perpetuating slavery from the physical to the mental
shackling our minds
using slang and incoherent words as restraints
submissive to our own brutality
We are our present day masters
yet acting like slaves
and the freedom song we once sang
well has lost it's melody of purpose
lest we forget

So when they say racism is anilliated
I say it is you, your culture, your god given freedom
that has been anilliated
but the powers at be have robbed me
My future children cry for a resolution
because this life is full of pollution of present day confusion
so right now, this world isn't fit to have them

I will change the tides of time to right times
My hope lies in all of you
The purging of r-a-c-i-s-m
What a concept
Glory be if it comes true

Hana Aw-Dahir
Copyright © 2013

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