Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 9: By Any Means Unnecessary - Hana Aw-Dahir

Nether in life nor death may take the strangle hold you have over my heart
Judge, jury or even by imperial deliberation, nothing can convict a crime on loving me that much
Rather it is I who has committed a crime for not loving you
I have paid close attention to your feeling but often overcome by the waves of emotion you project
You take me higher than I have ever been and even pounded me thru the very layers of earth, until I have become grounded
Dazed and confused on how I got on this but voluntarily along for the ride
I remember back, you were once a kind mystery dipped in bitter sweet meanings
Now a Bedouin that dictates my life, holding me entranced to the serpent call
I unwillingly dance on
I hold little heart for anything now
Just a vessel of emptiness filled to the brim with abundance of your lies
Once enchanted to the uniqueness of it all
Now becoming ever so weary by the struggle
Hopelessly damned to the cycle of abuse
Caused by instinctual facts clouded by hopes of new beginnings
My heart left in the incinerator, turned ablaze by dependence of my own pride
I ask him to carry on knowing very well and being in a state of absolute fear of being imprisoned by a crime called love...

Hana Aw-Dahir
Copyright© 2013

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