Monday, April 29, 2013

Hawa's Song

Scorned from the rifle bullets that once encased your safety
Put on the human scale by those with righteous Arabic names
She explains through haunting melodies taught to restrain pain
O, how much I hate you, rifle bullet
For maliciously dilbertly calculating with murderous precision
Like stacked blood money handed on the failed dreams of my beneficent innocents
Innocents gunned down, hands up no lie, everything is just a mere trail
But in the court of law of these majestic plains, their weapon of choice AK 47 rains supreme
Death, no chance of parole, is the minimum
Convictions given willy nilly
Justice is just a soft cry
Scared to be expressed by those who don’t want to go bye bye
So the state of mind turns all to a blind eye
Confined to the tragedy compounded to the death of her beloved Humdee
Hawa turns to a higher power
Washing away the degradation suffered from the hands of gun metal
Her pride decorated on invisible rose petals placed on the viscera of her bleeding heart
She plays no games, variation of eve foretold in abstract art
Heaven lives beneath her motherly feet, sadly no children left to reap the benefits
Oh, how I hate you, rifle bullet
Your traces left by many missing faces scattered upon the earth
God gives you the right, mine in due time
That is which unseen will be seen with crystal eyes, all in due time
Degenerating opportunity of peace leads me to believe you have succeeded, rifle bullet
As long as the constellation shines through these four walls of slender hope
I will take arms and our barrels will meet to whomever refuses any chance of real peace

Hana Aw-Dahir
Copyright © 2013

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  1. May Allah accept our fasting, forgive our sins, and guide us all to the Straight Path. May Allah bless us all during Ramadan, and throughout the year, with His forgiveness, mercy, and peace, and bring us all closer to Him and to each other.
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