Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lost Souls

This society destined to doom by its own inhabitants
Prophesied by scripture, too old to decipher so ignorance runs rapid 
Men start to think God is one and one is God
Flashing symbolism of demotic possession, subliminal to mention, so submission is unintentional
Creating mass armies of zombies, no decay of body but of thought
Robbing the consciousness and leaving what not
Making the blind stronger than the seeing, nearsighted to care, visualization becomes tunneled
So, we keep prolonging this bleak existence
Because Imagery and false hope is a hell of a drug
Illuminated to darkness, just to be removed of light
I know it aint right but music got be bopping, stress got my lying and overall life got me denying
The truth that built what secrets crumbled
Life is difficult, until Saturday
When the media is selling body parts, consumer his hungry for distorting reality, leaving anthropological remains of adulterated civilizations
God is always willing to give a way out
Purging of old habits, you revert quickly just like your counterparts
No faults, live young, die harder  
YOLO, the moto
Die for a cause that has no causation in relation to the grave     
You welcome the return of the false creator
Blind but implanted eyes within his followers to set his deception
Resistance is futile, so why go against proclamation 
A few remain able, to see beyond that lies engraved on the foreheads of false prophets
It only took reading Quran to be saved

Momentarily difficulty but life changing in entirety
Knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss
Your time is wasted on Dunya but your still you don’t resist
Catching the unattainable while hoping to wake up from this unconsciousness

Hana Aw-Dahir
Copyright © 2013 

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