Friday, June 7, 2013

What it means to be happy

Sweet sorrow
How you have befriended me yet again
To love another
In the midst of departing
For the same song
I sang to keep myself from crying
He reminds me of another
But does me his way
Blind sighted to care
I forgive him anyways
He knows I will always forgive
It’s my fault
It’s always my fault
I deem myself worthy
And doom my lover with insecurity
Dared to depart from instincts
I vow to change
Or forever remain the same
In the midst of this desolating pain
I can’t just remain the same
I am withering just to become silent yet again
I am destined to be happy
He told me to be happy
I told him to stay happy
We remained happy
Our paths were chosen before we knew what it meant to be happy
Still we cherish our happiness even though we are separately happy

Hana Aw-Dahir
Copyright © 2013

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