Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadan Reminders: Poetry Edition! Day 1

Water like honey
Dancing over the tongue
Thirsty souls quenched
Locked temptations
Free deliverance
Warm conversations
Long garments
Honest kisses
Tears streaming in wake
Another day, I repent
Blank check given in hand
Banked goodness
Scribble zeros for these moments are grand  
Quivering lips reciting dua
Light bright mosques
Illuminating inner peace
March of color varying in stance
Shoulder to shoulder
Divine equality nestled in-between
Mindful prayers extended
Men in front
Women behind
Displayed by father Adam, mimic you can
Ramadan Kareem
For this is the beginning
Seconds come
Seconds go
Relish in halal
Generosity transmitted by smiles
Rekindled kinships
Hungry mouths melt dates
Commanded by He alone
This is Ramadan
Where the damned and blessed renew faith by second chances
Days drenched in khair
You may not comprehend
30 days and 30 nights
To break habits and solidify conviction
That is all it takes
For this is Ramadan
Mystifyingly beautiful
I beg to remind you, it began

Hana Aw-Dahir
Copyright © 2013

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