Thursday, March 7, 2013

{Group poem 27: Female Genital Mutilation}: Nafiso

I was a little girl
The apple of my father's eyes and my mother's world
I was protected from hunger and war but I knew someday I wasn't gonna be saved from my aunts table
I couldn't imagine the pain I will have to endure when it was time
It was matter of life and death for me
My opinions didn't matter cuz I was my mother's daughter 
I wasn't given a fact or why this had to happen to me
When I asked my aunt WHY? 
Her answer was simple "There is a time when every girl has to become a woman"
A woman? I was six years old
How can a procedure that takes lives make me a woman?
It was time for the inevitable 
I was tied to a table that has been used for other girls before me
My aunt watched me cry for help I was never gonna get
I remember her giving me smiles, like she found cure for an uncurable disease
A little girls freedom was taken that day to never be given again

it was time for the inevitable
It was matter of life and death
My opinion didn't matter cuz I was my mother's daughter
I endured a lot as child 
I grew up in the midst of chaos

Nafiso Jilaow
Copyright © 2013

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