Friday, September 4, 2009

Hoyo Macaan/ meri Pyari Mama [My Lovely Mama]

Mother, how often have I taken your presences for granted?
How often have I disobeyed you,
Pained your heart,
Frowned upon your guidelines of being a proper lady,
Oh hoyo macaan,
How often have I caused you nothing but tears?
Hoyo macaan,
How often have I forgot to tell you my love for you exceeds all limits,
Human ability to understand,
Hoyo macaan,
I wish you know how much I love you,
How much I appreciate the sacrifices you have made for me,
And although we hardly hugged,
I now realize the time you spent earning for our living was essential,
The blankets that covered us,
The food we eat in the morning,
The clothes we wore,
The shoes we had,
Our smiles,
Weres the most priceless treasures for you,
And although, hoyo macaan, we missed on each other’s life greatly,
I always held you close to my heart,
Always loved you,
You protect me in your womb as a fetus,
As an infant cared and nurtured me,
Prayed and showered your love on me as an child,
Taught me the beauty of life as a young girl,
And even as the distance keeps as apart,
You still continue to teach me the valuable lessons of life.
Hoyo macaan,
Have I told you lately Waan ku jee lahay,
And have I told you,
You top the list of blessings Allah Ta’aal has bestowed upon me,
And that your resilience as a Somali woman,
Has taught me to be the woman I am,
To be grateful,
To love,
And count each blessings of Allah Ta’aal as the most beautiful jewel.
Hoyo macaan,
Have I told you lately my love for you grows by the hour,
The more I become mature,
The more I wish I never did anything to hurt you,
Pain you,
Hoyo macaan,
How I wish I could fulfill every wish of yours,
How I wish I never said NO when you asked me for something,
Hoyo macaan,
I pray the almighty Allah Azza wa Jal to provide a garden of serenity and tranquility for you in the Hereafter,
Pardon your sins,
Pave your way with his blessings,
Hoyo macaan,
I hope I am worthy of the paradise that lies under your feet,
Of your love,
Of your compassion,
Hoyo macaan,
Have I told you lately main aapse bahut pyar karti hu

Your Daughter,
Halima A Ahmed

Copyright ©2009