Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life Sentence

Life Sentence:

     feet shackled, and

timid muscles tremble, with intense

amidst the bleak and frigid confines

of ironfisted concrete and steal

restricted by rules and regulations

self-imposed are ascetic sanctions

for things aren't always what they seem

adorned with Beauty

this dark and dreary sanctuary

make those who truly believe

*Based on the authentic Hadith by Abu Hurairah (May allah be pleased with him) who reported: The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said: "The world is the believer's prison and the infidel's Jannah". [470:Muslim].

Abdisalaan Haji
Copyright ©2012

I have dreams

I have dreams that my son will walking free in greater Somalia.  
I have dreams that one day my daughter will play in the sand of liibo with no fear
I have a dreams that one day I will pick the phone and have the opportunity to order not Pizza ,but canjeero
I have  dreams that I will stand next to Somali boys and girls when I graduate,  not white and Asians
I have  dreams that one day  I will only speak “Afsomali” and not have to speak any other language
I have  dreams that I will live in  days to  see the Somali people forget qabyalad, and  focus on “Qaranka
I have dreams that Somalia will change their nick name from third world country to first world country.
I have dreams to wake up one morning and not see qarax iyo qasaro on the news headline.
I have  dreams that one day these words will disapear darood and hawiye and somalinimo will apprear 
I have dreams , that I wish they were  not a dream.

Nasra Iid
Copyright © 2012

Gone are the days

No lines, no class all done, the advent of labour in the new sense for the pence, over the farm fence walkers to the distance from their residence.
What your neighbor is doing later is making paper, no longer fancy cups, scones or odkaac to mark the practiced centuries later.
Here later at danger of never knowing about Arawello Wiilwaal and degdher.
Cater to an active nature or is it not a choice?
Is it for a conveyor belt of organized labour and business enterprise, to make the paper that accommodates the draper that protects you from reaching for the vapour, to rub on the worn down weathered working.
Overworking to keep up with the ever rising.
Neglecting yet unaffecting barely scraping.
Left over no cover only Allah savior from an ongoing breaking of the souls scaffolding, gone are the days……..

Faiza Mohamed
Copyright © 2012

Uncharted Love

Come close,

let me read your life story
with my lips.
hold you
close for a few hours
So you can fill me with your soul
and leave me overflowing with purity

Please, write on the walls
of my heart
as a reminder  that you indeed
were here,
and that it was real.
So that generations to come
can see the art the Queen who ruled my heart
like her kingdom left behind.

I want to travel along your smile,
engage conversations
like holy matrimony
and support every dream
your mind gives birth to

Massage you into my life,
pick you like a rose
and plant you in my soul
so your beauty can grow in me
on me and around me

Please bleed your  past worries out
rest your current problems on my shoulders
I will carry satisfaction in my palms
into the future, for you and only you.

It has become evident to me
that god created you
to remind me of him.
beauty this remarkable is
surly a sign of heaven.

If you didn’t already know,
you are a blessing
and I can’t even
count the days
I sat praying you would
smile my way

when you did
it only took moments
to get lost

I didn’t waste time
searching for an exit.
I invested in you
and settled in for good

It would be reckless for me not to
see the blessing in this moment.
because only god knows moments
like these come once in a lifetime.

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2012

The Princess Dress!

A blue dress 
a sky gentely wrapping that fine  creation
the hair like a long wavy night 
covering ur moon , the stars 
and flirting with ur shoulders 
and in between!
a painting to the extent of perfection 
and despite the distance
nothing can blur the reflection
so do u hear my voice 
or u still think it is
the sound of the wavy ocean !

a yellow dress on the dance floor
a gold humbled by ur presence
a desert blessed by an oasis
joining the thirst in the quest
i started to run
and we asked the sun
to show us the road
and at night i kept my heart open wide
but the only visitors i got
were some lonely echoes !

Pearls shining through the red dress
fire ignites the desires
imaginations after imaginations
and everything gets wild
but innocent is the heart
asking them to stay in the dark ally
and if they revolt
buries them in the cemetery
asking the glimpses of u
from here and there to carry
the burden of the passion
and to nurse the wounded hope
to provide a sanctuary !

white or black
u are glowing on each side
coz ur soul sprinkles  joy 
on everything u touch 
and i am wondering 
why am i so sad  ?!
why it hurts that much ?!
asking along the roads 
keeping everything u touched close 
and the answer still the same 
birds singing !
imitating the only voice i can hear 
agitating me with so called wisdom 
" walk and walk 
and u shall find the way 
despite whatever the end could be 
seeds of true love are destined to live 
and be free
life isn't always as we want or dream!"
he walks and mumbles :
we shall see 
we shall see !

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2012

Blanket of Dreams

A blanket of Dreams driven
By forces of god Life’s given

A chance to grow
And prosper
A foreign world
A broken saucer.

Aliens abroad
March on her beaches
The innocent died
With the sound of screeches.

Invaders come 
But seldom win
A truth for the ages
Freedom triumphed kin.

A prize protruding
A life deluding
A new nation birthed
Of fire and mirth

They claim unity
But speak enmity
The aliens gone
But hatred lives on

A people lost
A cause dead
A Dictator’s will
Has your head.

Bridges built
Families lost
A nation’s guilt
Freedoms frost

Revolutions fire
Aspirations higher
Free from the dire of Barre’s quagmire

Back from the dead
A chance unshed
A marriage unwed
Of a nation to the red

Blood of its people
No longer sheeple
Standing at the gate
Of God’s great steeple

Alive or dead
Starved and shed
Of lies and dread Oh Somalia!

Enough you’ve bled

 Sahnun Mohamud
Copyright © 2012

Mother : I Love You

Having you in a ruthless world
Persuading myself being fearless
Without you am hopeless 
Helped me through sorrow and sickness 
Trying to repay you yet money could be worthless

My affection towards you is enormous
Love for you is endless
Looking back on my youngness 
Seeing my string of childhood foolishness  
Was it a mix of joyfulness and innocent silliness?

Thought me how to care 
Your kindness is spacious
Altered my world into happiness
Neither heartless nor careless 
Having you deepest spot in my heart

Realized your composure
None is faultless except Allah 
Countless promises that I made
Yet it’s never too late
Seeing the goodness in your face

For every minute I spend with you 
I take it as a priceless blessing 
Since tomorrow is never guaranteed
Doing limitless prayers for you
Is all that’s in hand. 

Yaya Ahmed
Copyright © 2012

Censored thoughts and duct tape

They pass around ideas like “the free media”

I guess it must be an oxymoron gone too far

The “free" media has become the greatest slave master of all time

It requires no lock and key nor bars but weak minds to replicate it's rhyme

You can bury your head in the sand while they attack your mind with their twisted points of view painted as truth

They prey on impressionable minds and prevent any attempt to read between the lines

When wrong and right begin to blur into one, the spin doctors have done their job and had their fun

Manipulating many minds whilst masterminding plans to mobilise a marching army of propaganda machines

Men and women brainwashed into certain thinking, because they failed to connect the dots that would've stopped from sinking

Now with the new social media expansion, weaving a black web of evil prepare for epic exaggeration

Like a cancer it will spread through communities so that they are force fed fairytales and information void of the realities

They continue to deceive while we remain pleased to receive their “news”

Even when they print false news, corrections are always made in the end pages

And so the initial lie always becomes matter of fact for ages

They call them lil white lies but how do you dress dishonesty with purity?

No longer lil white lies but black death that is plunging the world into darkness

Duct tape at the ready to silence free thinkers

Media has become judge, jury and executioner

Excuse me for thinking innocent until proven guilty in cases applied

But I guess now its more like access to justice denied

Billions blindfolded into oblivion oblivious to the orbit of The Sun

Deaf to the cries of rational thinking and then sum

Shall not men question the source of their information

Reaching for the keys to their emancipation

Or forever have their mind held captive in dungeons of destructive deception

Qalbi  nura Galaydh
Copyright ©2012


I challenge you, memories
reminisce, the moments we walked
the path of destiny.
Remember when you lurked,

remained hidden, like the ambush of life.
Delight became cold, while you felt the heat,
still denied and deprived,
shallow attitude rests six feet deep

under my skin.
Your scent, a remnant of the past
that remains thin,
the odds were against us.

Telling me it is fine,
no one would ever see you cry.
The lane of memories is my line,
that tries to understand your reason why -

we reason for no reason.
Voice used to be tender,
mellow through the seasons
does she remember –

how we used to drive.
Those were your words “Your shower of spark
may keep someone else’s fire alive”
the question set no question mark.

“Who led the race from beginning to the end?”
I find fresh hope, in the middle of defeat.
I cling to this rope, in the heat of the moment
when I utter and repeat…

“Heat, you’ll never see fear in my eyes!
Did you ever feared lies
or the sacrifice -
heaving a sigh.”

love p e a c e because

- it's all right, love.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012


it's a roller coaster 
takes u in and makes u wonder !
as if u are there to watch life 
gives birth to
from within the soul 
and u ought to to find the answer !

it's a roller coaster 
with different scenes 
from every angle
He is on his knees crying
He is on his feet with joy standing
swinging his fist
he will not surrender without fighting
He is on his back romancing with the sky dreaming
a bee flying from chapter to a chapter
a story will be written
Accept !
Refuse !
it dosent matter !

it is a roller coaster
that teaches u the lesseons
the hard way... the easy way
bitter ...sweet !
u will learn
that '' i wont " dosent mean '' u will have it'' 
that love dosnet  always last 
feelings are like seasons 
nothing is meant to stay 
so enemis of today can be the friends of tomorrow
coz faces arent always the mirrors of the hearts !
you will learn
that believing is the core of achieving 
and that achieving dosent solely depend on u doing
but there will be always second chances 
and it might be a one that tells u
it is wise to move on !
it is tiem to move on !

it is a roller coster !
so be patient 
and walk ur way 
leave ur mark 
chapter after a chapter 
before the inke finishes 
and u are left alone 
between those walls
and all u can do 
is just reading 
clearly in the dark !

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2012


“With hindsight
pain framed my mind”

Failure to redress genuine grievances
made her address our citizens…

You came across it many times,
who could foretell that it rhymes

The atrocities she witnessed have affected
wisdom, the orphan society has neglected

You smash everything to pieces
just to proof me wrong, and my thesis

You formed the base of your premise
by raising your voice in bitterness

Pain is the weight that keeps
in motion, while it suddenly leaps

Into the dark, unpredictable
is what you have become, almost tangible

It hit me all of a sudden, unexpected
there go the memories you treasured

Impressions imprisoned into a momentum
kept us going through the heat of the noon

The picture lasted to the following morning
motivated to travel aimlessly, we kept roaming

Young and naïve; that is what we used to be
the principles of your parents never ceased

Pain is the weight, burdened with a loss
volumes thrown away lightly, the coin that we used to toss

Public roads became second home
holding on your way, you tried to make it your own

A relation to life lacking commitment
would painful stories ever comprehend

If I wrote those words in chalk
powdery white is the trace of our daily walk

The only thing that played to your side at dawn
was the family, preventing burdens to grind on

Hold on, find your freedom from disturbance
interruptions of peace come to an end

Failure to redress genuine grievances
made her address our citizens…

With hindsight
pain framed your mind.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012

I am

Can you see the footprint tears marked on my face?
I am the forgotten child.
Slowly crumbling and shattering in this God forsaken place,
My ribcage becomes more visible each day you smiled.

I am the lost boy,   
My bones are like brittle contraction poles,
That can barely hold this AK-47 toy,
And my fingers are stained with these bullet holes.

I am the amputated father,
I walk with one leg not even carrying any armour.
My charcoal lips are dryer with this scorching weather,
And I never kissed water because dust seems to be the only flavour

I am the broken mother,
Forced to flee my home because I couldn’t bother,
To live another second while my child crawls on the floor,
looking for food under the cooker.

I am the dead brother,
Recruited by militants because I thought I was a fighter.
I am the orphaned sister,
made to look after six siblings without a shelter. 

I am the wounded streets,
Bombs detonate above me as my concrete heart beats.
I am the rivers that can’t flow,
Our thirsty skin cracks as earth starts to grow.  

I am poverty,
I am suppressed liberty.
I am the drought, the hungry cattle and camels
I am the famine that suffocates embryos in mammals.

I am the tainted peace,
I am the lifeless police
I am the crying please!
I am the silent disease.

I am them, they, us, and we
I am him, her, his and she
I am you, your, myself and me

But I am,
I am,
I am       … Somalia

Abadir Hashi
Copyright © 2012