Monday, February 27, 2012

You Ain't us

I don’t know what to do anymore
Who to run to or who to implore
Somalia is the subject of the moment
People pretending to care from the government
Whatever your intentions maybe
Please leave us to it, we know what can set us free
Dadkeena iska daaya, dulkeena ka baxa
We’re not you and you ain’t us
We see you plotting and advise you reassess
The outcome is clear, is the 23rd for your convenience?
When pushed to the limit, we unite and revive
‘Cause the truth is Somali people were born to survive
It’s taken time I agree and our people should choose peace over war
How does it help when you prefer not to restore
The nation that was once Africa’s gleaming light
A beautiful place with wonders that soothed the sight
Facts like tribe or name will not stand in the way
Too much has happened for us to not seize this day
Are you all with me, prepared and ready to inspire
Let’s take the steps to create the future we all desire

Nimo Yusuf
Copyright © 2012


Why,why would I lie? 
The tear drops of my spirit couldn't tell me how to fly 

Why would I lie 
I try to keep my word as a truthful book 
No need for a lie detector 
Is all in my veins 
I shed out my pain trough red cells 
Some need to feel what they see 
like they kiss to tell 
So now it feels like them donors are in vain 
Sucking my blood 
Guess there's no reason to hate 
Why would I hide or escape 
Cuz being a coward 
Its like drinking breast milk in a dark room 
You need to move the cow to go forward 
And stop living in them tunes 
Fantasy life, now call it loony tunes 
So lonely in your booth 
When I mention motivation then it goes kaboom! 
She shoots her fumes 
When he likes her 
But does he find her? 
She's lost in day but is a steady night-er 
My soul goes street-fighter! 
Living in experience makes u more wiser 
Pray that I pick the right fruits 
Don't wanna mistake my seeds in sticking it in a wrong book 
That's when the pages from a tree look shook 
Then I'm just guilty for the wrong pleasures that I took 
Guilty if look back 
Because its past 
You never can bring it back 
Try to put time in your back bag 
Slap that feeling if you think you misunderstood 
You living for a hood 
I'm dying for my people in Africa, with no daily food 
Damn you are busy rep ping postcodes sipping chicken soup! 
Real is with me 
Honesty is addiction 
Don't mean I'm on crack 
But the hero needs Whitney! 
You be dizzy if the truth comes missing 
Piss-ing in fear 
You never listened like Judas 
must I die to live a lie or shall I fight skip the truth with an open eye 
So come inside my door is open 
Welcome to all haters, liars and the beggars 
So if you in 
Take a seat 
Have a drink with the Grim Reap 
Fear not of the ghost, who fly's through feathers 
Forever is eternity 
But is fate closer than forever? 
Cold nine on your face 
Who's your Shepard? 
One eye on the beast is just a lesson 
Prophecies in sight 
The signs of the right 
But why would I lie? 
The Hummer so wide 
But I can't park my thoughts 
I wish for a parking ticket 
Wicked is the world to be 
Illuminati, might be sweeter than a reality show 
Jersey Shore 
If I'm swimming to get a smelly bra then I'm living for a fantasy 
The Atlantic City frees attention to what it needs 
Sandals or open feet 
I know what I have 
Even though its not granted 
Don't pick it randomly 
I'm a man to be 
To keep my family close 
as close my kidney 
Would she be the other half of me? 
Like if its not full 
Would she still be in me and with me 
Yeah, basically we like Adam and Eve 
Ya Adam just believe take them worries of your sleeve 
Life is my oxygen 
The beauty is in nature of trees 
I whistle and I breath 
I'm sick if I sneeze 
Don't pick on the little guy 
Seize decline what holds you back inside 
Is this real for a real man to cry? 
I guess its hide your emotions and fix up your tie 
Laughing full of pride 
I feel them evil eyes 
So feel this, I, will put them of the track 
You gamble your life in tracksuits 
I'm not talking about blackjack 
But who you, snake man? 
Back stab 
Stay away then 
Or be awakened 
My diary swifts to abduct dairy products in fiery seasons 
No I don't admire pirates 
Is that a treason? 
Why would I put my nose in your business? 
If I start my business 
Then you would be nosey! 
Eager to see closely 
Zoomed in sins 
What an eagle 
Friends team up then break up like the Beatles 
What a sad life 
His brother took his wife and stabbed him in the back with a sand knife 
Karma moves back like mother nature 
The guilty will get disabled 
thousand times 
Then why would I lie? 
When facts of life are to shy to be unified 
So secure in yourself 
You gotta get wealth, while I pray for my health 
I die before I lie to myself 

Why,why would I lie? 
The tear drops of my spirit couldn't tell me how to fly 

Ahmed D 
Copyright © 2012

Don't waste my time!

three words 
seeds of magic  were
shaping my world
blooming my life
wiping the dullness 

three words were 
trembling my heart 
paving my soul
that looks hard 
but melting inside 

three words 
and now i wonder 
is it me or you who dont fit the equation !
is it me or you who needs persuasion !
like a breeze they are sneaking gently 
under my skin
sinking me deep in that ocean you
does it need translation !!
can it cause all that confusion

three words 
i am in the middle of the story
never noted the beginning 
and the end seems to be wary 
i know my steps look weary 
but the passion still here 
to continue the journey 
look deep into my eyes 
three words are written here 
do u hear their echo in your heart !!
or should i pack and ride th ferry
coz i am no longer that
kid who believed in a fairy ! 

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2012

Somalia's ABC

Arbitrators of armed conflict arresting the aid of peace
Acquired arts from appreciated ancestors adorn houses
Brutal barriers put up by tribalists bring forth broken souls
Beautiful beaches basking in beaming rays of bliss
Cripples wings of caged doves and clueless elders colluding in corners
Caring communities capable of crowning greatness
Dry soil depending on drops of rain for freedom from drought
Delightful faces dressed in deep shades of hope
Evils of war etched on empty hearts
Eloquent expressions spoken effortless with endless wisdom
Frightening fiends fuelled by gunfire
Faithful friends forwarding seeds for the future
Gunshots and games in ghost towns
Grateful hearts in graceful gowns
Heated arguments and hating hearts
Healing hands from helping mothers
Impressionable minds imprisoned by tribal ignorance
Intricate items inscribed with love
Journalists gagged by justified injustice
Jewels and gems found in joyful journeys
Killing and kidnap a kingdom held to ransom
Kindness in kinship kept in knowledge
Limited minds limbering in limbo
Lakes of love flowing with life
Men married to the madness of war mimicking mannered ministers
Mystical majestic mountains making hearts merry
Numbers numbed by the nightmares of pain
Nurturing nurses and nameless doctors work day and night
Opportunists opposed to peace oppressing in oval offices
Origins of oneness operating in hope
Parasites persist in perpetual parades of destruction
Parents proudly pronounce depths of despair for hope in paradise
Quarrelsome men in quarters refusing to quieten the echoes of gunfire
Queens in the quest of peace with many questions
Resistance to restoration of peace from raving fanatics
Recitation of poems from rewarding roots
Social security surrendered to serial schemers
Somalia second to none so sacred and sweet

Qalbi nura Galaydh
Copyright ©2011

Group Poem 25 (War Poems): Tears of the Rain

I cried, I couldn’t control my emotions
Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a part of this generation
My people dying by the minutes, seconds and hours
I wish I could bring back the lost sons
The tears of their mothers
And the pride of the rape victims

She set off to find water in a dry land
Leaving the camp of death behind
Hoping that she and her loved ones will survive
But it was hard, with three children along her side
The smaller one was in her arms
While the two walked, till the girl got weak

And the brother tried to carry
But the poor girl took her last breathe and gave up the fight
It wasn’t long until her second son died
But she kept faith in her Creator
As she walked days and days that she could not remember
She left her son and waved bye

Hoping that she will see him again a live
A day later she found the water
But came back to find out
Her third child died, the drought
And the greed of mankind
Destroyed her life

“She cried till tears ran down her face
Like the rain that never came,
Let’s generate peace for our generation
And help our people to fight starvation
We can be a great nation
If we make sure that another mother won’t cry so much

“This is tears of the rain
Let’s wake up before we become
The land of skulls and graves
As I set to find water in the dessert of death
I couldn’t drink from the rain
Because it was the tears of a mother who was in grief and pain” 

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)
Copyright © 2012

Group Poem 25 (War Poems): Who am I

Ladies and Gentlemen I suggest you hold onto your sentiments
Cause what I’m about to say might blow your whole residence
Now ‘Who am I? is a cliché
So I’m gonna twist it into something we all can relate to
Politicians and Government call it a failed state
The situation now has passed make or break
When looking at Somalia’s past makes my heart ache
Wondering when did our reputation get so blood-stained
Was it when the French, English or Italians came?
Or are we just looking for someone to blame
My motherland, my roots, I have yet not seen
Tell me is it safe to walk Mogadishu’s streets
Relying on my grandparents stories and dreams
But now-days coffins closing are all we see
As you can see I haven’t stuck to the theme
As I think I’ve solved the poem’s message and what it means
Whilst singing ‘Somalia Ha Noolaato’ (Long live Somalia) I suggest you be patient
Who am I you ask
I am the future generation of a failed nation

Shirin Ahmed (15 years old)
Copyright © 2012

*Thanks to sister Nimo Yusuf who encouraged this young teenager to write a poem and then send it to me!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Somalia- The Nation of Poets (TNP) has officially compiled over 1,000 poems written by fierce, passionate, talented young Somalis from North America to Europe to Africa and all the way to Asia. The poems on TNP touch upon various themes relevant to the Somali diaspora. TNP has featured poems about Islam, to what goes into the formation of one's identity, to war poems, to poems about Somali men and women, and about our fathers and mothers, to yearning for homeland and Africa, to the struggles of being an immigrant, to ramadan poems, to love and poems on heartbreak, and everything in between! Some of the poets are as young as 8 and others slightly older ;)<3

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Group Poem 25 (War Poems): Bullet to your gun

I can be the bullet to your gun
I can be the suicide bomber
I can be the snake of your country
That’s who I can be

I am the star of your flag
I am the silent leader
I am the melody to your anthem
That’s who I am

I can be the pirate of your ocean
I can be the terrorist of your land
I can be the serial killer of your innocent people
That’s who I can be

Waxaan ahay ubaxa dadkayga
[I am the flower of my people)
Waxaan ahay dahabka dulkayga
[I am the gold of my land]
I am the formation of your land
I am the end of war, beginning of peace

Asha Ahmed (15 years old)
Copyright © 2012

Group Poem 25 (War Poems): City & Colour

Taste the flavour
of this city and colour –

railing against her fate
is it really too late ?

Memories faded like the chimney smoke ,
burnt is the past, you survived the stroke .

“Why does it hurt ?”
the art of the human heart .

Those moments of imprisonment ,
consumed by doubts . . .

Please help me to break out !”

When and where, who has been haunted ?
Each line and verse foretold, conducted

to enlighten hazy memories . . .
discomfort of mind and body, the misery !

It struck a whole nation over night ,
hostility between brothers let us stride .

Towards a tomorrow ,
shrouded in sorrow .

Emptiness we cannot explain .
Pain, tell me if we can ever trust again .

Feel the shimmer of the city lights . . .
the city of sorrow breathing through the night . . .

Melodious is the firework by the grenade . . .
those moments when you try to evade . . .

the pain that quenches the thirst for life . . .
Silence, you could have cut the air with a knife . . .

I want to survive strength of will became second nature !

Taste the flavour
of this city and colour –

yearning to see her new-born ,
is there a rose without a thorn ?

The emotions rose to a hurricane force ,
if only I’ve been left with a choice !

Longing for her children far faraway ,
I miss you to this very day !

I had no heart if I did not embrace you, White Pearl –
your soil coloured the feet of your daughter, when she was a young girl .

I see those eyes that touch your soul with every smile .
Sincerity, have you seen it with your very own eyes ?

Something as precious cannot be described ,
few things has to be lived, when the time is ripe .

That perfect harmony, that sigh of relief expressed in her countenance .
Shimmer in her eyes, sincerely wording, rewriting her life at the other end .

Sometimes you have to live through the ugly . . .
to appreciate the beauty . . .

you have been surrounded by for so long . . .
a hardened heart is . . . a pity . . . but you keep holding on .

Rising with the stars ,
distant is the horizon, we seem so far .

Keeping a safe distance, paralysed with fear ,
afraid we couldn’t bear the misery here .

Responsibility is a heavy burden ,
an upright frame that became a hurdle !

H o m e, the place where the earth’s surface and the sky still meet ,
a tedious journey back to intense feelings and heat !

Looking back at life, the past events and my concern ,
leave behind a trace of hope, there is a beaten path that leads to a return . . .

to this city and colour –
Taste its flavour .

inspired by Amaal Said

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012

The world dragged me to my knees

Wie der Ruf der Sterne,
schimmert meine Hoffnung in der Ferne.
Sie erzählen, alles wird sich ergeben,
wie oft lag ich daneben.
Das Lächeln deiner Generation,
der Ruf von Zuversicht hat meine Faszination.

In the open air,
exposed to her stare -
you read every single line.
‘How did his burden become mine?’
Life and me were not closely acquainted.
Who remembers the echo when we fainted?
Sensitive is the one touched
by memories, the summer haze brushed
from the shoulders of the past.
Who was willing to make it last,
those tales close at hand.
Would you ever understand,
if I told you how they began,
would I begin to comprehend,
my own journey and its destiny?

Those tales of the stranger in me,
who feels resentful about everything we break.
Left in pieces, what is left to take
from this, where old habits return.
‘This is all he has come to…’ is all you learn,
from those who don’t weigh the words on their tongue.
You used to be the storm after the peaceful calm.
Destructive, seems every single letter -
‘Constructive is sincerity…’ it was never a minor matter.
Eager to please,
you finally cease.
Clarity is all you lacked.
Hoping to find back,
to those roots that took root
in my memories…(when everything seemed so good).

"Share with me that 'One in a lifetime monologue’
that monologue sharing with me those worries,
that little hope that switches from time to time,
that Somali written in English,
that English inspired by Somali,
that hope inspired by worries,
those worries swallowed by hope.

I want you to ask me, 'What moved you to do so?'
I want you to tell me where I went wrong.
I want you to ask me about motivation and having a motive.
I want you to tell me that it is okay.
I want you to know that I am just a man with more flaws than any other man.
I want to know if I ever get the chance to get to know you.
I want you to know that they need you,
I want you to tell me, ‘Do not forget where you came from.’
I want you to remind me,
that you and that me,
that you call mine.

Remind me of the land with the valley vast and beautiful.
The arid landscape brought back to life by the colourful.
The colourful gown & pride of your women,
pride worn with modesty and a smile,
the accessory shared across both hemisphere.
‘How far are you willing to go to find an answer?’
‘What do you know about yourself?

Give me an answer truly calming the storm in my soul.
Tell me, that you and I deserve it.
Show me, that we deserve it.

Brother & sister in faith, by mankind, in humanity.
Let’s take one sincere step towards each other,
one sincere gesture.”

Yours truly,

Mr.The-world-dragged-me-to-my-knees - "I just need to breathe, pause for a second. Holding onto things for years, that I do not comprehend."

Do not stop believing.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012

Appreciation (*)

Appreciation is my dedication
I hope I dedicate to give peace to my nation
Create sense in a dream, it needs to be awakened
I was awake for some days, and..
Thinking about the tools that will move fools out in a dark end
We born with a heart, so don't pretend!
Love the things for your friends as same as the things for yourself
Appreciate the good and the worst times
Memories live forever
Like a candle that never goes off it brings true light of better
And its better to realise what you have is temporary, it doesn't last forever
They say we; "Young forever" living for materialistic wishes
They sing songs to stay young together
So blind, I feel ready guns are penetrating my longs can't hold the urine in my bladder
Its so natural to appreciate
So edible are true feelings
Glass shinning lights on the ceiling
What a metaphor
I'm so better for, the simple things in life
A brother who holds your rights
A sister that knows your dreams
And a dream that becomes reality
I believe in that dignity
I'm digging the picture but the image is pinching me
Why say never is never
Then why is it not meant to be?
Is fate not invisible like time
And is Karma not like the guardian of low waters such in a running stream
So when ones drowning in his sleep
He can be freed if his soul was in peace
In the end, Its only for God to judge
Is it hard to let go the steady hold of grudge
Bunch of flowers for the dead, will not get them back
But it will show respect
Bunch of flowers to forgive, will live to be different
Different to be wiser
Different to take a distant of the wicked
Slang used by kids, to say a good witch is wicked
Some play innocent but deep down inside grows sickness
You just a misfit!
You don't fit in!
You been abused by your bullies
But you came first in the bloody race
I see life as a driving aim
Everyone is on the steering wheel to for fill their aims
The rich smell of petrol made them faint
Monopoly Politics, we like puppets in a game
But to God, we are valued slaves at birth
Yes, we are all equal as humans but differ in ways, we choose our lanes
So may the richer shake hands with the poor, and explore similarity in symptoms
True kingdom of justice and understanding
We just standing in box to hear each confession
Not taking lessons of the lesser
Cuz, struggle in the feet makes good practise
Appreciate each blessing
Depression was not an escape
It was mainly being locked down lonely in a cave
Panicking surroundings around your body that screams, pain!
And I want to believe and appreciate
Rainy tears, they integrate on top of your face
Then it dries up, the weather changes like a mood
Seasons are perfected to unify and to open eyes
Evil eyes are in to divide the good that lies inside
I'm not on about lies that show pride
This heart speaks real of a cause
Of course I do it for Africa
Me don't want to fall off my course
Mother nature needs some patience to regroup her sons cuz they lost
What a shame
Some die to get fame
And some find burning love in someone
That's a soul mate to die for
All my love and trust is packed in one
I'm humbled by her tender care and her daring love
I don't need an applause
I just need a build nest near her soul
Cuz of her heart I adore the motivation she sends through my bedroom door
My dreams will let some minds think
Martin Luther King, let me spring in the spring water
And give some Zamzam water to
Malcolm X
I hope one X will not make a trio
And end with sex
So lost in society, I say this planet has more piety than its context
He keeps wanking on the net
While I'm stressed up to make a change
I give away what they take away, no Robin Hood
Young brothers want to dress up like a wolf and be hood
They think they are misunderstood
I think not everything is understood
But you know what's good, when are in your grave and it lights up for angels who congratulate!
That's when you know your praise to the One where not in vain
Don't let some whispers make you go insane!
Try to pray like this is your last day
5 am, you still awake, tears led you to wait for the morning prayer
So excited to communicate with your Lord
Trust, true winners are believers
So appreciate yourself
Don't loose it or abuse it
Believe in all the bad sides that forms the weak
Before appreciating the good which defines you as unique

Ahmed D
Copyright 2012