Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Group Poem 25 (War Poems): Bullet to your gun

I can be the bullet to your gun
I can be the suicide bomber
I can be the snake of your country
That’s who I can be

I am the star of your flag
I am the silent leader
I am the melody to your anthem
That’s who I am

I can be the pirate of your ocean
I can be the terrorist of your land
I can be the serial killer of your innocent people
That’s who I can be

Waxaan ahay ubaxa dadkayga
[I am the flower of my people)
Waxaan ahay dahabka dulkayga
[I am the gold of my land]
I am the formation of your land
I am the end of war, beginning of peace

Asha Ahmed (15 years old)
Copyright © 2012

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