Monday, January 10, 2011

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): Dalits

Placed in the bottom of caste system

Dalits are the broken people of the world
Constantly chased away from worship place
For being the impure ones
They live in fear
Of their own shadow
For that itself is also consider contamition
If it crosses path with the elite.

The children are tortured
Their childhood stolen away
Before they can utter a word
How can you have a childhood
When people chase you away
Because they are scared the mere presence of your shadow
Will make them impure?

Untouchable they are called
Sub human they are treated
Inferiors they are from birth
Yet, their women are not safe
And those same mouth that label them untouchable
And hand that oppress them
Are quick to molest
And rape the women....

Silent they remain...
For who is to protect a group
That is deemed cursed from God
Yet the blessings of their lord they do seek
Despite being shunned away from temples
They gather the courage to pray
To resist
To live...
We speak of oppression
Here and there
Far and near

Yet who speaks about the Dalits?
The world enchanted by Bollywood
Yet no one is aware of the suffering
Of India's untouchable
And, worlds oldest oppressed people.
Although this oppression is ancient
the wounds are still fresh...

The word Dalit is a name the "untouchable" people of India call themselves contrary to being called derogatory terms by the 'elite' members of the society they prefer to be called Dalits and it means "broken or suppressed" in Sanskrit... This piece is by NO means attacking the Hindu faith but rather just speaking out against the ongoing oppression of the Dalit people... Also, please refrain from making ignorant comments about INDIA! India is home to me just like Somalia is - and both have their good and bad. Finally and most important, this piece does not even depict an ounce of what the Dalit people face - youtube, google to learn more about their struggle.

Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2011

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): Muslim Girl-The Plight of Sisters

1.Muslim girl engulfed with materialistic possessions

2.latest trends: Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Imac.

3.Running for attention and acceptance.

4.Leaving traditions and modesty- like recyclable ideologies.

5.Trapped in a society that favors immodesty, fornication, and seductive music lyrics.

6.Subservient females whose lust are money and men.

7.Losing Muslim identity like quick sand,

8.replaced by westernized definition of happiness and success.

9.Befriends wicked and fake Muslimah missionaries the calling of trouble and destruction.

11.Late night texting, partying and alcoholic drinking.

12.Ciroc & Grey goose chasing, cigarette & kush blowing, hopping, hookah bar chilling, one nighters and morning hangovers

14.Acceptable virtues and routines,

15.unislamic but grand delusion of fun and happiness.

16.Lacking strong parental guidance, easily peer pressured

17.into streams of dating and loving insecure boys who

18.secretly sin and publicly lie.

19.Victims of bad childhoods, abuse, neglect, loneliness and confusion.

20.So they prey upon women’s kindness and love,

21.good Muslim men hard to find and often

22.left to settle for less and less

23.than her potential and self worth.

24.Muslim girl obsessed with fashion and appearance,

25.torn between the hijab and stylish hairdos,

26.on and off with the hijab as she pleases.

27.Muslim weddings, business meetings, job interviews, and shopping malls.

28.Blind to religious modesty and self preservation.

29.Dresses to please herself and potential bystanders.

30.Skinny jeans, booty shorts, miniskirts, tight jilbabs, high heels, and convertible hijabies for all occasions just not Muslim occasions and Eid celebrations.

32.Foreign to the Qur’an and Hadith,

33.but glorifies and obsesses over

34.gossip magazines, movie stars, tv shows, and rap artists.

35.Muslim girl- master of disguises fools even the wise.

36.Lying about whereabouts, always citing the Masjid, MSA meeting, & Muslim conferences

37.but always with the in crowd partying and hanging out.

38.Living the good life, not minding the consequences just partying and chilling,

39.bumping to Drake and Lil Wayne, full time groupies loving from a distance.

40.Wishing deeply to be loved and appreciated, searching day and night for her

41.true one; sadly looking for him in all the wrong locations.

42.Muslim girl lost in a digitalized world, her means of socializing

43.Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, Skype, and Text Messaging

44.Living in a World Wide Web phenomenon.

45.She finds comfort in intangible relationships,

46.2,000 friends and followers, popularity sooths

47.the sleepless night, tearful cries, broken heart,

48.regretful lies, actions and desires.

49.Muslim Girl praying for better nights and days, be herself and not others be like Aisha, Khadija, and Fatima

52.not Beyonce, Nicki and Taylor.

Awil Jama
Copyright © 2010

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): Desert flower

I'm like a blossoming desert flower
In need of water
To sustain my weakened soul
But not like any flower
I live off your love
Care and passion
By the harsh rays of the sun
Your bountiful grace shields me
I live off you
I live for you
I'll be your desert flower
Just be my water

Mabsud A
Copyright © 2011

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): A Gift

A new year has begun, so future plans are made and marked,
And in my heart something about my deen has been sparked.
I got so much to do, yet such little time,
And among my dua’s is that their will be less crime.
Time flies by so fast,
So in this faith we must be steadfast.
No time for games,
Please no grudges or blames.
Unity and sincerity are a must,
And any wrong doings we can bust.
Newlyweds are increasing,
And misunderstandings we pray will be decreasing.
Life is nothing but two days,
So ya Allah please forgive us and make us not among those who make delays.
Let us aim for paradise and make it our eternal abode,
Make this journey easy for us and let us walk on the best road.
All of us are made of clay,
So let us not take life as amusement or play.
Let’s work not just for a worldly life ,
But for jannah let’s strive.
Faith is far from boredom,
Foolishness we must let go of and procrastination we must make seldom.
God’s beauty we must appreciate,
And each other we must not hate.
“Allah gives and forgives,
But man gets and forgets”.
Grateful we must be,
And the impossible can be possible if we open our eyes to see.
All of life’s pain in the past we must let go,
And to the whispers of shay tan we must nod no.
Don’t be a whiner,
And about petty things do not be a complainer.
Enjoy every second of life and the boundaries of Allah do not transgress.
We have no right to judge, so other souls do not oppress.
Wake up every morning with a smile,
And make sure to reach with goodness and go the extra mile.
Go to baitullah as much as possible,
And make sure to note that nothing is impossible.
Read the Glorious Quran to cleanse the heart,
And treasure this gift (Islam) from the start.
This is the end of our story,
But remember, “everyday of your life is a page of your history”.

- Nimo Abdi Warfa
 copyright ©2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): Love me if you dare

If it’s wrong to love you
Please let me know
I want more with you then to be your dirty little secret
It’s funny how people want to change
But you’ll always be that playa
Who fell for me?

Even though it’s partly my fault it took me this long to feel you
Happy that I have you now because I know what I’m missing
But if your girl found out, many things would change and go wrong
Shouldn’t keep this habit for too long.

Always have this knot in my throat, feels like I’m about to choke
I’m so angry of that one choice you made in your life
And the fact that you want me, I can’t give you me
Until you look in her eyes and say you’re leaving
Otherwise I can’t believe your words any more.

I feel like your sexual piece of meat
And I don’t know whether to believe if I’m worth anything to you
But what have I got to lose
It’s me and you and I’m thinking of doing it all for you
Feeling the pain and cheat

It’s like a game and I feel like you were dared to love me
So I dare you to make the decision
Don’t tell me your heart is in two different places
Then you do it once again and bring this game
If you’re a man never look back and I dare to love me.

Idil Mahamed
Copyright © 2010

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): Who's looking for peace ..?

I'm  not looking for Peace ...
Sadly Peace is not looking for us..
Peace is something we make in process..
Not by standing still and looking at this indescribable mess..
What will you do ..?
What can you do...?
Am I allowed to do..?
How is that possible to do...?
What hold us back is not the situation..
It's our own daily discrimination...
Our children harmed from education..
Our own blooded ,failed Nation..
Our future based on present information..
Yes, it's we, he,she and me..
Who are we looking at..?
Who are we waiting for ..?
Who is responsible..?
Who can grab the challenge..?
It's we ,he, she and me ..
The New Generation living in an open sea..
Can we do it ..?
Can we take it ..?
As far as I know we've got nothing to loose..
I can speak up today or forever burn in silence..
All we have to do is meet, gather and listen...
Think together as One and spread the words given..
I'm not calling for Peace..
It will sure find it's way to cure our disease..
Turning our back to eachother won't help...
I need your hand ,You need mine to make justice and wealth..
Let's focus on "Who needs me" ..instead of "Whatever it will be"...
Step by step we're gonna control..
Day by Day we'll get the chance to reach our goal..
With a little Positive day I can show you that we can..
We have alot of young , proud and educated man & woman willing to do whatever they can... 
I'm a woman in the future becoming a Mother(inshallah)..
I'm unable to grab a gun and shoot my own blood brother..
I can't solve things with violence or blaming..
The only thing I can do is to help the victims..
Talk to my Eedo's ,Adeer and my Somali sisters..
We need to solve every little thing..
We need to erase all the negativity as a main thing...
Create positivity and let's see how hope can join our list..
Cuz we all know it's there near us so let's show it exist's..
We have Xisbiga Hanoolaato who promote the idea of being Qaraabo..
Silent Cry still fighting for dhibka ha dhamaato..
S.A.V.E Somali Awareness through Volunteering and Education..
WakeUp Somalia young, brave students who comprehend they have a mission...
So tell me what hold us behind..
After all this now what's on your mind ..??
Let's think as One ,gather as One to make our problems solved as One!!
Words won't do but acts makes it done !..

This year ,the next year ,the year after it..
Inshallah I will always stay an optimist..
And for hope I will always insist..:)
Happy 2011 ..
Sanad wanaagsan oo wacan..
wa kul aam wa intum bikheyr ...:)

Copyright © 2010

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): SOS of a motherland

My nick name is Barwaaqo  and sometimes Bisharo.
I don’t mean to boast but I am blessed.
Blue sky and beautiful sands, barely describe me.
But I am in pain
A pain cause by you.
My babies.
I gave you my best
The best in the land
Those beautiful genes
Can you see me in you? My hair and yea that’s my complexion for sure.
My thanks?
My baby, your brother’s blood.
Battered and Bleeding
Begging for mercy.
I am in pain, not the usual pain caused by millions of births.
I am abandoned and empty.
Insulted, offended.
Please help me.
My babies please.
What, you don’t recognise me?
I really am her.
I am your mother.
Your motherland.

Copyright © 2010

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): Life

Life, if you were a human being that could talk
I would ask you a lot of questions
And maybe then, we would walk
So you can explain for me,
Why, why is it hard to live inside you?
To understand you? Why do some have it good while others have it bad?
 Why do many children die of hunger?
Why can’t a mother find what to give her child?
Why a father can't help his family in these circumstances?
Why is this and that like that? Should it not be like this or like that?
Is it fair? Why is the truth hard to accept sometimes?
 Why is love so complicated? Why are living in you so complicated?
And why are there wars?
Why are there bad people?
Why, why and why?
Why, just tell my why the word "why" should be a ground for a question?

I'm sure that you would tell me that I'm annoying
And maybe even that I’m not old enough to understand you.
But then I would say "there are no stupid questions - only bad answers".
You would say that I'm misguided.
I will answer: "Maybe, Maybe not. But if you would explain this and that,
Then I maybe would be guided."

But heey, wait a minute, why I'm even asking?
After all, all this questions are based on an "if" that I made.
That means that I control the outcome. Logic.
Am I too creative for imagining "life" as I figure?
Or I'm I just another writer that have lost his mind?
You tell me. Wait a minute, am I asking you or
I'm still questioning life? Confused? Or did I just qualify for your definition of craziness?

However, I still attend to a course called "Experience: Life’s friend".
I have been doing this for nearly ten thousand days.
After all exams, with failures and accomplishments, I have only so far learned one thing that would be useful for everybody:
”Life is hard but live it because nobody else have survived it.”

Abdikafi N Mohamed
Copyright ©2010

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): Rain Fall

Letting the rain fall 
To cleanse me of all
To free me from all
The fragments of myself that I never made whole

Letting the rain fall
To rejuvenate my mind
So that I can think of a new concept
To allow myself to feel things I never felt at all

 Letting the rain fall
To feel me up to the top of my being
With something fresh and new, to flush my soul 
And release the desolation and isolation I created

Letting the rain fall
To gain a sense of freedom
Freeing me from me, a sweet release
I will open my eyes 
Let them flood and overflow...

...and allow myself to feel at peace by simply releasing my soul’s cry
Zana Haji Hashi
Copyright © 2010 

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): An Abandoned Wife

She was the one he used to say
constantly reminding her of his love for her
and she would know he meant the truth
believing him was all she did

Gave her all the trust she ever needed
Kept her warm and safe
from all enemies foreign and domestic
shedding all this much blood 
was the price he gave

Somalia was the name that he gave her
she was the ultimate price he finally got
when the imam asked
qabiltu he did say
and there did he give her his soul

She felt so lucky that she had to pray
salaatu sunnah did she make
prasing the lord for his gift
that she forever gets to keep

But one morning did all change
when she woke up wasn't it warm anymore
she felt her side but he wasn't there
so she knew she wasn't safe anymore
and left her alone was all he did

Not to mention what he left her for
the greedy and the ghosts 
all that he spent a lifetime protecting her from
but all that didn't matter anymore

She kept asking around for him
cuz she knew what he felt was real
that something must've gone wrong
that he had all to lose to just leave like that
but wondering was all she could do

As days go by she still waits
all she hears of now is the many wifes he keeps makin
States, Sweden, England or so
replacing her is all he does nowadays
citizenship is what some call it

Her name he says to have forgotten
never seems to care of that
the lovely picture he had of her
he already lost it somewhere in his mind

He knows there is none like her
but yet he urges to deny this
and she still can't forget
the lovely days they had shared

Giving up on him does she never do
believing he might come back one day
telling her how miserable he might have felt
all these days without her

But until then she keeps waiting
for him to come to rescue her
from all the dogs and lions
barking and roaring all around her 
waiting for the only chance they soon might get
that she would give up just like that
so there would be none left of her

Somalia keeps waiting for her people
to come back and make peace
to fulfill all her wishes she had to suffer for so long
so she can be what she once was
the strongest amongst her neighbours
the beauty that never dies.

Abdiqani Aden
Copyright © 2010