Saturday, January 1, 2011

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): Life

Life, if you were a human being that could talk
I would ask you a lot of questions
And maybe then, we would walk
So you can explain for me,
Why, why is it hard to live inside you?
To understand you? Why do some have it good while others have it bad?
 Why do many children die of hunger?
Why can’t a mother find what to give her child?
Why a father can't help his family in these circumstances?
Why is this and that like that? Should it not be like this or like that?
Is it fair? Why is the truth hard to accept sometimes?
 Why is love so complicated? Why are living in you so complicated?
And why are there wars?
Why are there bad people?
Why, why and why?
Why, just tell my why the word "why" should be a ground for a question?

I'm sure that you would tell me that I'm annoying
And maybe even that I’m not old enough to understand you.
But then I would say "there are no stupid questions - only bad answers".
You would say that I'm misguided.
I will answer: "Maybe, Maybe not. But if you would explain this and that,
Then I maybe would be guided."

But heey, wait a minute, why I'm even asking?
After all, all this questions are based on an "if" that I made.
That means that I control the outcome. Logic.
Am I too creative for imagining "life" as I figure?
Or I'm I just another writer that have lost his mind?
You tell me. Wait a minute, am I asking you or
I'm still questioning life? Confused? Or did I just qualify for your definition of craziness?

However, I still attend to a course called "Experience: Life’s friend".
I have been doing this for nearly ten thousand days.
After all exams, with failures and accomplishments, I have only so far learned one thing that would be useful for everybody:
”Life is hard but live it because nobody else have survived it.”

Abdikafi N Mohamed
Copyright ©2010

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