Monday, March 5, 2012

Mama's Lap

-A mother.

Baby I know the world is so cold
but my child you will never be alone
when you have a long day ahead of you
you are tired and u dont know what to do
then you should take a break or two
and remember the things I tought you
if you forgot i will gladly remind you
if you come home to me i'll be waiting 
I will make you a cup of whatever you like
I will give you a kiss, i will hold you tight 
you can sleep in my bed, like when u were nine
and if you need a talk in the middle of the night
just wake me up, baby i wouldnt mind. 
and if you think mama is sweet and Kind
I will tell you, that Allah is more Kind than I
so be a good muslim, make mama proud
Jannah is between my to legs now
so come closer darling, come and lay on my lap. :) 

Najax Cabdulahi Sarsarey
Copyright © 2011

The Media

The media,
Oh how you deceive
Research all that pleases,
And use it to capture the species,
In whose hearts lie the illest diseases,
The media,
How you oppress and objectify women,
As if flesh is all they are,
That's what we've seen,
Imagine behind the scenes,
And how young girls dream,
Being in her feet,
The media,
How you fool us with cliches like aim for the sky,
You can make it if you really try,
But only if they could see,
The kid from broken family,
With an ambition to be,
Like mr made it from the slums to the TV,
Now C-E-Oh!,Doing what?
Selling drugs,
Bussin' guns,
Silly dances,
Poppin' champs,
You can't be sued cause its in the name,
Of entertainment,
And personal responsibility comes into play,
Get it play,
Its a game they play but behind it is hard work,
Selling your soul may be involved,
Are you still down for it?
Behind the scenes,
You're owned like a slave or commodity,
The media,
You were the word of the street,
But you plus government,
Equals encouragement,
To push it plus weed, crack all drugs on the street.

Mowliid Ahmed
Copyright © 2012