Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I speak the tongue of a broken people.
Whose lungs are filled with water of the Mediterranean.
Whose hands hold the dust of foreign streets, they walked on to get to the boat that drowned them.
Whose feet dangle just on the ocean surface show the scars of the journey.
Whose dreams of living in a land that's not their own, but is more peaceful then home is now gone with them.
I speak the tongue of a poetic people.
Whose hymns and rhythms are echoed by a now scattered generations.
Whose elders represent the depths of their spirit.
Whose laughter represents their pain and joy equally.
I speak the tongue of a fierce people, whose strength has been wasted on each other.
Foolish judgement and risky actions caused an age of uncertainty.
An era of questioning identity...

Betra "Aaliyah" Hussein

Saturday, May 7, 2016

With her eyes she looks
To another world she glares
Love beckons,and it mentions
The undying faith,put on detention

The bleeding butterfly,it flies
To the moon it shines
Worth noting,is its beauty
Freckled to dust was its duty

The art of war
A part of law
Revealed to be raw
The truth
Exists no more

Hidden in the abyss
Unknown to the sages
Lies the elixir of life

Written by: Kayr Aden Hanan