Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 2 (Ramadan Poems): Sam Said

You welcome me
Like a mother hugs
Her new born baby
Feeding  me with nourishment
Renewing my innate faith
And there I prosper
With blessing and discipline

Sam Said
Copyright © 2012

Day 2 (Ramadan Poems): Abadir Hashi

No smell of canjeelo reminds me of my fast and I gradually rise,
like dust particles because my feet are as light as air could be.

Time sits still and everything is in slow motion but this isn’t Matrix.
However, I’m Leo and weather to take the blue or red pill; I would consume neither of them.
Because my only pill is the Qu’ran that lifts my eyelids in the morning; soothed from
Hooyo’s radio.

In need of fresh I slither towards the front door,
The sapphire sky dances above me and its partner the sun,
sways to the rhythm of the waltzing, whispering wind.
It’s a sight to be mesmerized, a gift from Allah.

Bustling and busy, the town is filled with smiles of sun
The ghostly flame from the torch relay only makes the square brighter
Laughter and cheer fills the place like oxygen.

Everyone is either laughing or smiling and I give a little prayer:
That Allah could bless us with a sun like today, everyday.

Abadir Hashi
Copyright © 2012

Day 2 (Ramadan Poems): Abdisalaan Haji

                                  Ramadan Nights

Last night I was solicited and
swayed by the soothing
embrace of an evening breeze
as I, strolled barefoot across
red velvet like powderto join hearts with the
believers in prayer.

Abdisalaan Haji
Copyright © 2012

Day 1 (Ramadan Poems): Saredo Hussein

                                       The Significance Of Ramadan
Quotation of The Allmighty reads
aaw human nine months of the year is yours
aaw how the claws of Satan bores through your host skin blood vessels and the blood pours
Darkness waging a war
aaw Mankind isn't that the real challenge to endure
Just like grown womb of nine month carrier,a mother
All creatures have a task to insure and the reason wich the lunar month of Ramadan steps through the door
Now the goal of fasting is to achieve certain goals,
It is to seek purity from the desires hidden in your heart and souls
It is the act of a Piety
The Forgiver and Hider of Faults
The Glorious and the taker of all
From all the time and months he has restored
Ramadan is the chosen of them all
Ten days of mercy
Ten days of Almighty treasured memories
Ten days of Purification
These days meant for purity
Ten days of our Purification From Hell Fire
The ultimate Prosperity
Saredo Hussein
Copyright © 2012

Day 1 (Ramadan Poems): Abadir Hashi

They say the first day is the hardest
But by stomach seemed to stands still
Nor longer groaning and moaning, it’s been silenced
By the sweet whisper of Qur’an
recited by mother.
It’s Friday, the Sheikh prolonged khutbah put me in a trance
Had me close my eyes, relax my limbs
as he recited verses that cut through my heart as weeps .
The soothing sound of rain
Slowly cleaned my peaceful brain
It clanged its cool droplets above me
Blessed by Allah for London to see.

Abadir Hashi
Copyright © 2012

Day 1 (Ramadan Poems): Sam Said

To you I devote my love
Every year I turn up
To our date dressed up
In believers’ gown 
Perfumed of new page
Leaving you to record
Our story, intentions and deeds.
Sam Said
Copyright © 2012

Ramadan Poems

Ramadan Mubarak folks! May Allah Ta'aal make this a productive, fulfilling and enriching month filled with lots of prayers, reflections, and increase in piety and wisdom. May we learn to forgive those who have caused us pain, and seek forgiveness from those whom we have inflicted pain upon. Enjoy the beauty and serenity of this blessed month. Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family ♥

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clarity starts at home

Woke up earlier then dawn, winter’s tone flows through the open window, chilled to the bones watching the sun shift aside the night’s shadow.

Here today because I quarrelled with yesterday, embraced by the unwelcome, touched by the unforgotten, herded to grazing lands by a metallic Alsatian.

Even in this concrete jungle and all its insincere glitter, I hunger for the sand dunes that mark her; I was always enchanted by the world yet my heart has been touched by none better.

Seek and you shall find, tapping electronic maps, in search of peace of mind.
Outside of this realm perhaps, yet stronger ever is the earthly bind.

Conversations based on convergence, sustained by the nostalgia of independence. How so when we never address the innocent man’s grievance.

Political ignorance or just rebellious persistence, I keep chasing the unity that dances on horizon’s distance. Swirling to nomadic harmony, seeking deliverance from the wastelands to the once was sanctity.

Hearts torn with the same ease I a rip the pages out of my dairy, gems are the tears of our mothers, if only like rain water I was able to collect them, alleviate their pain with my pen, thus peace and security be not only in their recollection.

In life I have discovered many a currency yet only one truly entices the fool, faces on pieces of paper only make the gluttonous drool. Every single one of you is a pearl that would shine from the depths of the darkest sea, do you not appreciate the value I see.   

In the young souls I found commonality or maybe we share the same naivety. Even in their state they beam rays that would make any soul happy.  Watching them play mixed sweetness of joy and the pain of knowing that we might never meet again.

Enough with the realities of vivacity, on the pages of history our idealism will be drawn. Our efforts will be documented by the heavenly. Unity is the only weapon needed to defeat any enemy.

So before you close your eyes and bid farewell to today, ask your soul the questions, for the lack of harmony am I the reason? Can I venture for us alone? I for one believe clarity starts at home.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2012

A point in life

Got to a point in my life where rain drops feel like acid ballots shot from the heavens with a heave heart, but we stay so nonchalant, like we can survive a war with great stakes, bodies filled the great lakes, oceans red accented by the moon to color our world with different shades of blood, as gloom takes a young mothers womb, with no praise and glaze darker than dooms day, shelter her heart with the peace of god and the will to move past the ignorance, and those who are persistence with there massage of hate, I got to a point in my life where the young and wise turn into soldiers and than body bags, where the rich get richer, count money with spinter fingers, we rip the soil and burn the soul of mother nature, we wait as she takes her course of revenge, and spits hurricanes of death, and earthquakes as we shaken her to the core, she will shake us to our graves, and drown the world with her tears of hope, only than can we see the rainbow, so long, where's my pot of gold, I got to a point in life where the shade of your skin gets you where you need to go, where proud killed the son, and tribes killed us all, where hungry is taking lives and keeping a score, it's a war and mankind is unarmed, you take a leap not of faith, to the streets, to point your life not to where u wanna go but where you need to be, 

Ayan Abdi
Copyright ©2012

Waiting Period

Against my evil soul’s will
I wait your presence,
counting down the days
so my conscious soul could live
to abstain from swimming
in a river where sins flow.

Sam Said
Copyright © 2012

The path of the pen

When and where
I heard it many times
those questions of the past
trying to make it last

The path of the pen
takes me on a different way
when and where, a cloister remains
my attitude paves and stains

Those small remnants
I cherished for so long
releasing from any leash
a storm of protest, now we proceed

When and where
who is shedding tears
surviving in my mind
she has reason, while I try to find

The path of the pen
leading to your civil strife
critical and disastrous thoughts
disapproving your infectious brawl

Talkative is every line
narrow minded, keeping it broad
dreams lived, pictures written
destiny closes in, you remained hidden

When and where
did we lose control
perceived pain
on a vast plain

to such an extent

a struggle since birth
a traveller on earth

 – the path of the pen.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012

Life is grand

Please forgive me, my past was busy, unlocked my present, and escape to my future,
ruff patches, lonely nights, cold winter in mid summer,
life is grand, written words for the blind, spoken truth for the deaf, and spit knowledge for the dumb,
glue pieces of your heart to a free soul, just to be torn by humanity, AGIAN, broken hearts may be my forte, but my supply kit is limited,
so as I glue away, and leave a sticky mass like a trail of misfortune, itchy palms get money,
but an empty belly ends up on a Telly,
with a fake celebrity, acting the role of a kind hearted being,
if enough care was given, that young child will be eating, and that actor wouldn't need to stroke his ego,
life is grand, to some they regret their birth, mistakes made by others,
fall heave on their shoulders, burden carried almost three decades,
it's time for a new age, they say, the cold hearts, and darkest parts of your mind,
that lerk only in our nightmares, surface, with a gaze that brings a child to hold a gun,
he now has to hold his own, mistake was the name of the land,
that was sucked dry by its own people, mistake lashed back and gave birth to misery,
now misery takes a toll on humanity, humanity gave birth to agony,
and agony stripped them down to their souls, how dare you hurt home,
your life is grand, but agony is around the corner and once you fall in it,
you have no choice but to blame humanity for all their mistakes, now you drown in your misery.  

Ayan Abdi
Copyright ©2012

Abti Nasir

whats keeping me going in this world
is that death will come 
imagining heaven and fearing hell
one day hoping I'll reunite with you
every jummah pray i make my dua's 
for you and the ones we've lost
sending you my love
Abti Nasir you truly deserve Jannah

when i look at a picture of you and your children,
i still break down and cry
it hurt when i heard you died
at that time i couldn't cry
held a firm grip into asking why
i felt like it was a lie
and the tears started to entwine 
wish it was me instead 
never knew missing anyone can torture ones soul
I've lost my mind in this dragging hole
I've missed the souls you raised 
it hurts I cant be apart of their lives 
and there will always be a hole
knowing I haven't got nothing of you

i just wonder if they ever remember us altogether
when we were all happy 
childhood days were full of bliss 
before it was disturbed with a haunting twist
heart breaking to even think
all this sadness I'm about to be sick.   
even though they may hate me
I'll love them anyway

wouldn't believe whats been happening ever since 
your last breath 
how Allah is putting us through the biggest test
there are so many things that people should confess
let you be and put you at rest
11 years on awards and we are still in the worst mess
but inshaaAllah with Allah's help it would be resolved
because theres nothing I can do or anyone else

Abti Nasir we just miss you 
and for all the things you done we truly appreciate it
and I want to help you too
the way you gave zakat   
I'll hand it over in behalf of your name
the way you and my hoyo would walk around the kaaba together
I'll walk around the kaaba in behalf of your name
servant of Allah, the helper and protector 
and what you truly did you helped us 
and I never felt more safe 
one day all this sadness will diminish  
all this pain would just finish 
one day inshaaAllah I'll be there with you 
with your children and grandchildren 
with your hoyo and abo 
with your wife
and your siblings 
and there Allah promises us happiness 
for entity  
O how Allah is so merciful 
knowing there would be one day a
stop to this pain and these falling tears. 

Idil Ahmed Mahamed 
Copyright © 2012

My Home

By now

You heard them all
tales of derring-do
and the curtain fall
after all, you got used to

my tales, my stories
my burden, my worries
my disappointments
neglected, by those regrets

“It’s not describable in words
how much it hurts
trying to grasp the intensity,
the message, intending to set it free”

is all I heard, before I left
we fell into desuetude
finding myself, in society’s cleft
a deep split between us hushed the mood

a cry of justice
screams, just break this
verse apart, looking down at my feet
that is how you compensate the heat

“I long for you to come home
ingenuous, that is what you used to be
more and more, my son has grown
the system pushed him back to me”

a deeply moved mother
moves the soul like no other
when are we going to appreciate
time is ticking, is it close to late

for this generation
make a difference
for the next and its destination
again, at the crossroad to ignorance

“Twenty one years in the West
signs of recovery are patchy at best
my home, you look as if you still need to rest
you keep your cards close to your chest”

we still do not comprehend
how it came to this suspicion
it takes even more to understand
how it came to this division

The capital of my state of mind
the capital that hesitates, asked me to find
forgiveness, what is your part in this
step by step, we gave a sigh of bliss

“Your hope, your stay
your life, your way
your drive, as cold as your breath
seems to scare my home to death.”

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2012