Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clarity starts at home

Woke up earlier then dawn, winter’s tone flows through the open window, chilled to the bones watching the sun shift aside the night’s shadow.

Here today because I quarrelled with yesterday, embraced by the unwelcome, touched by the unforgotten, herded to grazing lands by a metallic Alsatian.

Even in this concrete jungle and all its insincere glitter, I hunger for the sand dunes that mark her; I was always enchanted by the world yet my heart has been touched by none better.

Seek and you shall find, tapping electronic maps, in search of peace of mind.
Outside of this realm perhaps, yet stronger ever is the earthly bind.

Conversations based on convergence, sustained by the nostalgia of independence. How so when we never address the innocent man’s grievance.

Political ignorance or just rebellious persistence, I keep chasing the unity that dances on horizon’s distance. Swirling to nomadic harmony, seeking deliverance from the wastelands to the once was sanctity.

Hearts torn with the same ease I a rip the pages out of my dairy, gems are the tears of our mothers, if only like rain water I was able to collect them, alleviate their pain with my pen, thus peace and security be not only in their recollection.

In life I have discovered many a currency yet only one truly entices the fool, faces on pieces of paper only make the gluttonous drool. Every single one of you is a pearl that would shine from the depths of the darkest sea, do you not appreciate the value I see.   

In the young souls I found commonality or maybe we share the same naivety. Even in their state they beam rays that would make any soul happy.  Watching them play mixed sweetness of joy and the pain of knowing that we might never meet again.

Enough with the realities of vivacity, on the pages of history our idealism will be drawn. Our efforts will be documented by the heavenly. Unity is the only weapon needed to defeat any enemy.

So before you close your eyes and bid farewell to today, ask your soul the questions, for the lack of harmony am I the reason? Can I venture for us alone? I for one believe clarity starts at home.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2012

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