Sunday, December 27, 2009


After darkness there is light,
Every nation has a knight,
Leading the people out of spite,
And soaring in peace like a kite;

So patriotic is our poetess,
Tiding the bed of poetic league,
Calling and calling us for success,
And giving hopes those who are weak.

Her talent founded "The Nation of Poets"
Her encouragement makes the poets meet,
Her word holds the key of Somali-wide.

Appreciating her is appreciating Somalia,
Awarding her is awarding Somalia,
Looking at her is looking at Somalia,
Writing on her is writing on Somalia.

While Somalia is falling apart,
She is ameliorating as to unite,
Against fiefdom, with poem in combat,
Signaling others all in spite;

She is altruist she is active,
She is nationalist she is neat,
She is naturalist she is noted,
She is traditionalist she is talented.

She is educator she is advocate,
She is learner she is leader,
She is homemaker she is poem-hunter,
She is patriot she is power.

She is heroine of our homeland,
Holding our flag up in Maryland,
Helping the nation whole in hand,
Loving her heritage loving her land;

Learn from her, lead like her,
Stand with her, act like her,
Behave like her, bright like her,
Build like her, beam like her.


Her blood composes of Somalia,
Her love is based on Somalia,
She is the symbol of unity,
And she lives in reality.

NOTE: This poem is an award to Halima Ali Ahmed, in honour of her patriotic effort of founding:, the meeting-point- of Somali poetry.
Stanza is a Somali poet, journalist, translator, cameraman, political pundit, book-reviewer and author based in Africa. His new novel, The Beaming Blood, is waiting for publication. He can be reached at:

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2009


I am neither a son of a poet,
Nor an off-spring of a laureate,
I should either be of the two,
And the wisdom will never go;
It is your love that makes me to be so,
The emotion is not a dunce at the law,
Sense the core with a real score,
For the hope not to be slow;
The love will love the love to boom,
The foe will doom the doom to doom,
The hesitation will dim the dim to dim,
The hope will beam the beam to beam;
Our romance will be at the highest of the height,
It will lift from the weakest to the top of the might,
My heart will smile at your for-me wonderful sight,
It will smile at the magic sight and to tears;
Let them bite us and backbite,
As they won't hide to hide,
For the fault will gibe to gibe,
And the reason will pipe to pipe;
May we despise the dunce?
The dunce at the success,
To escape from hopelessness,
And disregard the mess to mess;
Hi darling and the darling of my soul,
Why don't you call the carriage to cool?
To cool and curtail the hellish of a feeling,
And hear with me the songs of our singing love;
It is you that have stolen the happiness,
Stolen from me and keeping it to calm,
Keeping it with you to keep the keeping,
And coming, for the coming to come.
Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)

Copyright © 2009

She's my sister

My sister,
She’s home grown in Africa
With an a Middle Eastern descent
Embodies an Indian flavour
With a hint of East European swag
She has an Asian intellect
And seasoned South American soul.

Although she is
An illiterate writer
A barren mother
A peace loving militant
A religious atheist
A step away from finding Allah.
She is my un- contradicting truth.

She is a born practicing Muslim
A reverted, reborn spirit
Treading on her own pace
On the path of righteousness
She is wisdom
In a time of ignorance
Hope on the horizon of doomsday
She`s my sister in Islam
And I love her

'Twisted Eleagnce'
Copyright © 2009

Somalia Lives Without Life!

Somalia lives without life!
For two decades of civil strife!
See the civilians are losing hope!
Without any help from the globe!

Harbouring terrorists under Alshabaab!
Threatening people down in Dadaab!
Innocent ones are forced to flee!
Those left behind are missing glee!

Lots of criminals were given harbour!
Endangering us and the neighbour!
Ordering my pen to keep silent!
I talk to the world with my talent!

Somalia tasted tribalism!
That previewed pessimism!
Then welcomed Wahabism!
Resulted with us in terrorism!

If the whole world drags behind,
There will be fascists without any kind,
Better the cosmos stand with us;
If fails so, we will curse!

What are all those jihadists?
Calling them Islamists?
Destroying like Zionists?
Assuming us atheists?

My speaking English, think me spy!
That I will never be under the sky!
Them calling me a secularist!
Dressed in Islam, me a nationalist!

I am a Muslim!
I will be a Muslim!
Sticking to my religion!
In and out of my region!

I thank God and believe in Islam!
This is in my heart like stamp!
Pasted on me and on my father!
Following the path of the messenger!

I love my people and country!
And feed them with my poetry!
Calling them all to the sweet peace!
Wishing the war at once to cease!

What we need is a fair government!
With strong organs and parliament!
Under democratic monument!
Elected all in agreement!

Brain-wash not the child and blow!
Give him fit chance of life to grow!
Kill him not, to us so prime!
Misusing him is a bad crime!

Threat of death is what I receive!
But telling the fact is what I believe!
"From the dust we came to the dust we shall return!"
That is a clear verse of the Holy Scripture of the Koran!

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rise up Africans

I'm not a poet, call me a word mechanic.
Thoughts is trans-atlantic,
At times my words can be frantic; volcanic; sorta schizophrenic.
But I got it under control, dont panic.
Listen up to this 'Afro-America', even if u cant stand it.
Hear it loud and clear.
Open up your ears, free them from suspicion.
Food for thought, take it as nutrition.
I'm not really here to put you at a disposition,
but I can if i have to, if you don't listen.
Its my ambition to break you out of your oh-so comfortable position,
And teach you the current state and history of the this red, white and blue tradition.
Get your pencil and papers out, this schools free of tuition.
They not tellin you what's correct.
Look at the signs and try to connect,
Dont be like the others who try to neglect.
Try to retain dignity and self respect.
Because we've been at the bottom for so long,
Longing for home since Marcus, yeah its definitely been so long.
We reminisce on the days of Mansa and how we used to be so strong.
If you ask me, assimilation has took its toll on the people of the continent.
Without consent, they've erased our cultures and descent.
Kinda funny how through all this torment,
A couple of programs, and all of a sudden we became content.
Ohh... The Lies they invent.
Yeah Barack is President,
Yet...We're still at the bottom like cement,
And STILL get the littlest percent.
We're at the lowest of lows.
We've got to grow.
Out of this concrete like Tupac's rose.
Even in this darkness, our faces still glow.
Every dog has his day is how the saying goes,
I guess no one can have everyday I suppose.
We remain average joe's,
Fit in average clothes,
Not like they did to Martin and his protests,
But Somebody should turn the knob, or we'll bust out this hose.
If not, I feel like one day we'll expode.
With the current, like a river...... we should flow.
Joining the ocean to release, cleanse ourselves from our head to our toes.
Clean the blood sweat and tears is a debt to our ancestors that we owe.
People of color need to wake up, it's a nightmare, not a dream.
The American dream is not what it seems.
Unless you want to head to your own mental and spiritual foreclosure,
Don't fall into its scheme.
Try to fight it and they'll label you extreme.
These traps are set to benefit only the corruptest regimes.

- Hashim S.
Copyright © 2009


Our day breaks with pall-bearers!
Carrying dead bodies on their shoulders!
Still occupied is Palestine!
Lacking road-map to a peace-line!

Alas! West Bank led by Abbas!
And Gaza Strip under Hamas!
There is a problem in Jerusalem!
Jews want it without Islam!

There is Al-aqsa, the holy mosque,
Islam's third holiest mosque!
In the heart of every Muslim!
Pool of blood cause to swim!

Peace seems far from all will!
Both people yawning to kill!
If the two are side by side,
Will more chaos then to betide?

Unlawful the settlement!
That is death investment!
Without the two in agreement!
Means conflict encouragement!

That settlement has to freeze!
In order peace once to breeze!
Let the two meet to talk!
As in peace one to walk!

Failed are the people of Palestine!
Look they live all in mine!
Some with Abbas!
Some with Hamas!

Every minute shades blood!
And the enemy is so glad!
There is an agent esoteric!
And he is again exoteric!

There is a liar!
There is ire!
Children there!
Without care!

Failed leader!
Called ruler!
Crying mother!
Dying father!

Why Gaza children put in plight?
Missing food their basic right!
Passing away under sanction!
Without the world taking action!

Because of division!
Without reason!
Better union!
This is solution!

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)

Copyright © 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Group poem 2: Islam & Muslims

Note: Group poem TWO. The theme of group poem two is What is Islam to you and How does being a Muslim impact/influence your actions.

Islam derives from the Arabic root which is – peace, pure and submission
It came as a gift to mankind from the creator of heavens and earth
I am bless to be born and also live as a Muslim….
Islam gave me a book of guidance – It came to me as the revelation of my Almighty Allah.
It contains praises, way of living, way of treating the poor, the orphan, my parents, etc.
It also comes with warnings of falling in the path of the shaitan…
It comes in 114 chapters – 6666 verses that complete me!
The Qur’an teaches me to heed to the advises of my creator –Allah Ta’aal is indefinitely Malik Al-Mulk
He is Al- Khaaliq - The Creator, The One who brings everything from non-existence to existence.
Islam gave me the opportunity to be a Muslim!
It gives me an influential guide to keep account of all my actions
The hereafter belongs to those who heed and follow on the path of the rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.
As a Muslim my desire is to be humble, as the the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) once said: "God has revealed to me that you must be humble, so that no one oppresses another and boasts over another."
My goal is make Al-Islam my way of living. Ahmed Abdi

Being a Muslim is being blessed
It always puts my mind at rest
A Muslim never settles for less
But always strives to be the best
I’m lucky to be a Muslim , I must confess
Call it cheating , but a Muslim has all the answers to the test
Therefore a Muslim never fails , but prevails
Islam keeps me aware of my actions
Helping me to struggle against fatal attractions
And if all else should Witter and fall
A Muslim is always standing tall
Not everyone knows what Islam truly is about
They can’t seem to keep the word terrorist out they mouth
But Islam is a gift no doubt
A life lived as a Muslim is never lived in vain
Islam is my umbrella when it starts to rain. Ismail Mopreme

My days are lonely and they are cold,
My goal is to obey Allah as my days grow old & he takes my soul
Allah is present everywhere, Allhamdu lillah my connection with him is strong
He lives in my heart, his mercy and blessings are enormous & beyond
When I sacrifice and give up something for his sake,
In return he rewards me with something better in its place
My life is corrupted and my days are rough,
Sometimes my tests and trials get so tough,
But for the sake of Allah, it's never enough
Allah & his Quran is my guide
If he wasn't there for me, I'd break, swelter & die. Zana Hashi

To be Muslim is more than a name plus a title to be addressed by
recognize..... That being Muslim is not enough but by following Islam,
Than and only then do I truly succeed and survive this trying life.
Submitting to the will of the one true creator.
Following his last messenger who taught us many things such as good manners and behavior.
Believing in the unseen and the messengers from a fore, aiming for the highest heaven in order to enter it's doors.
This and many more make me a Muslim, better yet a believer of Islam..... Kayla Okrah

Ahmed, Ismail, Zana and Kayla
Copyright ©2009

Your Silence

Your silence pierces a hole through my heart…..
It paints vividly the shame of yesterday’s memories
The anguish and sadness of today
The haunting memories of the future…
Your silence…
Breaks my heart into a little pieces..
It shatters my presences everything you are present…
It makes me wish I could just erase the memories of yesterday…
I wish I could just forget all about you…
Oh, how I wish my heart would set itself free
From the burden of the memories of the past…
How I wish I could look into the future….
Without having the strings of the past pull me back
Time and again….
The happiness I once cherished and treasured…
Has now become the bitter and sour truth I live….
I patiently wait for that day...
that day where you will hold no significance in my life!

Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My dear African Mother

My dear, dear and dear African Mother!
You are my Rhesus factor,
The positive Rhesus factor,
Not the negative Rhesus factor;

Your peace is my logo,
Your happiness is my motto,
Your comfort is my ego,
Your fitness is my manifesto;

My dear, dear and dear African Mother!
The mother of my real mother,
The mother of my true father,
The mother of my son and daughter;

It is me at peace of your advent,
It is me depend on your talent,
It is You smile at me on your lap,
And I smile at you for the smile to smile;

My dear, dear and dear African Mother!
I flourish, flourish and flourish when you are at peace,
I diminish, diminish and diminish when you are at war,
Mum, negative you is negative me and the whole world;

I can not forget the time you wept and wept,
Wept and wept because of bringing me out,
You are irreplaceable and natural pain-killer,
Natural pain-killer created for my care and care;

If gold makes meaning, it is you Mother!
If money is valuable, it is you Mother!
If diamond is dear, it is you Mother!
If oxygen is important, it is you Mother!

I can not call you a wife or a woman!
For you deserve more than the phrase,
Dull is, but who defames your passion,
Dim is, but who denies your vision;

I will congratulate you on your golden jubilee,
I will dance upon your diamond jubilee,
I will celebrate for your silver jubilee,
I will chisel your love in the centre of my heart!

My dear, dear and dear African Mother!
I feel sorry for you my great darling!
Feel sorry for the violation that you face!
The male-made violation that you suffer!
And then, I burst into tears and cascade!

They call me a romantic feminist,
But I am proud of the implicit,
As the explicit is not far from the sense,
And the insight aims at mother-activist;

I will neither estimate your subject,
Nor evaluate your object,
For your role needs not the abstract,
And I am too weak to attempt at the perfect!

My dear, dear and dear African Mother!
It is you, the surrealist of the social image,
The structuralist of our pure discipline,
The novelist of the modern interrelations;

If I were what I am dreaming of,
I should put you above the law!
For you are the reference of law and order,
The law of the natural grass-root law;

I am carrying, and I will carry the flower of peace,
Carry it forever for the sake of you Mother,
I will carry it with fingers full of candid care,
Fingers that fray not from your service;

If I were able to see a moving love,
I should have invited it for your respect,
If I were capable of making it smile,
I should have told it do that for your pleasure!

Fitness is fit, when you are fit!
Greenness is green, when you are green!
Happiness is happy, when you are happy!
Sadness is sad, when you are sad!

When your ovary ovulated,
And the ova were taken to the uterus,
It was me liquid went into your womb,
Solidified there and learnt the cost of your love;

I made you vomit because of the morning-sickness,
I caused you knackered as a result of the horrible illness,
I cried when you cried of the labour-pain,
But God took the plunge to save you from death!

My dear, dear and dear African Mother!
You will never suffer at my own hands!
I will teach them the meaning of motherhood,
And will make them grow with it into manhood;

I will feed you with honey and whatever else you love!
Equip my soul with your leisure and pleasure!
Defend you with my orature and poetry!
Support you with my blood and mercy!

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2009

Note: Stanza is a Somali poet, journalist, translator, cameraman, political pundit, book-reviewer and author based in Africa. His new novel, The Beaming Blood, is waiting for publication. He can be reached at:

The devils job is never done

May Allah bless the souls of the departed
The lives cut short by the devil’s hand
May Allah open His Mercy to them
And that city the namesake of rampage and death

It was once the Jewel
that brightened the shores of the ocean
It was the pride of a nation
that strayed off its salvation
Donning a hat of betrayal
Brimming over with hate
Death has become their life’s mate

Look around now
Listen to the cry of the frail,
The tearless grief and the wail
Look carefully just above the roofs
Do you see the ghosts of the deceased?
Blown apart by your satanic deeds
Murdered for power and greed
Mutilated for causes shady and dun
Sickened minds that weed the cream,
with hopes and dreams of days better than this

Look now and rejoice
Wallow in the havoc you wreaked today
Wash your hands off the blood
with the tears from family friends
Losing a beloved one day after day
Drag the hopes of a nation
Into the bunkers of your misery

Hide your face in their shroud
have your field day while you may
You can disguise your malaise
but will never escape the blaze,
Of the eyes watching your every fey
The chickens will one day
be home to roost and repay
and it ain’t that far away

You can deny it all you can
Your name was written all over the exploding can.
Warped around the hypnotized man
“Shabaab” in plain text it ran
And I know, as every one else does
That you will try it again
For the devils job is never done!

Nur Bahal
Copyright © 2009


Somalia was where I was born but never had the chance to live and experience the good life due to the circumstances which were caused by the war. Sometimes I have a lot of questions trigger my confused mind and I wonder why there is a war to begin with, I mean who are we fighting against?
I do not see no enemies nor evil but what we have caused upon ourselves. Why are we defined as enemies when all we are doing is killing or injuring one of our own?
Does this even make sense to you at all, we are at war fighting against each other when we should unite and become one.
What is the purpose of this hatred? or do we just leave it with a question mark and never find an answer for it.
How many innocent people have lost their lives, homes, raped and abused. How do you describe such hatred and pain?
So I ask you the reader, who is this oblivious war against? Or do we just leave a blank page with question that is left unanswered ?
Does the killing and abusing of our own people happen without a given reason?. If we cannot sort our differences and problems together as one, how could we so much as gasp and claim our nation to be a great nation.
In my own words I would define a nation as a country that stands for being “Together” as one.
Why are we killing those innocent people? Why are we breaking hearts which are already lonely and are in need of a mending? Why are we abusing our children? .
How can we teach them to kill someone who already lacks hope? How could those killers say that they are Muslims, when they kill innocent lives?
They kill many innocent hearts and yet still they'd be the first in the Mosque, how could they face God; don’t they feel powerless and ashamed.
How could they ask forgiveness from Allah when the ones that they may have killed were crying for mercy.
What is it that they may have done that is so bad to lead to them getting killed, raped, burnt and abused. We have killed so many of our own innocent brother and sisters, for doing “nothing.”

What can we do to help those people as we see them weeping help, watch them cry out for our support and help but what we do is we feel sorry for them for a couple of days and then move on with our lives as if nothing ever happened.
Imagine if that was your mother who was getting hurt. Imagine that was your sister who was getting raped. Imagine it was your father getting abused. Imagine it was your little brother crying alone everyday in the darkness were you can sometimes see his sorrow but you cannot feel his pain.
Could you imagine for even one second the state of mind they are in and what they face everyday?
Those people who are getting killed still have life and are drowning in their hopes for better days and with our hands opened wide we could support them immensely and make a change and life difference. Wouldn’t you feel ashamed of yourself if you were watching your brothers and sisters dying without a purpose.
How would we be able to even call ourselves 'a Muslim' when we see the problem arising and do nothing! How do we face our creature, God. We should be ashamed of ourselves as we are we claim to be one nation and instead of giving a helping hand we seem to be constantly running away from a problem that is ours as well.
What are the so called presidents doing to make an immense change in lives ? or is he in it to busy trying to make easy access to money and fame.
Perhaps is time we should stand up and make a change and step by step we will one day get there.

below is a quote by a famous and world widely known artist Tupac Shakur.
Tupac Shakur
“Perhaps I was addicted to the dark side Some where inside my childhood witnessed my heart die And even though we both came from the same places The money and the fame made us all change places How could it be through the misery That can't get past the hard times Made a true friend afraid to ask, for currency But you could run to me when you need me, I'll never leave I just needed someone to believe in, as you can see”. “If we are a nation that divides into tribes, where do we stand for better days?”
I remember once I was working in a school which had couple of Somali kids. There was this particular Somalia girl in the class, the teacher was asking these kids about where they came from, when it came to the Somali girl she exclaimed ‘I was born in Holland and raised there, so I wouldn’t know what Somalia is about’.
After the class I asked the girl why she said what she has said and she replied ‘who knows about Somalia? People know we are refuges all over the world, its shame to be Somalian’.
I understood what exactly she meant, I think you can understand too… For once we should think of the situation that is at stake in our country, I’m sure a lot of questions trigger our minds but we refuse to have that thoughts, instead we put in our minds that we live a good life not using your heart for the actual purpose it is there for to begin with.
Tell me is this really a good life?
“In the name of Allah the most beneficent, the most merciful” O Allah, we want your help against them and seek your protection against their atrocities. For they are weak before you, O mighty, O powerful. O Allah, you are our helper, and you our victor and you are sufficient for us, and the best guardian. O Allah! Give us in this world that which is good and in the hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the fire! O Allah! Forgive me and my parents, and (all) the believers on the day of when the reckoning will be established.
I have asked people this question, why is there a war? most say “I don’t know’ and same say ‘it’s because of the tribes and how people are segregated.” People must always keep in mind know matter what tribe, colour and our status may be we must always keep in mind each and everyday that we all belong to Allah! And we too will one day meet our creature but until then people should try and make some amendments because you truly don’t know what a helping hand can do until you have tried. Give a moment of silence to all the Muslims that are all around the world whom are suffering, dying and crying and living without any hope for a tomorrow…

Ahmeddey Maba Shiixaayo
Copyright © 2009

Somalia is - a poem by Somalia - TNP FANS!

These are just some of the unique responses Somalia-TNP got when it asked everyone to complete this prompt "Somalia is"

Somalia is:

My home, the place where my placenta is buried... {Somalia-TNP}

Somalia is:
The land of beauty
The land of the brave
The land of believers and lovers and the land of poets and the intelligent and the land of prosperity…if only we tried {Ayan Moallin}

Somalia is:
The home of the educators {Mzz Afrika}

Somalia is:
Home to beautiful people with golden hearts
The land that embraces anyone because of its people and their friendliness.. {Fatima Ahmed}

Somalia is:
The land of the blead future and the home of the forgotten people{Mohamoud Osman}

Somalia is:
Where natures beauty an richness lies in abundance…land of poetic artists...And the land where warriors once walked on {Karim Ismail}

Somalia is:
A destroyer paradise by so called Somalis who also go by the name of businessmen {Ahmed Abdi}

Somalia is:
The nostalgia in my heart, the force that pulls me back, the horizon I strive to reach
The memory in my head, the love that brims within me and the echo of my loved ones {Lucky Omaar}

Somalia is:
A land where HOPE never DIES
My home, where my heart is {Yasmin Elmi Ahmed}

Somalia is:
A candle that flickers in darkness, yet can never be extinguished {Hasim Siraji}

Somalia is:
ONE {Fayza Abdalla}

Somalia is:
More than meets the eyes, a people craving for the best yet looking in the wrong direction for solution, a country in a state of confussion, yet has a remnant that is free in this pollution..Somalia, God is your only solution {Abdi Walalo}

Somalia is:
The pearl and pride of East Africa, the place where my forefathers built,
Mogadishu Hark!
And Let thy blood shall flow into the Indian Ocean {Hyder Noor}

Somalia is:
The beat of my heart and the blood that flows through my veins, I long to gaze at and embrace once more her beauty. To work for Somalia and restore it to magnificence is my duty! {Asha Ali}

Somalia is:
Where the hurt is…{Omar Osman}

Somalia is:
A land of nomads with hearts that once use to beat in unison {Muna Osman}

Somalia- TNP
Copyright ©2009

I bleed Somalia

Remembering the victims of 12/03/09!
Horrifying thoughts coming to my mind
Limbs that resembles our tone, or close to it, scattered on Mother’s floor
Sometimes I wonder why we are so blind.
Staggering as it may seem,
We still can raise the white star in the middle
And be proud to say through it all, I will bleed Somali blue
Even though that should not be the price of being Somali’s or its membership due.
Hoping the intellectual and logical ones prevail in this war -
This war of winning the hearts and minds of our youth,
We should come up on top if we hold steady with the truth.
Hoping our existence stays afloat,
Not under the rubbles piled up by tyranny.
Thus together we must stand up daringly,
And show we are stronger than them, than this.
Waging war against ignorance.
This is a tumultuous battle,
You can hear it in the streets; they report everyday that poor Mogadishu still rattles.
Twenty darn years and the white star still remains in the middle.
A little raggedy now and bullet riddled.
In your heart, Can you feel it?
Thump thump… Thump
There is yet life, but it’s feeble.
I’m wondering what it’s going to take to resurrect our people?
Wishing we can shine like the moon
Or even brighter.
Hoping one day our future does not rely anymore on violently inclined fighters.
But before we win, we have to bleed Somali Blue.
On December 3rd, 2009 – those graduating students (AUN) bled Somali Blue.
I wonder how many more casualties before you do too.

-- Dec 10th, 2009 02:29EST

Hashim Siraji
Copyright © 2009

Single Kiss

My lips are waiting for you to kiss,
My feeling is calling for you to ease,
My ball is rolling for you to score,
My kids are screaming for you to mother;

I feed on the aroma from your mouth,
I depend on your witty advice,
I live on your presence and care,
I die from your one minute absence;

Minus you is minus my breath,
Your smile is my only wealth,
I hug your image in my dream,
And sip with you the romantic ice-cream;

If I were a giant and huge cloud,
I should have shaded you from the sun,
And if you were a torrential rain,
You would have germinated our passion;

Sweetheart, let me lean on your ocean-like hair,
Last on your sofa-like and lovable lap,
Caress and caress your egg-like tits,
Fondle your flabby and mush-like abdomen;

I stay out ungodly hours and hours,
Because your love howls at me,
You are the cause of the unearthly sleepless,
For your words bawls and bawls at me;

Darling, feel with me the uneasy illness,
For I am aiming at an ever-lasting happiness,
I will never grow away from your promise,
And will never wean from your real love;

Sweetie, come and cry with me,
For I have been crying alone,
Leap and lick me on the tongue,
For you are my only candid babe;

Your single kiss means to me more than I can assess,
And my single glance will mean to you more than you process,
I was born for your personal and private pleasure,
And you were born for my platonic and romantic leisure.

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2009