Monday, December 21, 2009

Group poem 2: Islam & Muslims

Note: Group poem TWO. The theme of group poem two is What is Islam to you and How does being a Muslim impact/influence your actions.

Islam derives from the Arabic root which is – peace, pure and submission
It came as a gift to mankind from the creator of heavens and earth
I am bless to be born and also live as a Muslim….
Islam gave me a book of guidance – It came to me as the revelation of my Almighty Allah.
It contains praises, way of living, way of treating the poor, the orphan, my parents, etc.
It also comes with warnings of falling in the path of the shaitan…
It comes in 114 chapters – 6666 verses that complete me!
The Qur’an teaches me to heed to the advises of my creator –Allah Ta’aal is indefinitely Malik Al-Mulk
He is Al- Khaaliq - The Creator, The One who brings everything from non-existence to existence.
Islam gave me the opportunity to be a Muslim!
It gives me an influential guide to keep account of all my actions
The hereafter belongs to those who heed and follow on the path of the rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.
As a Muslim my desire is to be humble, as the the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) once said: "God has revealed to me that you must be humble, so that no one oppresses another and boasts over another."
My goal is make Al-Islam my way of living. Ahmed Abdi

Being a Muslim is being blessed
It always puts my mind at rest
A Muslim never settles for less
But always strives to be the best
I’m lucky to be a Muslim , I must confess
Call it cheating , but a Muslim has all the answers to the test
Therefore a Muslim never fails , but prevails
Islam keeps me aware of my actions
Helping me to struggle against fatal attractions
And if all else should Witter and fall
A Muslim is always standing tall
Not everyone knows what Islam truly is about
They can’t seem to keep the word terrorist out they mouth
But Islam is a gift no doubt
A life lived as a Muslim is never lived in vain
Islam is my umbrella when it starts to rain. Ismail Mopreme

My days are lonely and they are cold,
My goal is to obey Allah as my days grow old & he takes my soul
Allah is present everywhere, Allhamdu lillah my connection with him is strong
He lives in my heart, his mercy and blessings are enormous & beyond
When I sacrifice and give up something for his sake,
In return he rewards me with something better in its place
My life is corrupted and my days are rough,
Sometimes my tests and trials get so tough,
But for the sake of Allah, it's never enough
Allah & his Quran is my guide
If he wasn't there for me, I'd break, swelter & die. Zana Hashi

To be Muslim is more than a name plus a title to be addressed by
recognize..... That being Muslim is not enough but by following Islam,
Than and only then do I truly succeed and survive this trying life.
Submitting to the will of the one true creator.
Following his last messenger who taught us many things such as good manners and behavior.
Believing in the unseen and the messengers from a fore, aiming for the highest heaven in order to enter it's doors.
This and many more make me a Muslim, better yet a believer of Islam..... Kayla Okrah

Ahmed, Ismail, Zana and Kayla
Copyright ©2009

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