Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My hands are sweaty,
Flat feet taking steps in an unknown direction,
Inquiring eyes lingering over me suspiciously,
One step outside is all it takes,
To feel like a stranger again,
Doubt washing over me as my figure looms aimlessly,
Standing still at a crosswalk,
Even the wind wonders at my presence,
Slowly dancing around me
Careful not to fully embrace me,
Unsure of myself,
A reflection of every pair of eyes that meet me,
My clothes too strange for their perception,
Frowns and eyes cast away,
While I remain standing,
Infinity looming,
Identity stringing past me,
Daring me to give myself a name,
Outside of my own,
Shame knows no boundaries,
All the same
Halima Hagi-Mohamed