Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #10 Sadiiq

Ramadan Challenge: #10 Sadiiq

by Somalia- The Nation of Poets on Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 10:35pm


Don't let your eyes fool you

Or aura of smell lead you

Balance out your plates

Into three parts

As instructed

By the most eminent

Just do remember

The purpose behind

All of your day's work

Sadiiq Ashuhle

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #2 Bint Qalin "Inspiration at Iftaar"


if Prerequisites are like good intentions,

To enter into the class of good deeds,

To survive the semester of life,

In the college of Islam,

And if the end is a degree,

Issued by none other than Allah,

To graduate and enter the University of Eternity

,In Jannatul Firdaus,

Let us examine our states closely,

Lets us ask ourselves sincerely:

Will we pass?

-Bint Qalin :)

Copyright © 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #11 Halima "Forgive"

Let this Ramadan be the beginning of a new you!

You bow down to your Lord asking for forgiveness

Yet you hold the grudges of years and years in your heart

The beauty of forgiveness is felt the best

When you forgive those who have harmed you

Without expecting anything in return

As we enter the second part of Ramadan

The ten days for forgiveness

Reconcile with those you have kept your distance from for years

Don't just forgive – forget as well

For when you don't forget – you haven't truly forgiven

How do you explain your heart to forgive when you are always dwelling and remembering the pain of the past

Revisit that little corner in your heart

That you have become so successful in burying all your emotions in

Free your heart

Let go

Allah forgives us

And loves those who reconcile with their brothers and sisters

And love for one another what they would love for themselves




And let go my beloved ones!

Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #10 Halima "This Ramadan"

Ya Allah this Ramadan

Help me to come in terms with my faults


And the ability to accept and learn from them

Ya Allah this Ramadan

Open my eyes to the reality

And truth

Even when the truth is bitter to swallow

Help me to seek your guidance above all

And only adhere to the path that will gain your blessingsand mercy

Ya Allah this Ramadan

Let it be the month I learn to forgive those who wrongedme

Seek forgiveness from those I have wronged

And remove all hatred and envious feelings from my heart

Ya Allah let this Ramadan be the time

I stand firm for things I believe in

Never turn away from the truth and what is right

And never do the slightest harm to my family and thosedear to me

Ya Allah let this Ramadan be the month

I establish a stronger, deeper, sincere, truthful, andsignificant relationship with the Qur'an and my Creator

Ya Allah let this Ramadan

Be the Ramadan

I learn to live in the Ramadan Spirit long after it'sgone and until we are reunited next year, inshAllah

Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #9 Sadiiq


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

With the blessing of this dearest month

With our hard work of fasting

Let us focus our dua

Beyond ourselves

Toward those

Wherever they may be


Under natural disasters

Under war zones

Under poverty

And most of all

Those who are...

Sick and less fortunate

May their trials

Insha'Allah be eased


Sadiiq Ashuhle

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #9 Halima 'Self reflection'

As I sit here

Pondering upon what to write for this poem

I am reminded of how quickly the days are coming and going

Too soon

It feels as though we got started just yesterday

I am forced to think about my "Ramadan goals"

Which I set enthusiastically 6 months before Ramadan

I ought to have finished nine surahs from albaraqah by now

But I haven't even gone past reading Surah al Maryam and memorizing Ayahtul Kursi as of yet

Unfulfilled promises and goals

Place the feeling of incompetence in my heart

I am guilty for not being able to keep my word to my Lord

I am forced to imagine

Had this being a project from school

Would I have been so laid back about it?

Would I have counted on the forgiveness of my professor?

Or would I have worked hard to complete my goal

To pass...

Then why must my soul feel lazy

Even when I know the devils are locked up?


It's time to get real

Time to realize the importance of reading the Qur'an

Time to fulfilling my Ramadan goals with the same enthusiasm I set them to begin with.

Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #4 Nimo Y 'What an incredible read

What an incredible read, The Quran

In it are warnings, glad tidings andadvice,

For the truth seeker it will suffice,

Eloquent speech and verses that instilfear,

Without doubt the words of Allah The mostnear,

114 Surahs into 30 Juz with no fault insight,

A revelation to show Allah's great might,

From start to finish it leaves one amazed,

How can a book full of words, leave me sophased,

Oh Allah enable me to memorise,

Forindeed you are the most Wise,

In it are miraculous letters, from surahBaqrahs Alif Laam Meem,

To the well known surah named Ya Seen,

None knows their meanings except theauthor,

The one free of partners, He has no son noris He a father,

Tawheed is the central message,

You will find an ayah like la ilaha illaant in every passage,

That means there is no true god except you,

Correct belief, a true blessing given to afew,

Let's take the time to revise our Qur'an,

Especially in this blessed month Ramadan,

May Allah increase our love for this book,

A guide for mankind, worth every look.

Nimo Yusuf

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #8 Halima

It is the blessed month called Ramadan

The beginning is filled with Mercy from Him who has created the heavens and theearth

The middle part is all about seeking forgiveness for your Lord

For He said in the Qur'an do not despair your souls from asking for forgiveness

The end marks freedom from the hell fire

For Allah never disappoints his obedient servants

Never calls them on account for things they are ignorant of

Never misguides those who seek guidance

Never abandons those who call for His help

Heis the oft-forgiving

Most Merciful

Most Beneficent

Allah Ta'aal has indeed blessed our souls with thisprecious month

Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010


Indefinite is our state

WE perfected in hate

Is our destiny a fate?

Or is it our deeds bad or good

That leads us to hell or heavens gate?

Time to pull the Alarm!

It's time to repair our Imaan!

Disperse from Haraam!

Revert to Islam!

Rage killed our patience!

Negligent dropped us in a maze

Duniya locked us into a confined cage!

Heedless in a smoke - unmindful in a fog!

Tried every key to open the lock-

But only Islam clears the Vague!!! 

Abdikareem Abeeb

Copyright © 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #8 Sadiiq


Better be in the state of peace

Than in the state of war

With everything in life

It all begins with strong foundation

Being connected

Spiritually in harmony

With the highest seat of order

And during the turbulent times

Knowing the tools for remedy

While never forgetting about

In the more happier times

To pay thanks for all the blessings bestowed upon

One of which is witnessing another Ramadan

Sadiiq Ashuhle

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #7 Halima "Oh Ramadan"

Can't believe it is already a week since Ramadan started, subhanAllah time just flies!

Ramadan oh Ramadan

You calm and ease my mind

My heart is open to the word of Allah more than ever during this month

And my limps instantly craving to bow down at the call of adhan

The air feels at peace with my brown skin

Embracing my soul

So gently yet it touches the deepest cell and tissue of my being

The hot air of August seems like blessings from heaven

And my lips never fail to glorify Him who has created me.

Oh Ramadan

Stopping racing on a fast train

And take your time



Linger around a bit more

For I need you to pump abundant faith in my heart

Make me an obedient slave

I need you!

Ramadan oh Ramadan

Just how you ease and calm my nafs!

Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #7 Sadiiq

TNP's note: Thank you, Sadiiq! For keeping up with the Ramadan Challenge so diligently and submitting one poem per day! You have made it through the first week, congrats :D

No stoppage

Even within the blessed month

Life and our responsibilities continues on

No need for a time out

In order to become sages

We are ordinary folks

Striving to balance out on both ends

A testament for human potentiality

Note: Hakeem Olajuwon recounts his playing days while fasting:

Love for religion and basketball can co exist:

Sadiiq Ashuhle

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #1 Yassie "Tears of the Imam"

"Tears of the Imam"

The 6th day of Ramadan..

and I do my daily stuff ...

Ramadan is the month were everyone gets busy...

Cooking, Eating, some reading the quran, some a bit lazy..

The problem is Ramadan is the month were you can start all over again..

And doing things that are usually forgotten with support of the Shaytaan..

The 6th day of Ramadan....

and I do my daily stuff...

Yesterday I stayed at home...

and the day before as-well...

A few minutes walking to the masjid made me lazy to be wet...

44 degrees and the sun had left...

What if we would fast from dawn to dusk..

Running away from heat but how about Hell-fire when it burns each tuft...

The 6th day of Ramadan...

And I still do my daily stuff...

After a long fight with myself about how hot it is outside...

I heard the athaan thrilling in my ears, that means I lost that fight...

Finally arrived alhamdullilah ,eventho I missed Isha-prayer...

Prayed as I was done minutes before the Taraweeh prayers...

Watched the clock ,standed up and said Allahu-Akbar with the Imam...

Eyes focused on the floor with alot of stuff illusioning in front of me..I know it's haraam...

The Imam recite's the quran slowly untill he reaches to these verses..

45. "Those who would hinder (men) from the path of Allah and would seek in it something crooked: they were those who denied the Hereafter."

46. Between them shall be a veil, and on the heights will be men who would know every one by his marks: they will call out to the Companions of the Garden, "peace on you": they will not have entered, but they will have an assurance (thereof).

47. When their eyes shall be turned towards the Companions of the Fire, they will say: "Our Lord! send us not to the company of the wrong-doers."

48. The men on the heights will call to certain men whom they will know from their marks, saying: "Of what profit to you were your hoards and your arrogant ways?

49. "Behold! are these not the men whom you swore that Allah with His Mercy would never bless? Enter ye the Garden: no fear shall be on you, nor shall ye grieve."

50. The Companions of the Fire will call to the Companions of the Garden: "Pour down to us water or anything that Allah doth provide for your sustenance." They will say: "Both these things hath Allah forbidden to those who rejected Him."

What happened....?

The Imam burst in tears and with a feared voice he keeps reciting..

I closed my eyes flashing those verses again in my mind...

Tears just rolled down more and more each time I hear his voice...

Why that ...?

The Imam and women around me each with another book of deeds..

But me listening to those verses and thinking would I be rejected with my hoards ??

Would I be with the Companions of the Garden ?

When my book is closed will I be forgiven or forgotten ?

Allahu Akbar...

The 6th of Ramadan...

And now I remember my daily stuff..


Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #3 Nimo Y 'I love this way of life'

I love this way of life,

The Quran as a guide,

In Allah I confide,

The prophet's example,

Of how to be kind and humble,

Take the time to read his seerah,

Allah willing the path to jannah will be nearer,

I have to be a better servant,

To the one The Benevolent,

In Allah's mercy I'm ever hopeful,

But I remind myself to also be fearful,

Of a tremendous day,

When I will have no say,

Alhamdulillah we've reached Ramadan,

May Allah increase the good in our mezan,

Oh Allah forgive me and the Muslimeen,

Ya Rabi, Allahoumaameen.

Nimo Yusuf

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #5 Sam "Two strangers"

I look at you, yes my eyes caught you.

I look as though amazed, inspired and educationally driven.

I look at you to learn from you.

Don't mind me if I stare a little more than I should, would you stop me?

You just need to look back at me andsmile!

I look at you because I like how you look and admire how God beautified you!

I look at you injectin gmy positive outlook and welcoming dialogue.

But I cannot figure out why you look atme.

Why you stare so deeply almost killing me with your looks.

You look at me in despair, raising your eyebrows with uncertainty!

I intend no offence; all I want to do is to read this Holy Book.

I continue to read quietly with a state of peace but you shake your head indisapproval.

I don't argue, I stay calm, reminding myself it's Ramadan.

I wish you could speak though and raise your concerns!

Or perhaps I understand!

Yes I understand, for I am liberated in everysense.

Behind this veil you will find an intellectua lnation,

Ingredients of success.

And unfoldingstories!

I am soft but strong and have a great sixthsense!

I know you are ashamed of your judgement uponme!

How you dream to be different,

You want to learn more about me,

But you are disabled to your inner soul and imprisoned to your social upbringing!

Let go and be free

Like me.


Don't be shocked,

Yes I speak English!

Sam Said

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #6 Nimo H " I don't mind"

I don't mind what you think of me and why

It doesn't matter if you consider me too loud or too shy

If you think what I'm saying is truth or lie

All that really matters is my relationship with the Creator of mine.

I couldn't care less if you think me to be worst or best dressed

If you bracket me too sullen, too moody or too full of jest

If you think me too pretty or ugly or what you think of my chest

All that matters is God has my heart under arrest.

And so today I fast in the hope that He lays a place

for me where the righteous rest.


Nimo Hussein

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #5 Nimo H "Alhamdulilah"

Although my heart may be laden with sorrow

and my eyes heavy with pain,

I can force hurt to cease

with one sujuud on my knees

He heard my call when I thought no one could hear me at all.

His love teaches me patience

and so even if I take a drop in this life,

faith always breaks my fall.

I have so much to be thankful for.


Nimo Hussein

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #4 Nimo H "I Believe"

I believe in what my eyes cannot see

Because I can never deny His blessings on me.

Never so arrogant as to believe

in my own superiority!

Nimo Hussein

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #3 Nimo H "Eternal"

No father

No son.

He is forever,

Never ending

Not begun.

The Lord of all things above and below the sun,

Allah, the Eternal One.

We bow only to You

With thanks in our hearts for showing us the truth.

We hope never to be of those who are astray

But earn and keep Your favour


Steadfast we pray.

Nimo Hussein

Copyright © 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #6 Halima "sinners"

Sinners turning to Allah


They abandon Islam throughout the year

Only to reconnect with it in Ramadan


Women adorn themselves in hijab

Men grow their beards

And abandon haram ways

Only for 30 days




What do they know?

These are the chants of "good" Muslims

Women who wear the hijab throughout the year

And men who strive to live in halal manners

Feel as though it is their duty to judge others

Don't frown upon her for wearing the hijab only during Ramadan

For Allah might make this month the beginning of her hijab days

Don't call him hypocrite for abandoning clubs

And coming to Masjid only for 30 days

For this might mark the birth of a new him!

Remember, we are all sinners

And therefore should not mock

Frown upon

Or disrespect our fellow Muslims!

Only Allah knows truly what is hidden in their hearts and ours.

It is Ramadan – live and let live.

Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #6 Sadiiq


The gates of heaven are open

The duas of forgiveness are rampant

Yet, nothing is guaranteed

Without any sincere change

Foremost dusting off any ill gained possessions

The hadith is still standing*


*"...Then he mentioned [the case of] a man who, having journeyed far, is dishevelled and dusty and who spreads out his hands to the sky [saying] : "O Lord! O Lord!" - while his food is unlawful, his drink unlawful, his clothing unlawful, and he is nourished unlawfully, so how can he be answered?"" Imam An-Nawawi, hadith #10.

Sadiiq Ashuhle

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #2 Nimo 'There is a reason'

There's a reason we're told to ponder on creation,

The very nature of Allah's formation,

How He makes the Sun shine brightly,

And the moon rise so precisely,

The way the trees sway,

And Spring time in May,

The sound of the great ocean,

Leaves one feeling deep emotion,

The desert and its aridness,

Compared to the sea and its vastness,

Who can deny the existence of Allah?

Allahu Akbar wa SubhanAllah

Nimo Yusuf

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #4 Ilhan

Day Four of Blessed Ramadhan

Each beautiful call Of Adhan

Should make us frequent the Masjid

By all means "Live" in the Masjid :)

Slave of Allah, Exceed the whispers of Dhikr

Glad tidings to you, seek the Pleasure of Allah

Fight against your Nafs

Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyumu Bi-Rahmatika Astaghithu.

Ramadhan Maqbul to All :)

Ilhan Bashir

Copyright 2010.

Ramadan Challenge: #3 Ilhan

Blessed Day Three Alhamdullilah

We all need an Imaan Recharge

Cast away the negativeCharge

Keep going strong,

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim You're back in charge.

No time to waste,

Next Ramadhan aint Guaranteed

Rebellious sheydaans are chained up,

By Allah's DecreedSo no excuses, From Therein Proceed

By Allah if you don't take advantage of this time, when will you? Take Heed.

Ilhan Bashir

Copyright 2010.

Ramadan Challenge: #2 Ilhan

Blessed day Two and our souls are Submissive

So much to do, How can you be Bored Ikhwan Wal Akhawat?

Did you read the Qur'an and the Tafsir?

What about Dhikr? No?

You forgot Nawafil Prayers

No to mention Seeking Forgiveness(We love making Taubah don't we?)

Did I mention Taraweeh Prayers? Aah, so much to do Alhamdullilah

Do you still claim bored and Idle?

But the afore mentioned are numerous,Super abundant, it shold keep you Busy

It is all about Seeking Allah's PleasureHis Mercy is without Measure

Indulge in Dhikr even at Leisure

Yep, Ramadhan is a Blessing and certainly a Priceless Treasure. 

Ilhan Bashir

Copyright 2010.

Ramadan Challenge: #1 Ilhan

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim.

As the Noble month of Ramadhan commences

A serene feeling is set in motion

A frenzy of a peaceful state of mind is activated

A mental satisfaction of some sort

Calm, Beautiful, beyond Incredible?

Verily, words lack persuasion..For the feeling is simply √ćnexplicable. Alhamdullilah.

Therein, we seek spiritual ReflectionA month to rectify ourselves,-To control our worldly desires-To return to Allah(S.W.T)More Ibadaah, dhikr, Sadaqah, more good deeds

To Glorify your Lord for the Bountiful Blessings..

He has bestowed upon us..

And By Allah! everyday should be Ramadhan for us.Alhamdullilah.

Ilhan Bashir

Copyright 2010.

Ramadan Challenge: #1 Nimo "Muslim brothers and sisters"

Muslim brothers and sisters,

We have been blessed,

In so many ways by the one who will always exist,

He has shown us the right from wrong,

It is up to us to take heed and stay strong,

For we have no guarantee,

That tomorrow you or I will still be,

So for that reason alone,

Let us strive without a moan,

I ask Allah the Most High,

To help both you and I,

Who best to ask for direction?

Other than The one free from flaws, full of perfection.

Nimo Yusuf

Copyright © 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #5 Halima "Second class treatment @ the masjid"

This poem is no way disrespecting Masjids but rather calling for people, in this case men, to respect sisters who attend the masjid and provide them a proper space to pray in. We live in hard times where the only Islamic environment for many of us is the Masjid - don't deprive us of that by hostile attitude, inadequate space, etc. May Allah Ta'aal forgive me if I have said anything wrong.

Is it fair?

I ask is it fair

That women should be crammed in a small space

Without sufficient air to breath

In the house of Allah

Where as men take up most of the space

With air condition

With soft carpets

And the ability to hear the imam clearly

Is it fair?

I ask is it fair

That we women are pushed in a small corner of the Masjid

With out adequate necessities

Broken microphones

As though we do not exist

As though our efforts in cleaning the masjid

Cooking iftar


Is worthless

I ask is it fair

That our Muslim men should frown upon us

For attending tareweeh prayers

For doing our duties at home

And at the same time seeking the shelter of Allah ta'aal

To increase wisdom

We live in the west

And, brothers just as much as you are in need of constant reminder of your faith

We need it too!

-Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #5 Sadiiq


The big boss

And his minions

Are all chained

Promised from the highest order

Any wrongdoings

Committed within this month

We've none to blame

Except ourselves

Sadiiq Ashuhle

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #4 Halima "The College dilemma"

Dear sis, she said, "Share a bite of this homemade biscuit"

I thanked her and politely said no

She insisted!

I mean, really insisted!

I smiled thinking she might be excused from her fasting days

And reminded her that our monthly cycle was on a whole different path

"I am fasting" today, I said

Her eyes looked at me as though she was scrutinizing every word I uttered

You mean you FAST in America?

Shocked and confused

At how a fellow Muslim could ask such a thing

My mind started asking questions

Do we abandon Allah's word based on our geographically locations

And only adhere to it when we are in our native lands

I asked her, beloved don't you fast?

Her mouth speeded through reasons why she could not fast



Long stressful days

Not enough sleep due to homework assignment

The usual, she said, you understand, don't you?

I shook my head and said No I don't understand

At how you could choose to be blind

And deprive your soul from repenting during this Holy Month

Ramadan is more than abstaining from food and water

But rather it is a month you reconnect with your Lord

And appreciate all the blessings and mercy He was bestowed upon you

It is a month of forgiveness

A month for self evaluation

A month to exercise self discipline

A month to respect others

A month for Fasting

And, if you can't do that

At least do not mock those souls who restrain themselves only to please their Lord.

-Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #2 Mabsud " I remember back when"

I remember back in the days when I was younger I would argue, have tantrum attacks and even emotional breakdown when Hooyo and Aabo would say i can't fast because i was too young and it was worse when they'd say no for taaraweeh prayer.

I remember back when Ramadan was beyond the hunger and the amount of sambusas I'd get to devour at aftur.

I remember back when I'd start the countdown for Ramadan three to four months ahead.

I remember back when the whole family would pray each salaat together with Aabo leading us and taking this blessed month to share knowledge about Islam.

I remember back when I was a kid, I'd brag to everyone and everything that I was fasting and how much of a big girl I was now

I remember back when I used to help hooyo in the kitchen preparing suhoor and aftuur everyday. I also I remember failing at mimicking her actions and almost burning down the house.

I'm sure many of you had similar "Remember back when" experiences with fasting in your childhood, but I ask you now, why can't we make the best out of Ramadan in our teenage/adulthood as we used to back in our childhood?

Mabsud A

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #4 Sadiiq "Taraweeh"


Wherever you may be

Everything remains identical

Standing in taraweeh

Among the piles of rows

From the vast masaajid

Around the globe

In each you will find

Lead by a one

Reciting the Qur'an

From the memory

A testament for the power of mind

A connecting point to the past

And ground work for the future

Sadiiq Ashuhle

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #4 Sam "Rise"

Rise beloved soul for your time is not up.

Still Twenty Six days to go.

So strive for sincere repentance.

Seek refuge in fasting and abstain from bad things,

So you may attain righteousness.

Beloved soul, it is time for you to Rise Up...

There is nothing wrong with crying

Your eyes may weep tears of remorse

So cry your heart out to your Lord

Praise Him, who has removed your sorrow, indeed our Lord isForgiving.


Rise Up...

Sam Said

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #3 Sam "Troubled Soul"

I don't understand you;troubled soul.

Nor comprehend how you are full ofguilt

Why you are in so muchfear?

What is that mist thatclouds your eyes?

I see your tearslonging for a new home.

I sit here numb as Ifail to understand the bitterness of yourgrief.

The sadness in yourtone

Your battle of regret and unsettled remorse.

I am exhausted with myfailed attempts to revive you.

I have ran out of helping hands

I am done with Q and Asessions.

This suffering mustend...

A smile must emergefrom beneath this beautiful face!

Let the hope shine onyou,

As the birds sing at dawn.

May you be touched by lovingkindness

The sweetness of faith

I pledge to assist you

In this Ramadan,troubled soul, divorce the fear

Whatever sinscommitted

The countless wrongdeeds

We will make use of this very chance.

We will not be a victim to our inner manipulatedtactics.We will not surrender to its false desires.

Fear not troubled soul, as He forgivesyou

So turn to Him

He Pardon you

So confide in Him

Be calm, fear not, and submit to Him

Your soul is enriched today

Be troubled no more

For that you believe in none but Him

Sam Said

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #2 Sam "Happiness"

I am showered by happiness

Swimming in a pool of joy

Reaching for the sweetness of hope

Am I dreaming!

Hope is an inner strength.

That revives my soul from within

He hydrates my veins

I hold my breath with anticipation for this Ramadanto last

For my sins to be wiped

For calamities to rest in peace.

For joy and fear to reach equilibrium.

I am longing for forgiveness

For a warm hug, a true honest face

I cannot sleep

Constantly looking for a way out

But one thing for sure

This Ramadan will heal the pain

I hope for, it is useless to despair.

Sam Said

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #1 Sam "Message"

I take the message that this Ramadan conveys.

With knowledge






And without any doubt I accept each word you say.

Today, now, and days to come

I rely upon my Lord for whom my soul will return oneday

Days of foolishnessare gone

I celebrate anew birth of me.

I am heretoday.

You are here today.

We are heretoday.

So let's all say

Praise be to Him who guided our lusting souls.

And gave us today to repent

Sam Said

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #3 Halima

Fourth Ramadan away from Hoyo

And it already feels like eternity

Fourth Ramadan away from Home

And it feels like forty years

Fourth Ramadan away from Mumbai

And it feels like a big void in my heart

Fourth Ramadan away from everything I have ever known

And it still feels like I am a stranger in a strange land

Fourth Ramadan away from my little brothers

And it feels like my heart is no longer beating in my soul

Fourth Ramadan away from Hoyo

And nothing, absolutely, nothing feels right.

-Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #3 Sadiiq


In the land of milk and honey

Free to choose our own cup of tea

Without any dictations

Countless men and women

Are forsaking their bodily needs

To reconnect with their souls

Under scorched summer heat

Millions of excuses can be made to opt out

Yet the appeal still remains

Sadiiq Ashuhle

Copyright © 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #2 Nimo

For 30 days and 30 nights, my body speaks a language of self restraint.

My stomach mutes it's screams

and my head ignores it's aches

My tongue disregards it's heaviy dehydration.

All that is carnal in me yearns to be set free

but as He promised to shackle man's enemy

I will imprison my nafs

and hold my tongue

and force my stomach to bear hunger gladly

For when I do this for Him.

He does so much more for me

Setting a place in His gardens where the righteous will be.

I bear all this not with reservations

but welcome Ramadan gladly.

Ramadan kareem.

Nimo Hussein

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #2 Halima

Decorated were the streets of Mumbai

As Ramadan approached life quickly came back to the city

People embraced and rejoiced the beginning of this blessed Month

Came together and united for the sake of He who has granted them the chance to liveyet another year.

Get more reward

And repent for their bad deeds.

Oh Ramadan!

The sweet smell of watermelons took over the market place

Young and old spent time together



And,reminiscing on the year before

Praying for the souls that perished

So Allah may grant them ease and comfort

The city has always been beautiful

But it embodies a whole lot radiant elegancy around this time

Colorful lights add more spark making it even more beautiful

The sweet melodies sound of Adhans throughout the city tranquilizes your heart andsoul.

Oh,Mumbai how I miss you!

-Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #2 Sadiiq


With the commencement of the blessed month

Our minds are fully ready to take upon the challenge

Yet our bodies are lacking few steps behind

Still conditioned in that eat-when-you-can-track

Come to think of it, better had hit upon that sunnah of Mondays and Thursdays

Best preparation and remedy

Unfortunately forgotten in these modern times

Note: Two down, and 27 or 28 left.

Sadiiq Ashuhle

Copyright © 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #1 P.O.S

What have you got?

It's Ramadan

A chance of a life time

That we wait for long time

Let's forget about crime

And the hard feelings this time

It's a chance

To ask for forgiveness

So the river of paradise can flow towards us

To pray so the devil can be chained for ever

Please let's keep away the anger

And stay cleaner

Let's forgive

And motive others about Ramadan

It's a month of blessing

Its amazing month

It is the waited month of the year

It's a month

Where da gates of hell is closed

And the heavens are open

The devil is chained

And the angels are free

Our prayers are heard

So let's pray and be strong

Fast for the sake of Allah

And follow the umah

This world is a journey

Just like a thousand miles

It will come to an end

This world is like a school

You go and finish

If you pass the taste

Then you will go high

Den you live and die

If you got good deed den u go high

And if you take advantage of this month

Allah will take you high

So let's ask what have we got for Ramadan?

Poet of The Streetz (P.O.S)

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #1 Mabsud

-- We don't eat nor do we drink from dusk to dawnFrom the sunrise to sunset

From the Adhan of Salatul Fajr till Salatul Magrib

Because our Lord; Allah (swt) ordered us to keep fast

For we are in the blessed month of Ramadan

A month when our duas are elevated and answered abundantly

A month when our pleas for forgiveness are accepted

A month when our worries are vanished and replaced with a humble ambiance

A month aimed to increase our good deeds and lower our sins

A month that is blessed by the presence of countless angels

A month where good actions are rewarded with double its hassanats

A month for bettering family ties

A month to give and not expecting anything in return

A month to share your wealth with the needy

A month to cleanse your soul of its impurity

A month to remember how fortunate you are and to be grateful for what you have

A month to perfect friendships and relationships

A sacred month to give thoughtful prayers for the brothers and sisters who did not make it for this Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is beyond the feeling of hunger

Its truly a holy month to better yourself a Muslim and human being


Mabsud A

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #1 Nimo

11 Months

For 11 months, I have been hungry when you have dined and energised.

Now Stomach, my good friend, you will not begrudge me this one time in which I may feast

on the bountiful delights of God's treats.

Now my need to be nourished will be louder

than your pangs of empty hunger.

I am doing this for your greed,

So that we may empathise with others' needs

and God's warning we shall heed.

For 11 months, you were given free rein

when you should have been restrained

to wander where you pleased.

All thoughts vile and unkind

travelled in and out of your mind

and hatred you entertained with ease.

You, oh Mind, will not begrudge me this time

To restrict thoughts to love, peace and His signs.

If I am to be given, as you were, free rein

Then we will not leave the righteous terrain

In which God has ordered us to remain.

For 11 months you tasted the acidity

of back biting, gossiping and hateful negativity

and you must have felt that the bitter was sweet

Because you came back again and again

unchecked to eat.

Now dear Tongue I will not be begrudged this time

To correct our spiritual line

for in the end it is He that we shall meet.

And when this month is done

And I have done my job

then for the next 11 months only good will escape this gob!

Nimo Hussein

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #1 Bint Qalin

This Ramadan

My self this Ramadan, I will admonish,
My heart, this Ramadan I'm going to polish,
My prayers, this Ramadan, I'm going to focus,
My tongue, this Ramadan I will imprison,
My nafs, this Ramadan I will discipline,
My family, this Ramadan, I will treat kindly,
My friends, this Ramadan, I’ll be reminding,
My scales of good, this Ramadan, I will make heavy,
My love, this Ramadan, I'll spread to many,
My wealth, this Ramadan, I will give from generously,
My time, this Ramadan, with it I will not be stingy,
My sins, this Ramadan, I will convert to good deeds.

My goal, this Ramadan is self improvement,
My hope, this Ramadan, is that I will achieve it,
And insha'Allah this Ramadan,
And many a month after,
I will be steadfast....Insha’Allah!

-Bint Qalin :)
Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #1 Halima

Oh Muslim LISTEN

Ramadan is TOMORROW

Brothers and sisters DON't Listen

Ramadan is NOT tomorrow

Argument floods in

Words of anger spreads like a wildfire

Dirty looks exchanged

All because of the moon sighting argument

Each year we bicker and fight

Divide and anger one another

But shouldn't we start this blessed month

With love, unity and forgiveness

This blessed month should pave a golden opportunity

For all

To forgive others so we may be forgiven by our Lord

To respect others

So we may respect ourselves

To appreciate our fellow Muslims

So we may appreciate our faith

This month should not be one of the many reasons wedivide ourselves

But rather a time of unity

A time for reflection

A time to ponder and contemplate

A time for fasting from all evil deeds

And embracing the good of life

A time to better ourselves

A time for reconnecting with Allah

And, a time to set our different opinions and ego aside

for the sake of Allah Ta'aal.

-Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #1 Sadiiq


The two school of thought are at it again.

Indifferences of when the day one starts?

Tradition vs. New Age.

Manual vs. Science.

Internationality vs. Locality.

With enough credentials established on both sides.

The lines are fully drawn.

Pick and choose which side you are on?

Either way, the day after controversy, we all are in same boat.

Sadiiq Ashuhle

Copyright © 2010

{Group poem 12} Ramadan Mubarak

"O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become God-fearing." (The Quran, 2:183)

Ramadan is near,
So let me be clear:
It’s a golden opportunity that only happens once a year,
So be grateful and be sincere.
Ramadan is the holy month in which the Qur’an was revealed,
The sinful shaythans (devils) are sealed,
And the doors of heaven would no longer be concealed.
LOOK!! Take another glance,
Ramadan gives us a second chance.
To wash away the sins we have committed.
So to replace them for the good deeds we have submitted.
Be strong don’t give to temptation,
Be decisive don’t have any hesitation.
If you reached that goal well done!!!

A time for a knock at our door
A time for us to embrace what we deep down locked
A time for us to remember a forgotten reminder
30 days, from dawn to dusk
A time for us to regret our behavior
A time for us to ask forgiveness for our insensitivity
A time for us to give pledges for next time
30 days, from dawn to dusk
A time for us to reflect why we forgot
A time for us to understand why we did
A time for us to realize that a change should be made
30 days, from dawn to dusk
A time for us to ensure that next time it becomes dear
A time for us to ensure that next time will be memorable
A time for us to ensure that next time I am not who I am today
30 days, from dawn to dusk
- Zana

Let me begin this poem with - Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Praised is Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful, Al-Hakeem
“He is the One to Whom belongs the Highest Wisdom”
Sunnah our sword, Quran our guidance, Islam our Kingdom
Brothers and Sisters, the ninth month is at the Horizon dawning
Bright and blessed, let’s get ready , everyday evils are falling
Let’s pray together, let’s come together, let’s seek strength in the deen
Let’s seek for forgiveness for every sin we witnessed and so far have seen.
Fasting equals patience, modesty and spirituality
Fasting equals repentance, peace of mind and equality
Competing in self-restraint and good deeds in every way
Family gathering and happiness in every house and every day
Have you seen a mothers smile in the evening?
By sunset dining , joined together, family, what a joy you bring
Have you seen a Muslim, leaving the Mosque at night?
The feeling for Laylat al-Qadr is a feeling, simply you can’t fight.
“(The night is) Peace until the rising of the dawn.”
The miracles at that night, what else you asking for
Let me end this poem by saying - Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen
Praised is Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful, Al-Hakeem
I wish all my family, my friends, their family & friends, all the Muslims around the world
- Pen 'N' Paper

Ramadan is:
Time to reflect
Ponder and contemplate
Worship and repent
Turn to your Lord
Cleanse your heart
Rejuvenate your soul
Ask for His guidance
Blessings to pave your path
Wisdom to illuminate your spirit
Ramadan is asking your Lord to grant you
Compassionate heart to help
Courage to speak out
Strength to resist the shaitan
Ramadan is a time of reflection
Time to build a strong wall of faith
To sustain you throughout the year.

Abadir Hashi, Zana Haji Hashi, Pen 'N' Paper and Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2010

Wake Up Somalia

Many Somalis ask what inspired sahnun and me
We like to respond by saying it is your parents and their legacy
You see? Chances are you came from a Somali refugee
Who left back in the 80’s or 90’s
Left everything they got, to provide a better life for you and the rest of your family
But the thing is when they left to save you? They left behind an entire generation of young Somalis
Somalis who would have been sharing poetry here today about their country
But instead of talking about their country like you and me they live through it
In Somalia there is no figurative language, what we think our hyperboles are a reality
And that’s what troubled sahnun and me
How kids our age do not have the same opportunities
So to solve this we follow in your parents foot steps
They gave up their lives in order to save you
And by saving you, in a sense they are saving the Somali youth
And that is what WakeUpSomalia is trying to do

Today I ask you “walaalo” to take a moment and close your eyes.
Imagine being in our great nation, yourself watching the beautiful sunrise.
You begin to search for Muqdishu, but you’re stopped by a checkpoint
It’s only then that you realize that the soldier threatening you, is a young boy
You pay the shillings, step in the city, to see what’s going on
Unfortunately all you can hear are the screams of soldiers dying, laid down on the bare lawn
You realize no one here is smiling, unless they’re high on Khat
You yourself stop smiling in fear, because the only music allowed now is gun shots
You see now, more than ever, that the tragedy continues on
There is no pause rewind or fast forward, they WILL suffer on
But now open your eyes, look around and see your brothers and sisters here today
And know that it’s only our generation, the youth, the Diaspora, the Somali’s, who can create a bright future for our people someday.

But if we want a bright future we must understand Alqoon laaan wa iftiin laaan
Which means without education there is no light
Without education our people will forever live in the night… or shall I say sleep
That explains why for 20 years we have yet to wake up from a sleep that is very deep
Sahnun and I realized In order to see the light we must wake up Somalia with the power of education
And then there is no question that we will be a bright nation
Now the question is how?
What if we were to tell you we had to candle to make our people see
We formulated a plan to wake up Somalia with the power of technology
Have you ever heard of the one laptop can save a child campaign
Well ours is one laptop and one projector could save a community. let me explain
Now imagine a classroom no textbooks, I know. it sounds insane
Instead of providing costly textbook for every student, every subject, every year
We would provide a virtual curriculum which will be the 21st century Somali educational frontier
And in order to access it you will need a labtop, and to teach a large body of students you will simply need a projector
Now with this new system of learning that we are proposing we can truly change Somalia’s education sector

Although education may seem like enough
What WakeUpSomalia wants is entire communities to RISE up from the muck
This is why the teachers will be PAID to teach
It’s why the principal will be PAID to lead
It’s why the women will find a new found income
Through our Somali Women’s Cooking Association
All these things can stimulate small economies
Because the jobs we provide are aimed to solely to HELP the needy
But WAIT, lets not forget for one second, about the children
With the American Education Development organization, we’ve created the Somali Studnets mentoring program
Now this all may seem nearly impossible to do
But what is impossible if doing the possible has absolutely no use.
We’re confident, insha’allah, with our project and subprojects combined
Will one day, Insha’allah, allow the whole of Somalia to Shine

Imagine the impact we can have on a community
With a universal virtual curriculum one can easily set up a school very cost efficiently
and that school will not just be a school, it will be the mark of unity
People from all tribes will all have the same equal opportunity
With one laptop and one projector we can educate a class of at least 40
With one laptop and one projector we can hold health seminars for the unhealthy
With one laptop and one projector we can provide life lessons for the needy
The potential of a virtual curriculum is endless
Its impact and use will be timeless
Courses would range from academics to preventing epidemics
We would truly be reviving communities
We can guarantee you with innovation and technology
we can make education accessible easily

Now, I ask you, again please close your eyes and open your ears
I want you to visualize and picture Somalia in 20 years
Is it a country where pirates no longer pillage the seas?
Or is it a healthy place, where people don’t die from preventable disease?
Is it a nation where people of all tribes stand united?
And people live together, play together and eat together with no violence?
Do you see a country, where our political candidates are elected democratically
Where elections don’t result in civil war and innocent civilian casualties
Now can you see the beaches, the bananas and mango trees growing once again freely?
With a generation of educated Somali’s, sitting under their shade, and once again loving their country?
Now open your eyes and just know that what I’ve just said is WakeUpSomalia’s vision
Insha’Allah, all of us in this room, in 20 years, will be able to live it.

We were talking about 20 years from now, lets take a step back and rewind
To the point where our Awoowos were on the front line
Fighting for freedom, because that was their shrine
There work is not done, we are still not free, there work needs to be refined
or else it will go to waste and somalia will never be able to shine
They use to throw rocks, but you can be a freedom fighter too by just donating your time
And that’s what sahnun and I are trying do,
continue the works of your Awoowos, adders, and ayyeyos too.
But let me be honest with you
We cant do it alone

We seek the honor to be blessed with new volunteers and will welcome you all with GREAT hospitality
Because for 1 year and a half, our organization has been worked by only 3 young Somali’s
It wasn’t until this summer that we’ve expanded with a few new dedicated volunteers
And this is the reason, why we’re on stage, to take this unique opportunity
To share our message with this crowd of how YOU can help us with our charity
We need Somali translators, volunteers and LEADERS for our organization
People who share our BELIEFS, have FAITH in this project and maintain a TREMENDOUS compassion
And so in final, before or after we leave each other today and you proceed out the door
Feel free to talk to us, approach us or learn more at

Bashir Warsame and Sahnun Mohamud
Copyright © 2010

United Shapes of We

This could be about how big the divide between rich and poor is,
Or the victims history could be this poems focus.
Maybe I could write about the implications and complications
of being young,
and female.
Or perhaps the politics of exploitation and occupation
could be my tale.

But I aint even tryna go
Not realy.

This aint about nothing more than all that cushion for the pushing
Coming to terms with the fact that no matter what you eat
or what you do
some thing's will always be a part of you.
I know it's hard growing up before you should
because your ass, hips and thighs tryna get out as fast they could.
It got harder knowing that baggy track bottoms
would do nothing more than cling to the bottom.
Running track in PE looking like the slightest movement
would expose me.
Lamenting the fact that skinny fit and drain pipe
were not made with my shape in mind.

Hard to be so young really only wanting to stay
oblivious to the difference between her and him.
Not knowing why but just desperate to be slim
taking up hate for my body as a life-long occupation
on a whim.
Not being taught that it's ok to be me
so I do everything to resemble she.
Forcing down my throat the whole grain,
whole wheat alternative to soulful soul food I'm used to.
I tried the rice cracker and the paper wafer
with endless nothing toppings.
Of air butter and oxygen jam,
miles and miles and miles
I ran
performing perfect squats and lunges
and lunges and squats
to cage in this fat
and hold in this glut.
But the truth is it just aint worth the fuss.
No matter what
I will never be negatively sized
So I make the choice to just love these thighs.
Now when the world tries to convince me
that bones is what it means to be full grown,
well I'll just shake my jelly to my own certainty
Satisfied with what my mama gave me.
Celebrating that femininity is not just her or her
or even me
it's in all the different forms of sexy
in the United Shapes of We.

Nimo Hussein
Copyright © 2010


Salty on my tongue as my lips part
Streams from the river of my heart
Expressions of words never spoken
We dream our days away
Without the promise of another day
Wasting precious time on a dying plain
When judgment comes, will you hide the bloodstains
Indulge in life and anything true is superstition
No your soul no longer offers you direction
Your mind wiped, deleted closed off and restrained
The earth is slowly dying, like all life it is in pain
Polluted and raped man contaminates even the rain
The wise and old, dearly departed
The new generation seem heavily retarded
Policies to imprison the innocent
Children in search of heroes’ heaven sent
Unjust wars by the real insurgents
Murderous generals and sergeants
Star spangled banner terrorists
Your propaganda my mind resists
Shackle my feet and wrists
My existence is in the mist
I will be standing when it all comes down
Once your fortress hits the ground
Fear not the repercussions
Never does it register in your calculations
Does winter come before the spring
Does the summer sun make the earth sing
Your just reward time will bring
And for those like myself
Living and watching the unfolding sin
Is our resolve paper thin
Are we only harmless shadows
If this is life then we live it in sorrow

Hamza egal © copyright 2010 all rights reserved.


You are like the ocean and the rays of the sun
Falling in love and smiling at each other,
Each congratulating on love of the other,
Each saying “Bravo” with love to the other,
While the cold-blooded are decorating them
With their multiple beautiful colours
And their eye-attracting style,
Like that is how you look my queen!
My dear Deeqa and the iris of my eyes!
My soul celebrates for you with love!

You are like the Aries and the Taurus
Each pillowing on the other’s rays,
Each exceeding its lightening rays;
The moon congratulating on the constellations;
While the buds on the earth are hugging their rays
And with them is the similarity of gold’s value
My dear Deeqa and the iris of my eyes
My soul celebrates for you with love!

You are as beautiful as the irrigating river channels!
You are as captivating as the beauty of the streams and lakes!
You are as pretty as the splashing water of valleys and dells!
You are as brilliants as water that falls from mountain cliff!
You are as good-looking as the drizzles of water that float!
You are as magic as the full-blown and fresh farm crops!
You are as eye-arresting as fully moisturised savannah!
That is how you look my dear and darling wife!
My dear Deeqa and the iris of my eyes!
My soul celebrates for you with love!

You are as wonderful as the she-camel, Birmad,
Which got lost from her owner and became wild,
Living in the fresh and far deep in the green forest,
Months graced in the thick and untouched jungles,
Staggering with Loaded heavy ham,
With her youngster in the hugging foliages,
Her colour looking like that of a mirror!

Allow me to illustrate for you:
The conclusion of the wisdom;
And the motif of the objective’
That is bolstered by the love;
Your love shakes my soul!
I need you like water and food!
You are the drug that relieves me!
And comforts me when I am sick!

Mohamed Abdikaadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2010

NB: This poem was originally written in Somali language by this poet and he then translated from Somali to English


I get that life isn't only about bliss and happiness,
It's death, struggle, it's love, it's tears.
Its trepidation of ever having to face our deepest fears,

It's that very painful experience,
That each one of us has had.
Its the unbearable rage,
that we feel when we're mad.

It's being loved by someone special,
That at one time made you smile.
It's the pain of forgetting who that person is,
but the memories that make it worthwhile.

It's that poor child that you see on TV
and you wonder what if that was me ,
It's the good times I'll never forget,
and the bad times and painful regrets,

It's the hug that we all need,
its the love that keeps me at ease,
When I'd rather drown in sorrow.
Life is what makes me hold on for tomorrow.

Arwa Abdulkadir Mohamud
Copyright © 2010

For Loves Sake

This is for loves sake,
For all the beauty and the heartbreak
This is for the world and it's current state
For knowing love will be out so we will wait.

It's all going to plan
and the sterling is worth more than man
They've made it clear that yes they can
Snub the poor and to the ill-gotten hold out their hand.

We know that life has been bought and sold on the back of it
of all goodness being shifted to make room for it
Of all the pain of feeling so great you're not sure it will fit
where your little heart ought to contain it.

Since love gave life how do we still find ways to hate and to kill?
To maim, rape and steal and force our victims to foot the bill?
Is money and oil and grease and dirt
The measure of what our humanities worth?

No, life has to be for loves sake,
For all the beauty and the heartbreak
It has to be to take the world out of it's current state
For love to out we shouldn't have to wait.

Nimo Hussein
Copyright © 2010

Each decision has a reaction

-- I am the one, the murderer
The killer of my own dreams and ambitions
Self doubt and procrastination were my weapon of murder
I remember when i went on my self destructive rampage, it was during the winter of 0'7
Those cold winter days seemed endless and ever so lonely
I immediately fell into depression
Can you imagine being your own enemy
And people trying to protect you from yourself?
And hating yourself to the point of thinking constantly about suicide and death
No one could stop me or hold me back from my destructive path
I was sicken by the sight of joy and feeling nauseous by the hearing of love
My face would crack by slightest effort to smile
Life became bittersweet and gray
I've contemplated many times in ending this whirlpool or misery i call my life
But Alhmadoulilah, summer of 0'8 was a blessed and memorable one,
I picked up this beautiful green covered book with golden Arabic calligraphy, saying Al-Quran
This small yet powerful book helped me better myself in every aspect of my life
My depression , my anger, my hate, my sadness,were all gone, Ya Allah
I remember being told as a young one, when the hardship of life pushes you to your knees your in the best position to pray, SubhanAllah
Now, after cleansing myself inwards and outwards with Islam, I feel incredibly amazing and blessed
And living a MashAllah life of a true Muslimeen
By the grace of Allah, The Almighty, The Great

Mabsud Ali
Copyright © 2010