Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadan Challenge: #5 Halima "Second class treatment @ the masjid"

This poem is no way disrespecting Masjids but rather calling for people, in this case men, to respect sisters who attend the masjid and provide them a proper space to pray in. We live in hard times where the only Islamic environment for many of us is the Masjid - don't deprive us of that by hostile attitude, inadequate space, etc. May Allah Ta'aal forgive me if I have said anything wrong.

Is it fair?

I ask is it fair

That women should be crammed in a small space

Without sufficient air to breath

In the house of Allah

Where as men take up most of the space

With air condition

With soft carpets

And the ability to hear the imam clearly

Is it fair?

I ask is it fair

That we women are pushed in a small corner of the Masjid

With out adequate necessities

Broken microphones

As though we do not exist

As though our efforts in cleaning the masjid

Cooking iftar


Is worthless

I ask is it fair

That our Muslim men should frown upon us

For attending tareweeh prayers

For doing our duties at home

And at the same time seeking the shelter of Allah ta'aal

To increase wisdom

We live in the west

And, brothers just as much as you are in need of constant reminder of your faith

We need it too!

-Halima Ahmed

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