Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seventh poem of the week: Agony is my Lullaby

Black and white, mixed to grey.
Good or bad, you choose your way.
Look back in time, have you seen agony?
Children burnt, punished for no felony.
Redemption: starvation, just for another day.
Sarcasm: food waste, watch our children play.
If life is making a living rather existing.
Why are they existing to die for a living?
Survival of the fittest is not a term in any text book.
Money makes the world go round, third world shook.
Africa, my cousin told me: "Agony is my Lullaby"
Poverty, my niece can't cry, her eyes are dry.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2010

Rewind that Moment

The story is told, yet you rewind
Just in case you didn’t find
“That moment” – you can’t get of your mind

I’m here just to listen to you
Even if things seem out of the blue
I won’t judge, do whatever you have to do

Rewind that moment, it was 1996 I suppose
I remember the day, even though we were not close
She shed a tear, explain to me how feelings grow

Rewind that moment, I was twelve at age
Life became the drama class, reading every page
School became the friend preparing me for the stage

Rewind that moment, I wasn’t led to become a leader
‘Their eyes lead to their soul’ used to be a slow reader
Maybe it wasn’t me as those eyes became deeper

Rewind that moment, I always had to defend
Everything, even though no one approached where I stand
The young who experienced the same will understand

Rewind that moment, you did what you had to do
You might think what I think when I think of you
Share your thoughts with me as I have no clue

Rewind that moment, everything in life comes and goes
The tides of life seem more steady than the river flows
That’s you and me, out of tragedy we rose

Rewind that moment, it was 1991 I suppose
Chilly was the night, teary the moment death comes close
Love became hate by the kiss of death, my nation faints by an overdose

Rewind that moment, we used to live in peace
From Mogadishu to Hargeisa we used to trade with ease
From Kismayo to Berbera, my mother’s route deceased

Rewind that moment, four cardinal directions
Spoken the same, having a place in my affections
Pointing at people who point at neglect and destruction

Forward this moment, let’s make a change
Life is still within range
Let’s write our chapter and bring it on stage.”

The story is still to be told, yet you forward
Just in case you didn’t feel heard
“This moment” – Let’s stand together for peace on earth.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

For you

Some times I wanna remove the roof,
Dim the lights around me,
And let the stars light up my world.
But I cant cause the light next to me out shine life itself.
I try to picture you as my moment,
Cause they say a picture is worth a thousand words,
If that's the case baby ur a motion picture,
And a thousand words can't describe you,
Matter fact these words alone can't define you.
If someone asked me right now if I loved you and answered yes,
And then asked me to tell them what I love about you
I would have to be an author and write series of books
And still wouldn't be able to find the right words to put into perspective.
I would ask,
have you ever took a breath and held it for 10 years, 9 months,27 weeks, 4 days , 2 hours??
If not then you don't deserve to know what makes me love her.
I tell you she is the reason why I fly,
What keeps my mind on focus,
so I wouldnt have to fall  from the sky.
cause without her I'm just another flightless bird,
Trying to spread my wings and sore high.
But with her I am superman,
Dont need feathers to keep me up on cloud nine.
Just to let you know I want to make her mine.
she's not a object to be owned,
But an angel to be shown love to,
I could wait forever,
keep my feelings under the weather,
Just to let you know you're my number one treasure.
Until that one day I can love you with pleasure.
I would bury you in in my heart to love you,
wrap my rip around to protect you,
And surround you in my arm to keep you warm.

For you.

Mohamed Abdulahi
Copyright © 2011

'Tis an honor we share with Homer

They lecture about our literature, those learned men.
Oral they call our literature
As if it were something hastily done.
But if it is orature
( A contemptuous little word they coined it for our abuse)
'Tis an honor we share with Homer..
Whey, God himself spoke orally to man
And did not disdain the spoken word.
In the beginning was (the spoken) word. 

GH Wiilwaal
Copyright © 2011


“Dear Stranger

Strange, how people always seem to know better
Even though they don’t know the shaky weather
We went through
Everyone seems to know what to do
In my situation
They don’t know how much you got my fascination
They say, destiny was the destination
Now that we go our separate ways – is there liberation?

Strange, how habits always come and cross my way
Even though I don’t know the day
Of the week
Everyone seems to know what I seek
In my despair
They say, life has never been fair
They don’t know how hard it is to grasp for air
Now that we go our separate ways – no one cares.

Strange, how strong I am, holding on to memories
Even though the city lights dim beyond remedy
Like the weak glow in my eyes
Everyone seems to tell me, it’s no use to try
In crossing the river
They say there is no need to shiver
They judge me for having fever
Now that no one practice – what the preacher preaches.

Strange, how I can’t hear your call
Even though I’m the one to blame, you say, it’s no one’s fault
Still admire your strength
Everyone says, the river is navigable mostly in length
In line, your waves got me shipwrecked
They say, I suffer from neglect
They don’t know the feelings you reflect
Now that we let go – nothing to regret.

Strange, how time flies by
Even though you moved on, do you sometimes wonder why?
Or did your broken heart finally heal
No one knows even though you are hurting, your lips are sealed
In comfort – at peace
They say, I come and go as I please
They don’t know what is behind all the ease
Now that we go our separate ways – am on my knees.”

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Broken Heart

Words chosen delicately, resonating is her voice like a violin
The neighbours whisper her story, rejecting any sin
Vibrating to the strings of life
Every string cut by the knife
A wicked tongue
Whose actions sprung
From a false conviction
Hurting became an addiction
Healing, a journey into the unknown
With a broken heart, you stay on your own.

Words chosen wisely, breath taken at a time
The word seems to suffocate in a single lie
We look for an answer not knowing the question
Unbearable pain she says, is not worth to mention
Holding on to a promise given in the past
Who knew that it wouldn’t last
Forgotten is the path chosen before
Rotten is the memory, trying it once more
Time was a company but not your friend
With a broken heart, the company comes to an end.

Words chosen rarely out of line
What you call yours, you called it mine
When the past can’t explain the present
That is when the future becomes irrelevant
Hope in your eyes shows the perpetual cling
It shapes you human, waiting for anything
Everything was covered in a shadow
What were you told to bear this sorrow
Unpromising promise promised to my promise
With a broken heart, there is no conclusion to your premise.

Words chosen descriptive to describe the meaning
You turn away, you don’t come to terms with her feeling
A chosen path doesn’t favour your situation
Unpredictable become the steps at different occasion
You still try to find any meaning
You don’t shout but I hear your inside screaming
You say, when the violin tears and loses its strings
The moment you are left in tears and lose your wings
Taking you away
With a broken heart, there is no reason to stay.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

In your eyes

" Moe"
In your eyes I see a bright light
No more dark in my life
In your eyes I see fairy and beauty
In your eyes I have met my fate
Staring deep I see my dream’s reflection
In your eyes I saw Ur heart pure clean as ice
In your eyes I see a world of mine that I never knew
In your eyes I see kids and a home of mine
My heart drowning in love towards your heart
In your eyes I see the world n all its wonders
In your eyes I see inner peace and beauty
A place to call home for my soul
And I don’t want to go away oh in your eyes
Makes me want to sail the seas
Climb mountains n trees to find that missing piece
Oh in your eyes I see the reality of my dreams
Peace, love and beauty
Happiness kids and home
Respect, reality and dignity
All I want in life is written down in your eyes
" Iman"
No lies
just the two of us
without any cries
my heart races fast
Just staring into your eyes..
Those dark brown
perfect round
your sweet sound
Perfect frown
cheers me when I’m down
just makes me drown
Stare close and deep
Look at your reflection
stand feet to feet
You are just perfection
fate has brought us together
And its our final destination
with smile this is our celebration
I’m lost in this love's high acceleration
true love we the definition
your smile gives me the power of a super nation
and I love when we put our love into action
beauty you are made with perfection
With you nothing is missing
because everything is deep down in your eyes
while you melt my heart like a cube of ice.

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)  featuring Iman Kiluminati
Copyright © 2011

The say

They say blood is thicker than water
Which is why no matter how hard she tried
She couldn’t wash away the evidence Scars, busted veins and capillaries
Her deep brown eyes tell stories
They say blood is thicker than water
So she asked him, why, what did she do?I am a man And men do whatever the F*** they want to do
That was his excuse
They say blood is thicker than water
But did he even consider their kinship
So as his White Puma’s came crashing on her face
She Prayed
Prayed that the next morning as he so nonchalantly
Went to use the restroom
Pull his pants down, a morning ritual
And like magic, No pathetic excuses for his actions 

They say blood is thicker than water
With every punch
She wanted to scream but no volume in her lungs
She wanted to remind him, we share the same mother and father,
That was a lie
There was a monstrous look in his eyes.
Suddenly he became a stranger

They say blood is thicker than water
When blood started dripping from her nostril
Eyes shut tight to escape the pain
Remembering childhood The “good old days”
This little girl’s tight curly hair Kinky, telling tales of hatred, Animosity, Evil, War, Barefooted refugees, Crying mothers, Screaming babies
Promising herself she would be famous one day
Fierce like Tyra
Beautiful like Beyounce
Powerful like Oprah
Respected like Michelle
She’s only a prisoner
Not behind metal bars
Instead behind Counselor Blush Foundation
Thanking God for makeup it became her protection
From staring eyes, People passing judgments
Wishing that CoverGirl would cover this girl’s depression
Or that Maybelline would maybe make her believe again
Or would hide the pain
In her once beautiful brown eyes
They say blood is thicker than water
But they didn’t prepare her for this
She whispers to her self
Don’t you dare cry!
But why do her eyes keep boring pain
That gives birth to sorrow
That impregnates tears
That delivers hatred
They say blood is thicker than water
They say that that poetry is a healer
Hoping that it works its magic she picks up her weapon
As the ammunition runs through her veins on to Microsoft Word
Hoping that poetry would echo her unheard screams through spoken word
A tool to recalculate her future Subtract all the memories
Add love and hope back to her dictionary
Multiply her success
So that that bastard would die a little inside
Every time that he saw her happy again
That she is everything he wishes he could never be
Determined and radiating with positivity 
They say blood is thicker than water
Finding comfort in her prayer rug
She looks up
Whispers Ya rab
They say forgiveness is a divine trait but she’s no Goddess
Maybe one day this hate will stop or even lessen
And I can find it in my heart to call you my brother again..

Ella Mentry
Copyright © 2011