Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For you

Some times I wanna remove the roof,
Dim the lights around me,
And let the stars light up my world.
But I cant cause the light next to me out shine life itself.
I try to picture you as my moment,
Cause they say a picture is worth a thousand words,
If that's the case baby ur a motion picture,
And a thousand words can't describe you,
Matter fact these words alone can't define you.
If someone asked me right now if I loved you and answered yes,
And then asked me to tell them what I love about you
I would have to be an author and write series of books
And still wouldn't be able to find the right words to put into perspective.
I would ask,
have you ever took a breath and held it for 10 years, 9 months,27 weeks, 4 days , 2 hours??
If not then you don't deserve to know what makes me love her.
I tell you she is the reason why I fly,
What keeps my mind on focus,
so I wouldnt have to fall  from the sky.
cause without her I'm just another flightless bird,
Trying to spread my wings and sore high.
But with her I am superman,
Dont need feathers to keep me up on cloud nine.
Just to let you know I want to make her mine.
she's not a object to be owned,
But an angel to be shown love to,
I could wait forever,
keep my feelings under the weather,
Just to let you know you're my number one treasure.
Until that one day I can love you with pleasure.
I would bury you in in my heart to love you,
wrap my rip around to protect you,
And surround you in my arm to keep you warm.

For you.

Mohamed Abdulahi
Copyright © 2011

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