Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rewind that Moment

The story is told, yet you rewind
Just in case you didn’t find
“That moment” – you can’t get of your mind

I’m here just to listen to you
Even if things seem out of the blue
I won’t judge, do whatever you have to do

Rewind that moment, it was 1996 I suppose
I remember the day, even though we were not close
She shed a tear, explain to me how feelings grow

Rewind that moment, I was twelve at age
Life became the drama class, reading every page
School became the friend preparing me for the stage

Rewind that moment, I wasn’t led to become a leader
‘Their eyes lead to their soul’ used to be a slow reader
Maybe it wasn’t me as those eyes became deeper

Rewind that moment, I always had to defend
Everything, even though no one approached where I stand
The young who experienced the same will understand

Rewind that moment, you did what you had to do
You might think what I think when I think of you
Share your thoughts with me as I have no clue

Rewind that moment, everything in life comes and goes
The tides of life seem more steady than the river flows
That’s you and me, out of tragedy we rose

Rewind that moment, it was 1991 I suppose
Chilly was the night, teary the moment death comes close
Love became hate by the kiss of death, my nation faints by an overdose

Rewind that moment, we used to live in peace
From Mogadishu to Hargeisa we used to trade with ease
From Kismayo to Berbera, my mother’s route deceased

Rewind that moment, four cardinal directions
Spoken the same, having a place in my affections
Pointing at people who point at neglect and destruction

Forward this moment, let’s make a change
Life is still within range
Let’s write our chapter and bring it on stage.”

The story is still to be told, yet you forward
Just in case you didn’t feel heard
“This moment” – Let’s stand together for peace on earth.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

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