Sunday, October 23, 2011

Imagery Suicide

I am whole!
I was whole before this hole exposed
The missing extension that you once bought to my soul

I have not leaked,
I have not lost or broken pieces of me
It’s the remains of the outside conservatory,
The cracks in the foundations surrounding me,
The shattered remains of what I had of you
That repeatedly stabs the outside of me!

And you must be cleared!

How your thickness in the air chokes me!
How naive of me to assume that fire would be your best demise…
When out of these ashes and smoke it is your ghost lasting
Even in your death I am despised!

But you must be cleared!

So upon my knees I scrub you clean
Fingers bloody raw!
My red streams revive you still
And betray the wounds they flee from

Our last dance…
One last dance!
another battle won!

How inane of me to track the score
When you’ve already won the war!
So with this blackened cloth I smother you still!
You must be cleared!

The final picture…
A pretty picture!
Lilies lining the lines of you
Blankets of neat rolls of green
Burying you some feet deep…

What a picture!
Me whole! You gone!
That’s the image I needed to be

Now that you’re cleared!

And I’ll ignore the presence of your absence!
And whitewash the shadows of your walls
And pull a smile and muster up laughter
Until I am extended enough to
Clear me too!

By  Eva
Copyright © 2011


my friend

why are you sitting at the fence
patience, at an end ?

she was your virtue, personified
her quintessence of beauty

hope creaked at the joints that night
once learnt, never forgotten her duty

his quintessence of terror
wounded vanity

feeling inferior
driven to the point of insanity

signs of bitterness in his expression
she feels lost in her own, unable to read his mind

be lost in self-reflection
got lost to the utmost, unable to find

to my own regrets

I am at her wit’s end
slander the usual suspect

she is, the last, vulnerable
get hold of. . . and bear in. . .

don’t weigh upon her. . .
a beautiful mind, grieving

when the sky is overcast, lying low and lower
by a stroke of fate you embraced grave doubts

lavish care and attention on your anger
pointing finger, blaming society for an emotional drought

demanding change vigorously  from the people next door
you talk big, admit you gaped in astonishment

you fell passionately in love with what you’re living for
you flare up, ‘this nightmare should come to an end’

‘it must  have been in nineteen-nighty one’ , all he said
they call you

‘sample with no commercial value’

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

The sweet grapes of deceit

Streams of tears flood the african terrain, flowing currents aided by generations of pain, the storms brew within the brain, questions layered by emotions, feelings of turmoil and frustration burning a hole in one’s soul, humanity fuels the fire with lighting oil, hunger grips the masses, over indulges and waste as food sits on shelves until the consume by date passes, illness separates a suckling child from the mother, children passing away from simple curable pathogens, only care is for the spreadsheets and profit margins, an oblivious world unconscious to its humble origins, I question whether we even breathe air or do we inhale deceit,  you light a fire to gain warmth but you never sit in the midst of the heat, so why do we value vanity, or better yet why do we swallow the no longer concealed deceit, genocide doesn’t have to be uttered for one to recognise, or is reality on the screen as real at the stars that flaunt before your eyes, a gullible fool is one who wishes to be a victim, this earth has no place for the naive, when you handle the elements water or earth you roll up your sleeve, decipher your surroundings before you proceed to perceive. 

For those that have been enjoying the holidays, just bare in mind that for some of the inhabitants of this planet, there is no such thing as a happy new year, they only know another year of overwhelming hardship.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2011 

My Mother

My Mother 
we all had a Mother, Yes we did 
and some still have her, lucky indeed? 
she knows her rights, she knows her sit, 
a mothers love, oh isn't that sweet? 
she taught me fatiha, she told me my deeds 
OH how I love to kiss her feet 

Looking at her is like a everlasting dream 
a mothers love is the most seen, 
she loves her children, healthy or Ill 
she dont throw you out when you're broke and 18teen. 
the smile she shows you, is real and clean 
she is a good person, she is never mean. 
pray for her, even though she knows her diin 
may allah show them all siraad-Mustaqin. 

A mother for me is what I described 
I would love her, even if i never met her once or twice 
you are my mom, in my heart you are inscribed 
why dont I tell her this, am I showing pride? 
or maybe I just cant look at her and tell her the rhymes 
would I cry? or do i think action speaks louder then rhymes? 
I know I owe her everything in life 
she took care of me when I needed her as my guide 
she will never need any body, except allah) I will be by her side. 
I need her more now, then I needed her as a child 
cause my love for her grows more for every eye sight.

Najax Cabdulahi Sarsarey
Copyright © 2011

Blame Me

I stick to my words
To show you that
I can keep the promise
But you still try to find a way
To blame me.

Because I'm committed
Doesn't mean you should
Do staff on my back, and
When you fail miserably
Blame me.

If I ever let you down
If I never let you not
Have anything you've
Desire, blame me

If I've ever put in the dark
Over something that you
Should know blame me.

If I ever abuse you or
Argue with you on
Anything I was not
Sure about it blame me

If I ever belittle you or
Ignore you even a bit
For I was committed
To you like no one
Should blame me.

If I stop you walking
Out on what we've
Build from nothing
To something give
It a name, and planned
For future blame me.

If I ever stop you from
Practicing freedom apart
From not to be bad person
Blame me.

Even though we're
Not what we use to be
You are still blaming me
On something that I've
Nothing to do with so

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Song of Life

here we go again
call me delusional , call me insane
rhyming words wrapped
in the melody of might and main
and a song is born gazing
up high despite the pain
flirting with the white star up in the blue sky
comforting her loneliness
and promising for a better day
that no matter how much 
death darkens the roads
life will find it is way
Yes , we are alive
in our Lord we believe
and we are here to stay

so my friend stop trippin
give me a moment and listen
without the waves of sadness
you cant appreciate
the taste of sweetness
and through the labour pain
emerges the gift of life
revealing the true gain

so here we go again
again and gain
we sing..
we pray
we live
we mix the tears with the smiles
and we believe
that it is not in vain
it is not in vain

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2011

Hope in Allah

Sometimes we look to our right
And think of the good things we've done
And sometimes we look to our left and see wat we've done wrong
Allah is ever forgiving that's why I keep my hope for Allah so strong
Put aside all the evil things I've done
I'm just happy now that I've got Allah and the Quran to guide me along
Repentance is what I seek from My Lord
And insha'Allah one time I'll be opposing my enemies dragging my sword
Sometimes when I want to remind my self of the greatness of Allah I just think about the Sky
Subhana'Allah He is the Infinite the One
He is the One that will take away all our lives and then again by he's power and Only he's power we will rise
He is the supplier of All wealth and coz of him we manage to survive
I thank my Lord as he deserves every effort of my life

Mustafa Farah
Copyright © 2011

Behind Bars

Counting the days…
dear diary, can you remember the face
that first looked at your blank page
you told me, don’t fill the emptiness with rage
…did she forget about me?
I remember her walk even though I’m unable to see
the past got the better of the boy
I used to be, I remember the joy
my family brought into my life
oh, what dragged me into this – will I survive
such pain, behind bars, I cannot believe
from the depths of my subconscious I retrieve
how to breathe, claustrophobic
me and my so called life became static
help me to learn step by step
how to turn the coat of neglect
inside out, judged by appearance
skin tone and its interference
why do you pity my situation
if all the lies of the media got your fascination
naïve, I used to believe
a thief is born a thief
rather “opportunity makes the thief”
if you knew the opportunity that came to grief
the day you allowed to see your brother in a bad state
remember, it was the day he saw in your eyes only hate
all he is asking for is forgiveness
the mercy of the Forgiving is endless
even if the sky is festooned with clouds today
the All forgiving will pave for him the way
“bring injustice to justice”
I wish, you did not quote me like this
can’t you see, your justice murdered his brother
I wonder, if we were supposed to understand one another
I heard Mohandas say, “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”
born to lose my sight, justice I cannot find
be the eyebright, the one to witness
the mercy of the Forgiving is endless.

Pen ‘N’ Paper
Copyright © 2011


The fog is clearing away
I am finally seeing you

Through tears, longing and smile
The sun has finally come

The painting is filling up
The picture is growing clearer

In that moment of inspiration
I hold your portrait dear

Realisation has finally dawned 
My perception of you has forever been changed

The moment that I had reached those conclusions
My broken heart sighs in relieve 

I feel ashamed to have made that mistake
over and over again

To think that you are nothing but perfect
is a problem I must amend

Now I will take my leave
and try to quench my sorrow

Cuz what is the point in pursue
When my picture of you have been broken...

Hamdi A M Hagi 
Copyright © 2011

So just let me be.

Having so many plans, 
but feeling like the people are becoming huge obstacles,
being in my way.
It's disheartening for someone to say,
"you'll never reach your goal"
but in a oh-so subtle way.
Yeah, I struggle with life,
yet they don't see.
Maybe that's a good thing
don't show your weakness and they'll admire you for long.
It's the only way I'll survive in this world I call home.
I find it hard trying to keep sane;
I see them smiling a smile that doesn't reach their eyes.
Hate the idea of ever giving up,
knowing how it'll make them happy.
I want to be the one who has the last laugh,
and change their mocking grin in to a frown.
Question is, how long can I carry on?
When I sometimes wanna admit defeat.
It's their not-so-loud voice that gets me, 
like I can't hear their speech.
All because I got up and did the impossible,
while they talk from their seats.
Is it a case of jealousy or out of human stupidity?
Having formed the words, 
ready to give them a piece of my mind.
But i stop ...
I've been brought up never to hate,
but to forgive instead.
So I pray silently, its the only weapon that I have. 
Now answer me this;
"You seem to talk the talk but can you walk the walk?" 
No? Well ... allow me.

Hibaaq Ahmed
Copyright 2011

I Promise

Although I've no clue how long i will be with you... I promise.
Before Allah, that I will
Take your responsibility,
With pride, and honor,
I promise.

That I will protect you
From the evil, and filth
Minded people,
guide you to thee
Right, I promise.

That I will never make you
Weep, nor stress you for
I place my trust upon you,
Isn't freedom one of the
Things that can strangle
A faithful wife, I promise.

That won't be the case
I'm going to be careful
On here, and let you
Be a muslimah, and
God fearing, I promise.

The Qur'an will be your freedom,
And hadeeth will be your source
There you would have a tool
To fend off critics, I promise.

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011


This world is an allusion
A provisionary play ground
That’s full of confusion
A mire amusement
And a bogus substitution
To the true happiness
And the ultimate destination
Al-akhirah! Our main station
Tricked by the Satan
Many fall into delusion
Crippled by their sin
They’re forever in sedation
Clubbing, drinking, gambling
Easily committing fornication
Choosing to forget the truth
Just for temporary solution.
Masking away the reality
Deeply trapped in their pollution
Controlled by their desires
It’s all superficial sensation.
Because sooner or later
It’ll all come to cessation
And in the depth of hellfire
They’ll burn without consolation
As righteous recline in their high thrones
Praising their Lord in vivid observation
 So my dear brethren I remind my nafs and yours
To stay committed regardless of the temptations
Surely; this life is a test and you’ll be scorned.
For whatever happens, always purify your intentions
Verily, Allah guides whom He wills
So do we seek His guidance in evert situations

Aminah X. Ibrahim
Copyright © 2011

The norm of the 21st century

the norm of the 21st century
where the words like humble and respects rest peacefully in a sanctuary
where the hypocrites sing a melodies so sweet , that the people listen in so eagerly
where as soon as your mother turns a little old and alone , you stick her in a home for the elderly.
Where wars unjustly occupy territory, severely injure the unarmed and then deny them hospitality

The norm of the 21st century
where apparently Muslims are the main source of agony?
because they don’t go along with Britain’s ideal white society
which are high murder rates, binge drinking and teenage pregnancies
I say Alhamdulillah I’m a Muslim otherwise id be dead / drunk or a runaway baby father with STD’s

The norm of the 21st century
where racism is still conceived in the minds of the weak
the same minds who have sought to recruit other people who agree
who have been given the blessing of the government to go on a racist rant because its freedom of speech?
What’s the difference between them and Hitler.. Nothing they both thought there race was elite
This is the Norm of the 21st Century.

Jama Hussein 
Copyright © 2011

Empty Shell

This is getting old, I try to make sense of what I have accomplished, but the awards are lies to me, my body is a shell that just takes what it needs with, no life or soul to tell those who don't know that I'ma not a human being, I don't have passion nor do I want to take action for what is there to be done, I'm over the top, kicking the stars, pushing the ship to high gear that sprinkling dust of light beams to your eyes and you cry for the lost ones, this is death, that cold feeling, that darkness in your eyes and whispers in your ear to make that sweet song of agony fill your hollow soul, those bones draped in black sheets, has a tight hand around your neck, are you an empty shell, a wondering being, with a one way ticket, no way out, trap worst than a lab rat, with no  treat at the end, can you feel the heat in the end, as  I empty my shells out with nothing but hate, can you feel the change, that unknown face that appears to guide you to what seems safe, I am misery, on a melancholy day, I stroll the streets of your life and rape the happiness you hold so  dearly, as I  downcast my shadow of hopelessness from head to toe, and plant my tree of grieves to every neighborhood, as far as the eyes can see, you will notice the sorrow disgorge from all areas, observe it as it swallow you whole, with no  compassion, I am a disaster, I will demolish and  devastate, and leave this whole existences laid in ruins, waste your child's future, and corrupt the good intention of those who mean well, I will feed on weaker minds, as I  splash a fine mist of arrogance, and drizzle it to the minds of those who are intelligent, watch as they overwhelm me with their  meaningless thoughts, not knowing that they are irrelevant to my plots, just ponds, there's a bigger game, I will be done with them, and head on to the next group of childish, empty-minded society, as I leave a mass pool of destruction, I will numb you from all sympathy.

Ayan Abdi
Copyright ©2011


e need to get to the source
Of this deepening dark force
That distorts our actions
And twists all of our good thoughts
The root cause and seed of all our wars
Past and present
Resented by the innocent
All too easily embraced by our governments
Very few of the chosen have fulfilled their duty of governance
The resource less left to fend for themselves
With little or no help
As child mortality rates continue to rise
This very instant a mother witnesses
The death of her infant 
Countless times she cried
Her eyes have dried
Akin to the fertile land that once gave life
We have lost a myriad of lives
Let us move away from that which divides
Towards that which unifies
In time hooyo may once again smile
We cannot be innocent bystanders
For that would make us accomplices to the murder of innocence
Let us reflect
On the bird that leaves its nest
Only to return with food

Copyright © 2011

Famine, sickness, death And sorrow.

Dirty, filthy rags
Bones boring through
Large empty eyes
Fingers like knitting needle.
Their bodies thin and feeble.
Craving for a morsel of food
Stomachs swollen and glued.
Famine, sickness, death
And sorrow.

Hunger, poverty and starvation
Need no language of translation.
It's in the eyes, the feet, the hands
The sunken face of many lands.
Famine, sickness, death
And sorrow.

I only got one vision
One dream and one reason
To have faith and be hopeful
To Allah we grateful
I cry and scream but no one hears
Guns and grenades I got no fears
All I need is food and water
All I get is blood and slaughter
Famine, sickness, death
And sorrow.

Abas Abraham
Copyright © 2011

Flowers of my Nation

O flowers of my nation
Trees without roots bear no fruits and flowers without colour are beauty bare
You were born of warriors and pious mothers
Do not let them tell you come from a nation of pirates,
know that the rhythmic prose of our ancestors still rests heavy on many tongues we will be forever more the nation of poets
Sometimes you may be tongue tied as you try to articulate in
the mother tongue but never attempt to eradicate its beautiful sounds
We shall teach our children bi'idnillah its beauty in every way
Somali waxyar yaqaana they shall never say

O flowers of my nation many smooth talking elders may whisper to you in riddles seeming to ooze wisdom, but they carry mental poison designed to ruin the fruits of seeds you sowed so long ago
When they preach to you tell them; stop digging up the roots of evil and just let it go
And in their minds plant ripe ideas like freedom from the chains of the past
Let them see that horrors of the yesterday won't dictate your future and that u strife for peace that will last

O Flowers of my nation for so long they have abused our birth right denying us a say in the future of our nation
Attempting to surround us with darkness so that we may never reach a higher station
Let us start a revolution born out of youthful wisdom and pure patriotic love
Rising against injustice putting our faith in the One above
Let us paint over dark clouds with rainbows
Replace shrapnel filled sands with many a beautiful rose
Come forth to mend the broken wings of peace and let us appease no more the lovers of war
Destroy ignorance and put unity at the core

O flowers of my nation let us prepare for the return to the mother land
Exploring majestic mountains, beautiful beaches and glorious pastures there is much to be planned
Whether you're from north or south bari ama galbed we are one
I am you and you me
May we gather for ciyaar somali under grand acacias
Relating sheeko somali under the stars and laughing on every occasion

O Flowers of my nation
pour blood, sweat and tears into the rich soils that hold our mother land
Caress the aching land with tender hands
Be the asli hassans, xawo takos and syl of the 21st century
Bring your dreams to live and into the sky watch them soar
Like Dr hawa abdi raise the spirits of the sick and poor
And just like Knaan show the world that Somalia is worth fighting for.

Qalbi nura Galaydh
Copyright ©2011