Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blame Me

I stick to my words
To show you that
I can keep the promise
But you still try to find a way
To blame me.

Because I'm committed
Doesn't mean you should
Do staff on my back, and
When you fail miserably
Blame me.

If I ever let you down
If I never let you not
Have anything you've
Desire, blame me

If I've ever put in the dark
Over something that you
Should know blame me.

If I ever abuse you or
Argue with you on
Anything I was not
Sure about it blame me

If I ever belittle you or
Ignore you even a bit
For I was committed
To you like no one
Should blame me.

If I stop you walking
Out on what we've
Build from nothing
To something give
It a name, and planned
For future blame me.

If I ever stop you from
Practicing freedom apart
From not to be bad person
Blame me.

Even though we're
Not what we use to be
You are still blaming me
On something that I've
Nothing to do with so

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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