Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Mother

My Mother 
we all had a Mother, Yes we did 
and some still have her, lucky indeed? 
she knows her rights, she knows her sit, 
a mothers love, oh isn't that sweet? 
she taught me fatiha, she told me my deeds 
OH how I love to kiss her feet 

Looking at her is like a everlasting dream 
a mothers love is the most seen, 
she loves her children, healthy or Ill 
she dont throw you out when you're broke and 18teen. 
the smile she shows you, is real and clean 
she is a good person, she is never mean. 
pray for her, even though she knows her diin 
may allah show them all siraad-Mustaqin. 

A mother for me is what I described 
I would love her, even if i never met her once or twice 
you are my mom, in my heart you are inscribed 
why dont I tell her this, am I showing pride? 
or maybe I just cant look at her and tell her the rhymes 
would I cry? or do i think action speaks louder then rhymes? 
I know I owe her everything in life 
she took care of me when I needed her as my guide 
she will never need any body, except allah) I will be by her side. 
I need her more now, then I needed her as a child 
cause my love for her grows more for every eye sight.

Najax Cabdulahi Sarsarey
Copyright © 2011

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