Sunday, October 23, 2011

The sweet grapes of deceit

Streams of tears flood the african terrain, flowing currents aided by generations of pain, the storms brew within the brain, questions layered by emotions, feelings of turmoil and frustration burning a hole in one’s soul, humanity fuels the fire with lighting oil, hunger grips the masses, over indulges and waste as food sits on shelves until the consume by date passes, illness separates a suckling child from the mother, children passing away from simple curable pathogens, only care is for the spreadsheets and profit margins, an oblivious world unconscious to its humble origins, I question whether we even breathe air or do we inhale deceit,  you light a fire to gain warmth but you never sit in the midst of the heat, so why do we value vanity, or better yet why do we swallow the no longer concealed deceit, genocide doesn’t have to be uttered for one to recognise, or is reality on the screen as real at the stars that flaunt before your eyes, a gullible fool is one who wishes to be a victim, this earth has no place for the naive, when you handle the elements water or earth you roll up your sleeve, decipher your surroundings before you proceed to perceive. 

For those that have been enjoying the holidays, just bare in mind that for some of the inhabitants of this planet, there is no such thing as a happy new year, they only know another year of overwhelming hardship.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2011 

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