Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ramadan Haiku # 18

May our hearts be consumed
by love and sincerity for our this
Beautiful religion all year around.

TNP Ramadan Haiku day # 18 by Halima Ahmed - share yours!♥

Suffering in Gaza

Will the suffering in gaza ever end?
Will it become much harder or will they become friends?
The Isrealis have created so much hate , caused by the death of a mother,father,sister,brother and soul mate.
God states , if each individual was killed for no reason or died for him , he will certainly look after in the here after ,
The world leaders taunts them with laughter whilst they make prayers to God, the merciful , greatest master. 
Jetz scrap through their air locked and loaded , mission sent by Israel is to smoke the hopeless
they talk about the Palestine with a codename living roach's.
Are they scared that Palestine has the potential? so they use tear gas, grenades, nukes , knowing that one day it might become an actual 
I watch the t.v , talking about how bad we got it in the region that sparked something in my brain to start day-dreaming ....i was young and it looked like the evening , bombs being blown , looks like the Israeli soldiers cant be controlled i'm roaming whilst seeing countless bodies being shown!

Jama Hussein 
Copyright © 2011

Modern day Ignorance

For every Good act theirs Ignorance amongst us
Like the time of the jahilyah except they weren't monsters.
We can be bought or bribed with double digit numbers.

we forget our teaching just so we can look like stunners amongst the sinners,
nowadays i don't hear a bismiillah or allhamdulilah during family dinners
but your all jumping up and down just cause its Christmas.
the Devil got you wrapped around his crook'ed finger
whilst he's getting you to defy your existence.

so right now you've been enlisted job title:politician,
however what he wants you to do doesn't fall within the job description
he wants you to replicate the time of the Egyptians
Convince the people its just a way to stop carbon emissions
Build a vision where Muslims and Christians go back on there religion
However there are those that will fight against it.
The ones that follow the Qur'an and the sun-nah
I'm proud to say, i call these freedom fighters my Ummah .

Jama Hussein 
Copyright © 2011


hagelin godob haysku doonan
weligaa gardarada sokeeye 
waxay kugu noqon guhaade
garqaadoo samaha doon xumaha weligaa ka guur
gidigiin Soomaaliyeey maxaa isu goynaysaan?
maxaa gooni,gooni keeney godoonka maxaydin baday,maxaydin baday?
maxaa duqaydii guhaadshey dhalaankii maxaa gumaaday?
maxaa geeskii Afrikiyo maxaa geyigii ku dhacay?
gacmuhu hooy wada jir bay hubaal wax ku gooyn karaane, gartoo midigta is qabsada guyaal badan way lumeene.
maxaa gubanimada diidan 
maxaa gefka iyo xumaanta maxaa gaar idiinka dhigay wax garadkii aaway heedhe?
gacmuhu hooy wada jir bay hubaal wax gooyn karaane gartoo midigta is qabsada guyaal badan way lumeene.
waxaa ahay gabadh soomaaliyeed oo ku sugan qurbaha
waxaana qoraa geeraarada.
waxaan halkan idiinku soo gudbinayaa tixdan gaaban oo ku saabsan dadkeena wada dhashay
ee misina is qalanaya mudo aad u dheer.
waxaan is tusay in aan idinla sheer gareeyo tixdan gaaban ee taabanaysa xaalada ay ku sugan yihiin wadankeenu
amaba dadkeenu anoo rajaynaya in xal loo helo mustablka dhow insha,allah.
Copyright © 2011

Tears for Somalia

No matter how early one rises with the sun

Instead of the birds singing before the day’s begun

Russian revolvers chatter louder and louder

Before falling into line in my Somalia

Instead of the promise of the morning air

Shooting, shelling, killing are the days here,

Where life not so precious schools in things that guns do,
Not for reading and writing and dreams too…

The roads to somewhere blocked everywhere

Kids dare, Sleep with the Devil and see no Evil

Instead guns replace toys, for what is joy

When trust is a word with no meaning

On the coastline of homes, the sun seems to shine
If you are hungry you join the battle to survive,
Yet children dare not chill, thrilled by the echo of bullets

As their endless hunger, so why should they
They don’t want to, but

Replace the internal scream with firing Kalashnikovs
like playing soccer or American football
Where the bodies of children were raised to move around like muggers,
killing everybody they see

The right to life keeps being circumvented
Replaced by Sorrow burdened souls unplacated
Because they believed the wrong really love us

Peace has run out of space here,
Just to mention it,

Invites two flying bullets
Or a free magazine

The rule of law is incarcerated by,
Murderers, bombers, ghosts for leaders
Where Future has no light
Good things went to hell,
And bad things got worse

Just to end this misery life
I wish I could die

Abdulkarim Mohamed Jimale
Copyright © 2011

Make the world better..

It is our job to make the world better 
by giving the poor food and some water 
so we should definitely make the world better 
by loving the orphans and being kind in all matters. 
it is my job to make this world better 
because it kills me to see children suffer 
for them i wish that i could start a new chapter 
and make them feel like everyday is summer 
how can we sleep when some children are sleepless 
how can we eat when some people are starving 
how can we laugh, when some orphans are in pain 
without any hooyo, to tell them it's gonna be okay 
and what about the father, who just lost his only son 
because he didnt had any food, to give to his beloved one 
and what about the mother who feels helpless and weak 
because she cant take care of her baby girls needs. 
Subhanalah tell me how would you feel? 
to see your sweet mother being killed 
while some strangers are taking the house ur father built.. 
to watch your life fade away, let us help before it's too late! 
only in this world do we need eachoher , we all know 
and insha allah it might be the key to jannatul fardows.

Najax Cabdulahi Sarsarey
Copyright © 2011

Stage entrance

I wake up in destruction.
Life can be a mystery.
Then a bliss off patience or misery.

The treasure deeps inside of the conscious, narcotic minds are haunting!
Till the soul rests at the edge of the earth.
Is there something?
Flowing blood streams, pumping through veins full of excitement.       
The true licence of the 'masters of the universe.
A bitter touch of jealousy that lands in the wrong hands and taps the right friends.
Can be bubbled out as a curse.
So vicious like dark nightmares that resembles yellow cat eyes.  That feeling keeps you haunted, even when you open your eyes and reality strikes, deja vu!

And when your favourite colour was green you say it is blue.   
Confused and depressed all alone till you talk to yourself, so random.
The imaginary phantom laughs as you ride.
These thoughts lead you to visit, "your new partner paranoia".
It made sense to make friends but cold tears will now create a different scent.

So cry on, cry on,cry on.

Follow your way to the stage entrance.  
Round the bend make sure you don't  miss it.
Keep the track in your mind, like a treasure box, list it!
Carry on and drive to the next exit. 
And visit the spirit of detention. 
Free yourself from all the hardships in your heart!
And start to mention, the One-ness  of Allah and He protects so the devil never holds you ransom.
Live your life, don't live for pride cuz peace is the world answer!
And unity true songs of vocal is my anthem.
Step up to a crowd.
There's a leader, who settles above the grounds.
Dictating his visions to large audience.
And if it may to be, you could face a order of stabbing your own friend.
So come around.
False statements, is their any piety in his heart.
Dismissing hungry mouths.
Boasting out loud!
He says; 'I'm on the top of the mountain, peak in the clouds so is there any one who can put me down!'
Until his own words rebelled against him so next soul could take his crown.

Ahmed D
Copyright © 2011

Stop waiting people, let's save our land

You know I think it's funny how
everyone is waiting
Waiting for our country to
or maybe just the fading

Lets wait on our president to
make things right
We can't do something about
anything for its wrong to fight

We just need to sit and wait for
someone to make a change
We look at our society and what
we think is

So we sit and wait another day
praying for things to be better
Too worried about what the label
is on the front of our sweater

We can't go out and do
something for that disabled
man at the park
And we wonder why our nation
is still just so damn dark

We all just sit and think about
what should be done,
But when it comes down to it, all
we want is a little fun

We're too high and mighty to go
change our apathetic society
I still think it's funny that we call
that propriety

Why do we think by doing
nothing we'll make
I'm asking all you people where
is your motivations

Go ahead everyone...keep sitting
there waiting
Nothing's going to change...all
our people are just fading..


With just one touch
Or friendly glance
we can save our country
It's in our hands

With three simple words
That come from the heart
We can reunite
This nation thats torn apart

Don't be so quick
To jump to conclusions
Let  our heart decipher
The eye's illusions

We judge out of fear
Of what we don't know
Afraid of possibly
Befriending a foe

Don't be afraid
To reach out and touch
Those people we think
Are so different from us

So lets open our heart
And let love unfurl
It's in our hands
We can save our land..

Nomad WithDeen
Copyright © 2011

Caku Soomaaliyeey Ciil Kama Baxaysaane

caawa waan careesnohoo ceesh i marimaayo
calooshay huraysoo caafimaad ma doonaayo
islaamkii dhamantood iyo carabahaa walaaltoowye
adinkuna halkaan baad ciil iyo caro la jiiftaane
caku soomaaliyeey ciil kama baxaysaane

cimrigiin intuu yahayba cadow baysku noqoteene
caruurtiyo duqowshahana macluul baad ku leyseene
culumaa udiin iyo ciroolena cafiba meysaane
caku soomaaliyeey ciil kama baxaysaane

imisaa ceel biyo ka weydoo cunana aan haysan
imisaa cari gaalo joogtoo ciidoodi doonaaya
imisaa gaal cunsuri ah nabad nagu canaadaaya
imisaa carartoo cadan orod ku soo gaadhay
caku soomaaliyeey ciil kama baxaysaane

caalamkuna waa nagu fiirsadaa ceyrtiyo abaartaane
colkii sokeeyana halkaanbuu caymis isu sheegay
cariish bay na dajiyeen barafya ceeryaamo
caku soomaalidaydaay ciil kama baxaysaane

ciribtirka shacbiga waxa wadaa waa cunugyadeeniiye
cibaadeysigii iyo ka tagay quraanka cadadkiisa
caradii ilaah iyo cadaab bay shaqaysteene
curadkeenina halkaanbuu qamro laba cantuugleyne
caku soomaaliyeey ciil kama baxaysaaneey

calaan ma dhaafayaan waa caaq la soo diraye
cagahay marinayan oo wa'ay ceyrsanahayane
 ciidan kii duloobiyo waa cudur dawaysmeeyne
caadil waa ilaaheeye  ceshada ubadkiina

cirkay wada suranyihiin feceen calamadoodiiye
caadkay marahayaan ways cajabiyeene
anaguna canaad baan ku noolnahay, cabasho iyo ceebe
Caku soomaaliyeey ciil kama baxaysaaneeeeeyyy

Mustafa Abdul-kadir
Copyright © 2011

My Lovely Bed

I lay on my bed.
My favourite bed.
The bed that makes dreams of poetry so high.
Sleeping with 'dreamy words' I can't express
My love for you will truly rest in bed.

I end up on the floor the next morning
I leave my bed
My Lovely bed stop mourning
I promise you of stories that will last till the next morning

Every morning I make my bed
And on my arrival I feel like a guest  lovely bed treat me good, as you done it for years
You seen my ups and downs
When I'm ill or sad you know how to treat a lonely tear

So tuck me in
Keep me warm
Keep me strong
Keep me away from the dark shadows and the striking storm

I'm awake now
My lovely bed
My dearly friend  
It was pleasant
I hope to meet you in the night
Covered by a blanket full of feathers
For filling as always
If I'm on my left
You always seem to put me on the right side  
Bright lights as dreams begin to shine

As the day grows
My bed holds my deepest secrets and thoughts
My best friend in need
I wish we could fly away in clouds for eternity

So lay on my bed
My favourite bed
The bed that makes dreams of poetry so high
Sleeping with 'dreamy words' I can't express
My love for you will truly rest in bed

Ahmed D
Copyright ©2011

I am that "Tent"

Yes I am that "Monster" 
and Yes I am that "Tent" 
Yes I am a muslim woman 
and yes I wear big things 
but I still hear everything! 
and no I wont hurt you 
unless its a self defense 
cause that is what I've been taught. 
and I dont take any chance 
because disobeying Allah, is the biggest sin 
And No I dont have everything 
but nor am a oppressed 
while I am a slave of Ar-Rahim 
you are a slave of magazines 
and if you hate me for being me 
then you must be really mean.. 
I rather be a "tent" and a "monster" 
than a naked statue. 
cause a tent can keep all the gold inside 
but what can a statue do?...... 

Najax Cabdulahi Sarsarey
Copyright © 2011

Like an Acacia

Like an acacia
I feel so static
only my behaviour
became melodramatic
bitter and sweet
like an addict
unable to greet
you became, so public
my heart aches
is it problematic. . .
Somalia? It breaks
like an acacia
losing its leaves
shaken by militia
looted by thieves
oh, forgive me
like a culprit
unable to see
mercy we eat
despair we drink
like an acacia
into hope I sink. . .
with patience

Pen ‘N’ Paper
Copyright © 2011

Reflection: life and friendship

At a time of healing are we as grateful as at a time in need?
We seem to look away from what is important during our greatest hour
but become religious when we haste for riches and power.
I seem to dwell upon a future not promised to me,
so I stay up late hours trying to shape what may not be given to me,
Truth is I do not appreciate the chance and gift of today?

I reflect upon it and decide to sleep upon it
knowing that the next day I may not even act upon it
Its a dark decision which risks me in numerous ways
but its my way of being now and I struggle to change these ways.
Dear He can you help support me like you do in most of my days,

I know when the world is against me you always seem to brighten my days ,
during the tuff times you answer my prayers, and during the joy,
I forget to say thank u, do excuse my horrible ways.At time of reflection I seem to realize the truth
but during reality I seem to hide it under the carpet, The dust piles up and I start to walk on unseeing mountains
created due to my own ignorance.

I am no different then othersYou and me need to start realizing that the more we ignore..
the more we create barriers for one an otherDear he can you please protect us from one an other,
so that we can only benefit each other.
Its either that or we seriously need to stay away from each other.

Sofie Omar
Copyright © 2011

Hold On My People

Pen on the pad
Pad on the table
Pillow on my head
Trying to cover up my eyes
But the images are still perfect
Tears rolling down my cheeks
I wish you could drink it
The drought took my happiness
Because with out you I’m nothing
Oh Somalia it’s not the end
This is a struggle
Just another story to tell
But how many hearts are torn?
How many kids are dead?
Hold on Somalia
The sky is still blue
So is our flag
Hold on Somalia
There is still a brighter day
Africa is free now
Oh my people
Don’t you think it’s enough?
Time to heal our hearts
And clean up our minds
Oh Africa will you watch us suffer?
Or shed a tear with us
Oh my beautiful continent
Will you watch us fall?
Or help us to get up
We are no longer slaves
But yet we are dying from starvation
Charity begins at home
Oh Africa let your magic shine

Bring smile to those kids
Build houses and schools
Oh Somalia stays strong
The Almighty didn’t forsake us
And you are active in my prayers
Oh my people hold on.

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)
Copyright © 2011

Ramadan Poem

A blessed month is near,
so sacrifice and Allah let us fear.
Don't be hypocritical, at the beautiful recitation shed a tear.
Make plenty of sincere du'as as the Rab can hear.
Nothing is impossible - yes, even our dreams
Change your ways and leave the filthy language and the screams.
Ramadan isn't the only time to worship Allah,
Seek His pleasure as did Rasullullah.
Be a firm believer in your deen,
and make sure that your intentions are pure and keen.
Facing calamities? -They only make the believer strong.
From ourselves let us not steal and make our prostrations long.
Even when insulted, be forbearing.
And instead of you, it'll be the devil swearing.
It's a month in which the Qur'an was revealed,
And thus we find a cure for even that which our hearts have concealed.
Prostrate before Allah and pray for His blessings,
because the child we left back home is hungry while we buy our favorite dressings.
Fear Allah in the way that you deal with others.
Forgive and forget for we are all sisters and brothers.
Happy Ramadan to each and all.
Don't forget to call Allah before you fall.

Nimo Abdi Warfa
Copyright ©2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ramadan Haiku # 17

With all the trials and
Tribulations of life, always remember that with
Every hardship, there's an ease

Ramadan Haiku day # 17 by Halima Ahmed

Ramadan Haiku # 16

Every sin has a consequence
Seek repentance before its too late so
You may increase in faith.

Ramadan Haiku day # 16 by Halima Ahmed

Ramadan Haiku # 15

As a child I fasted
To seek approval from my mother today
I fast only for Allah!

Ramadan Haiku day # 15 by Halima Ahmed

Ramadan Haiku # 14

May Allah make us amongst
Those who help those who are in
Need, and not turn away.

Ramadan Haiku day # 14 by Halima Ahmed

Ramadan Haiku # 13

May Allah Ta'aal increase us
In wisdom, compassion, love, faith, health, humility
On this Ramadaan and forever.

Ramadan Haiku day # 13 by Halima Ahmed

Ramadan Haiku # 12

Every actions has a consequences
It is on you to decide your
Fate, with faith in God.

Ramadan Haiku day # 12 by Fatima Ahmed 

Ramadan Haiku # 11

You cannot fight with your
Thoughts, but you can avoid thinking about
about sinning, by reciting Qur'an.

Ramadan Haiku day # 11 by Fatima Ahmed 

Ramadan Haiku # 10

Who are you to discourage
People by saying they are only seasonal
Muslims, Live and let live.

Ramadan Haiku day #10 by Halima Ahmed

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ramadan Haiku # 9

Be kind and thoughtful in
Your actions towards others for Ramadan is
More than abstaining from food.

Ramadan Haiku day #9 by Halima Ahmed

Ramadan Haiku # 8

Like the ocean cleanses the
Shore, Ramadan cleanses my soul and takes
Me away from my sins.

Ramadan Haiku day # 8 by Fatima Ahmed 

Ramadan Haiku # 7

Some forbidden to fast and
Others lack food to break their fast,
What are we complaining about?

TNP Ramadan Haiku day # 7

Ramadan Haiku # 6

Ramadhan, O month of change!
No eating, drinking, fighting or backbiting instead
Praying reflecting reciting and praising.

Ramadan Haiku day # 6 by Amal Saed 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ramadan Haiku # 5

sincerity is caring for others,
kindly remember the children of our brothers,
And wipe away their tears.

Ramadan Haiku day # 5 by Nimo Warfa

Ramadan Haiku # 5

The land of the horn,
Is suffering from sixty years of drought,
Famine kills, donations save lives.

Ramadan Haiku day # 5 by Amal Saed 

Silent Crime

Touched discreetly by the familiar
Felt illegally by the trusted
Too young to understand
I followed the demands
Fed me treats
So I wouldn't speak

Funny now that I think about it
I wasn't scared, might of even enjoyed it
I remember vividly
the stocky frame and pale skin
Evident from an Arab blend
I remember vividly

The chubby fingers
That drove us around
I never told
Much less admitted
Even when I came face to face
After ten years
Height, Breasts
and hair in hidden places
I never admitted

I tried to avoid it
Those incidents corrupted my being
The unwritten sanctions of my culture
tells me its my fault, so don't bother
I didn't
But now I know otherwise
I was brainwashed
An innocent child bribed for the crime

Can't believe I'm writing it for the first time
For I'm admitting
That it occured all this time
Destroyed was my innocence
And through it all
I remained silent

Lubi B.
Copyright © 2011