Friday, August 5, 2011

Silent Crime

Touched discreetly by the familiar
Felt illegally by the trusted
Too young to understand
I followed the demands
Fed me treats
So I wouldn't speak

Funny now that I think about it
I wasn't scared, might of even enjoyed it
I remember vividly
the stocky frame and pale skin
Evident from an Arab blend
I remember vividly

The chubby fingers
That drove us around
I never told
Much less admitted
Even when I came face to face
After ten years
Height, Breasts
and hair in hidden places
I never admitted

I tried to avoid it
Those incidents corrupted my being
The unwritten sanctions of my culture
tells me its my fault, so don't bother
I didn't
But now I know otherwise
I was brainwashed
An innocent child bribed for the crime

Can't believe I'm writing it for the first time
For I'm admitting
That it occured all this time
Destroyed was my innocence
And through it all
I remained silent

Lubi B.
Copyright © 2011

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