Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Group poem 9: Somali Youth - "My Youth Experience"

O you, the youth

I have a different theme for you today

To read, reconsider, reproduce and relish

For I wish you to pay attention

It is about youth experience

For I remember the boyish face

The dirty legs ridding bicycle

Fighting in the sandy playground

With the foe neighborhood boys

Who I was told were ferocious

Carrying all kinds of illegal weapons

To preying other boys in the hood

For I was enlightened they wish to find

The weakness side of “us”

To victimize my friends and I

So did my friends initiated the assault

To humiliate the bad boys first

To see their lips lacerated

To laugh at teeth parts falling

Spitting blood mixed with muddy sand

O’ who remembers the “kala Reeb”

Where you were forced to fight for friends

Where you are left to defend yourself

From the king of the new neighborhood

Being tough was the game

For the wrongful assumptions of boyishness

Swearing, screaming, spitting, sniffing,

Not crying was rule number one!

Staying strong for immoral things

Was seen as encouragement

O’ daring to die was bravery

It was essence of boyish mentality

The essence of wrong peer pressure

Peer pressure can be wrong or right

It can be good or bad

It can be healthy or harmful

Depends on how you deal with

And discriminate your personal interests

From the dangerous at temptations

Of proving to be the toughest and the leader

Gaining wrong respect of heading the wrong path

For I was smart enough to know

And discriminate who was my best friend

Who was a bad influencer into my in life

And had to find ways to avoid

Before I run into terrible

My parents didn’t wish me to be in

Sometimes I was considered girlish

Because I had refused smoke

I denounced in participating criminal activities

Had I not rejected to do robbery many times

Had I not acted very selfish

To avoid getting into dirty fights

I encouraged my friends go to the libraries to read

I hated to hang out in the hood acting tough

For I knew that wouldn’t evince my cleverness

What makes me tough is contending with “THE MEN”

The Men who dominates me for centuries

O’ you, the young Somalis

Don’t set the gear of your dreams too low

I am now mature to discern

The world offers more than you may foretell

O’ should you not be overwhelmed by peer pressure?

And the cheap boyish mentality

That may put you in confinement

By getting caught in the compliance of criminal activities

In which you lose your citizenship

Or retain bad record in your history

To be a good citizen is to have a clean license

So avoid getting into fighting

Avoiding bad hanging out with bad boys

Avoid hooking up with fast girls

Focus your dreams

Listen to your hearts

Answer the right questions

Ignore the wrong answers

Who is your real role model?

What do you want to be?

Do you wish be a productive citizens or murder

Do you wish to help others or kill them?

Ignore temptations

Avoid depression

Distress is the essence of depression

Pushes you to do perilous performance

Doing all kinds of wrongs things to escape

The unknown or know hectic world

For I have yet to say enough

And wish you pay attention

Satisfactions is the essence of happiness

Be confident and satisfied

With whatever Almighty bestow you

Seek achieve what you desire in meaningful ways

Be respectful to your own parents

To your brothers and sisters

To your community and country

So peace and harmony shall prevail

So dreams shall reign and fulfilled

So the right morals shall guide all of us.

Faisal Abdi
Copyright © 2010

'Ubax iyo Luul' / 'Flowers and Pearls' Share

'Ubax iyo Luul'

Gabadhaan xijaaban waa ubax oo kale,
Waa qurux ,udgoon, udgoon dadkad dhan jecelyihiin,
Ubaxa markuu cusub yahay waa wax wanaagsan,
Waad waraabin,biyahaad ka badali si uu u noolaado,
Laakiinse wakhti kabacdi, ubaxaasi wuu qalali, dhiman oo burburi,
Hadaba waad iska tuuri, waad is dhaafin oo qashinkaad ku ridi.
Taasi waxay la mid tahay gabadhaan is asturin (xijaaban).

Balse gabadha is asturta.
Waxay la mid tahay Luul bada salkeeda taal,oo ku dhaxjirta waxyaabaha bada.
Luul kana wuxuu ku dhaxjiraa qolof tiisa,
Quruxdiisana indhahaa ku raaxaysta, ayadoo u dheer qurux iyo qiimo badan,
Qofka luulka haystana wuu ilaalin oo dhowri, ileen waa wax qiimo badane,
Gabadhu waa luul asturaadeedana xijaabka/niqaabka waa qoloftii.
Taasina waxay la midtahay gabadha xijaabata.

Labadaasi waxay ku kala duwanyihiin: Ubaxa wuu dhamaan oo dhiman Luul kase waa wax aan dhamaanayn oo waari.

'Flowers and Pearls'

The woman who doesn’t cover is like flowers;
Very pretty; smell good; nice scent – everybody likes them.
With flowers, once you get them, they’re nice and fresh.
You water them; keep changing the water to keep them alive.
However, after a while, those flowers wither away and deteriorate; die; mash up.
Now you gotta throw them away; get rid of them; dispose of them.
That is the similitude of the woman who doesn’t cover.

Now, as for the woman who does cover
She is like that of the pearl deep from the ocean floor amongst all the coral and ocean stuff.
The thing about the pearl is: it always comes in its SHELL;
Its beauty is appealing to the eye; it maintains its SACREDNESS and VALUE.
A possessor of this pearl keeps it well guarded and protected because it is something priceless.
The woman is the PEARL; her cover/hijaab/niqaab is the SHELL.
And that is the similitude of the woman who covers.

The difference between the two is; the flower diminishes and the pearl lasts.

Hamzah 'HH2O' Hakim
Copyright ©2010

Random reflections @ tea time (RRTT)

Life is unpredictable. It forces us to experience numerous trials, enjoy success, dream for better living, hope for the best, and appreciate different cultures, traditions and viewpoints. They say life is short and therefore we must live it to the fullest and enjoy the few days we have on this earth. However, how can life be short when we experience happiness, sorrow, love, confusion, heartbreaks, etc almost every minute of the hour?

Allah has blessed us with many great people whom we are without doubt grateful to have in our lives. Sometimes we meet people for a minute and they almost instantly impact our lives. And, who said one must know a person intimately for that person to make you smile? Happiness can be derived from that one person you always meet at the bus stop and wave to without ever knowing their name. That one person who brings a smile on your face. That one person you see at the corner of some street, bus or perhaps once in a lifetime encounter somewhere.

Happiness does not mean much when the heart is not content. And, the heart is not content if the mind is wandering around. Sometimes those who we hold dear to our hearts end up being the ones who hurt it the most. In moments like that you feel as though they are stepping on your heart almost without mercy. It pierces right through your chest. Hurts. Yet, like an idiot who hasn’t learned a lesson it wanders around that individual – hoping against hope that things might change someday. It longs for that embrace. But how do you explain to it that some hearts aren’t meant to love back? They are only taught to hurt.

Regrets are attached to those experiences we haven’t learned lessons from. The good, the bad and the ugly experiences of life are valuable and if one can changes their perceptive – any lesson will be turned into a moment worth experiencing. A moment worth living for. A lesson well learned.

We spend our time and effort sometimes caring for those who do not even acknowledge our existence. We cry for peace when day after day all we see is ongoing battles being fought harder.

We proclaim to live by the truth and courage yet we turn blind eye to things that matter at moments when we should speak. In other occasions our mouth runs faster than western union.

How unpredictable and beautiful life can be!♥

-Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2010


noloshayda jeex baan

jigjiga ku dhamaystoo

u jeelanaa nabadoo

waliba u jiboon jiray

gumaysigaba haa jiro

jeelashaba haa buuxo

jabisadii axmaareed

haaba i dul jiiftee

jidkaas baan doortoo

hadaan jahwareersanayn

jiriricada maqaarkiyo

jiidhkoo i dhaqaaqiyo

jabkani maxay tahay?

jifada iyo xigtada iyo

jeeskayga oo idil

sow jaajuus xidhiyo

nacab jaanis uma helin

mana jecli dagaaloo

nabadaan la jeel ahay

juuqayga hadalkana

dhag loo ma jeediyee

jidkaas baan doortoo

hadaan jahwareersanayn

jiriricada maqaarkiyo

jiidhkoo i dhaqaaqiyo

jabkani maxay tahay?

jamaal badan dhulkaygow

kaama xiisa jabin wali

danood iyo jarar iyo

hareeraha jarati iyo

jeexdiniyo shilabiyo

beeraha jinacsaniyo

naftu waxay jamatay

jawiga dhagaxbuur

jidkan aan qaadan rabo

ku jahwareeri maayee

jiriricada maqaarkiyo

jiidhkoo i dhaqaaqiyo

jabkani wuu iska tagi

Ahmad Jilaani Runsheeg
Copyright ©2010

"In the 10th of June"

"There was a time in year 2010....
"Billions stand, hold and waved....
"In the 10th of June ....
"There was a moment....
"Out of darkness a flag was raised....
"Raised in front of countless eyes without being hide...
"The blue flag held up high with power, freedom and enormous pride....
"In the 10th of June....
"There was a moment....
"The clock stopped ....
"A measure of thousands high jumped...
"Heartbeats got faster, breath was taken away...
"The most beautiful flags were flying on a marvelous , beautiful day ....
"With all those colourful flags...
"Most of them were prominent, some kept in bags.....
"Between them this one was all the highest...
"A little weird to the rest, but sure the best of the best....
"Hold and waved by a friend...
"Who closed his eyes hoping for a country that he represent...
"Children, mothers, politicians and even a refugee....
"Were overwhelmed with joy and happiness as they pray to let it be....
"In the 10th of June.....
"There was a moment....
"We may forget for seconds the conflicts that we have back home....
"But in South Africa on the 10th of June it was more like a miracle to some...
"It's impossible to forget this day....
"Exactly after 9 days ending May...
"Raise your flag no matter what, was that day the motto...
"Don't bother what they will say about it , just raise it with all your macho...
"In a picture of honor and hope...
"And pray...pray...pray for a day that billions hold up the same flag...
"Like K'naan on the 10th of June with the blue Somali flag....
"Shining in a remarkable history....
"Hoping to be remembered in a future story...
"In the 10th of June .....

My heart has a mouth
Copyright © 2010


To feel pain is agonizing,
When one is hurt and starts realizing.
That feeling of pain is not a pleasant one,
That it can happen at anyplace and anytime to anyone.

When a person feels the gift of health,
They feel happy and full of wealth.
Their heart is filled with glee,
When they’re in the open, breathing the fresh air and start to flee.

But they’re mind is asleep,
They don’t thank Allah for good food they eat.
They have eyes to see and ears to hear,
While others can’t even speak, think or even shed a tear.

When one feels sad,
They retreat from the rest and start to go mad.
They’re confused and are all alone,
Its quite, empty and there’s no-one at home.

But there’s Allah (the all mighty) that will always guide you.
It doesn’t hurt to kneel down and pray,
To thank Allah that you live night and day.

Abadir Hashi
Copyright © 2010

-Storiestold- #2

Part one: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=429176778477

Some may see
and think of me as some kind of ex-military
Or an anti-establishment victim
who got caught up in the system.
Or a quasi-political, left-winged radical
but I merely advocate for politics that are practical.
Life means a struggle with pain
I can't see the sunny days for the rain
I feel like losing control and going insane
But through this poetry I release my pain
Calming my brain
So, I'm not a radical extremist seeking a final solution
although when I do talk of revolution,
its not a revolution in terms of tearing down
but a revolution in terms of turning around.
Seeking not to revolt but to revolve.
I seek solutions and resolve.
And I ain't been in the military
but I am militant.
Although I mean my fellow man no ill intent,
I seem to be the one they wonder and worry about
while I'm figuring out, the way
the game gets played.
Because I don't have to be an ex-convict
released from a lengthy prison stint
to know that the prison industry complex
ain't but so complex.
Or that there is nothing to see.
A perfect match for our erased mentality.
No voices
except for screams of pain, frustration, and agony.
The condition of my people remains sad to see
Its Ignorance that,
equals the unsanctioned political debate
that gets discussed amongst cellmates.
Jailbait for the socially conscious.
Exposing the game.
Imposing the shame on their conscience
Lined with death, Ahead of life.
Some believe my perception is in vain,
But my perception deeply comes from pain,
Their obsession with perfection has caused
me dare hesitation
I see things differently, I don’t see people for who they are
but who they want to be.
I am what Im going to be
Don’t show me your dirty smiles I’d love you to hate me.
I Provide the,
Vaccine from this ‘stupid’ flu
An unwelcoming helping hand to the legal Arrogant
Thoughts well-prepared, Actions are elegant.
Yet Our service,
Are all valued highly but also regarded as worthless.
I fade into my shadow. I don’t justify the ruthless
What is defined as a extremist?
The Muslim man who ain't got shit?!?
Or that green eyed, star spangled beast?
I say, "no justice- no peace"
because that's the way she wants it.
She flosses and she flaunts it.
Unwarranted? ,Undoubtedly,
”Eternity thou lie, Ethnicity shall cry
And so Equality will die
Encounter Thy, Enemy are you?
Learn, Inhale, Envy I.”.

Mukhtar Mohamed Copyright © 2010


Nafteydaay ha qoomameyn
Rabbigaa waa qaaddir weyn
Qabriga goortaad u hoyan
Waxaad quud cuni laheyd
Ajashu qaabka ay u dhici
Qoomkaad gali aakhiriyo
Qiyaas waxa kuu dambeyn
Adoon dhalan baa la qoray.

Quluubteydaay hufnoow
Qabuuraha aad u eeg
Quraankana aad u dhugo
Qabyaaladi yey ku galin
Adoo qaran beegsan kara
Qabiil ha u hiilin abid
Ha noqon sida geed qallalay
Qadhmuun yaan lagugu oran.

Afkeygoow qowl xun iyo
Dhib iyo qalalaaso jaan
Qulqulatiyo ceeb adduun
Wuxuu qeyrkaa jecleyn
Qamriyo maandooriyiyo
Qaad iyo qurun iyo sigaar
Qiyaamo aan naar ku mudan
Ha noqon qawsaar horkaca.

Isheydaay quliyad naag
Qalqaalida quruxda badan
Timmaha aan abid qarsanin
Qaarkiyo naasaha bannaan
Qalooninee socodka badan
Quraankana aan xurmeyn
Sunnaha aan jeer qaddarin
Qooraansiyo milic u diid.

Nafteydaay ha qoomameyn
Qoolleey qoorqabad biyaha
Waqeed kuma qaabishee
Qaddiyad qaran iyo midnimo
Qiimiyo qeynuun facweyn
Xaqaagoo aad qirtaa
Qirshiyo qarash kaa dhammaan
Quruush haku iibsan abid.

Quluubteydaay hufnoow
Rabbaa qado iyo quraac
Cashiyo quud kuu hayaa
Kuwaa jira qaaradaha
Qarbiga iyo Yurub ku nool
Ameerkana qoodhileyn
Waxey quutulyoom helaan
Ilaahey kaama qadin.

Quraanjada Qarandidiyo
Nibiridaa qirada weyn
Qasriga madaxdaa ku nool
Allaa qeybshaa risqigeey
Dhammaan wada quuddareyn
Malaayiin qani ahaa
Ayaan qirish maanta sidan
Ha quusanin hana khalkhalin.

Maskiin lagu quursan jiray
Dhibkiyo qaxarka uu ku jira
Qawsaar laga faani jiray
Nindoor waayuhu qadfeen
Qanigu ay liidayeen
Gabdhuhu ay qeyrsan jirin
Ilaahey muxuu u qubay
Qiyaas-li'i lagu fatahay.

Isheydaneey qubi ilmada
Nafteydaneey yara qarqari
Quluubteydaneey rogrogan
Adduunyadu qiimo male
Sheydaankaa kuu qurxine
Ayuu kaa qaalib noqon
Qanjaha iimaanka gee
Qudhaadana Eebbe sii.

Rabboow Adaa Qaalib ohoo
Na quudshaa noo qoree
Ilaahayoow Qaaddiroow
Ammaah aan qaadannoo
Barriba nala soo qabtiyo
Qaan iyo naga kaafi deyn
Qeyliyo naga baana eed
Cadaawo ha noo lugqaban.

Noolaha wada quudiyoow
Walaalaha tagay Qarbigee
Markaan yara qeylinnaba
Mashiimaha nagu qufula
Teelkana aan nagaba qaban
Qoraalada naga baddalan
Ku tuugnaye Qaaddiroow
Alloow naga fura qurbaha.

Kobaan la qiyaasi karin
Qalbigu uu naawileyn
Qorshaha aan noogu jirin
Adaa naga quudiyoo
Qammaandhaco nagu rarneyd
Kurbada naga qaada jeer
Adaan kuu qeylyanaye
Qorsheeyoow noo qorshee.

Qaraabiyo saaxiibnimo
Kuwaa aan nagu qaddarin
Kaqaada xawaaladdiyo
Been aan qajilaad laheyn
Raggaa nagu galiya qaan
Haddana qadaf noogu oran
Waryaa isku-qeyr ma nihin
Alloow naga fura qurbaha.

Ilaahayoow Qaaddiroow
Abwaan qaran baan ohoo
Murtidu waa qeylodhaan
Rabboow iguma aadan qadin
Qorsha aan kaa doonay abid
Qaabaaqawseenka dhacay
Haddeerna ma quusanine
Alloow qaran dawladnimo.

Dhamaan ubaxeygan quban
Qaxootiga uu ka boxo
Qabyaaladi ay hartaa
La qeybaa danaha-guud
Taariikhduna ay qortaa
Waxaan shacabka u qaddimay.

Alloow qarankeygi dummay
Markale qaangaar noqdaa
Alloow qarniga Afrikaad
Dhulkeygi ay qeybsadeen
Gummeystaha kuwaa u qalan
Dhammaan qeybihi maqnaa
Xornimo ay qaayibaan.

Allow qabqabliyo dagaal
Qafaalka afduubka iyo
Halyeey loo dila qabiil
Qas iyo iin iyo qudhgoyn
Dulmiga qaangaaray iyo
Quursiga heybsooca iyo
Qardoofaha laga ilboxo.

Mohamed Abdikaadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2005

Silver lining

Sweet and seductive, right before your very eyes.
Yet so illusive, everybody is in desperate need for more.
From the minute I walked through that earthly door.
Whether the sun shone or the rains were commanded to pour.
This life I was given to explore.

As the day’s role by, whether cloudy grey or blue sky.
To say I don’t enjoy living would be an absolute lie.
Nevertheless I keep a steady eye on the horizon.
A constant observation, my words I hold in reservation.
Scared of my own ambition, they say young man you don’t listen.
How can I, when most of what you say is all fiction.
Gladly I would lend my ear to reason.
As long as it doesn’t entail the erosion of my freedom.
I wish not to be an inmate of your fenceless prison.

Just the other day came across an elder.
Seventy something, told me about the times of his father.
I sat almost an hour, until he said there is no hope for Africa.
And if there was, a step back to colonialism was the only way.
I looked at him with dismay; I said are you sure of what you say.

It was before my time, slavery and punishment wasn’t it along that line.
Didn’t you cry and beg for freedom, didn’t you watch the raping of our kingdom.
A reply so shocking, yet from his words came a disguised blessing.
He said the past is the past and we surely learnt our lesson.
An outsider or my brother either way it always will be oppression.
Only difference is one wants my land, the other with a gun or knife wants my life.

His words only fuelled me with spoken ammunition.
I said I am in search of a revolution, and it includes no submission.
Before I lie on my deathbed, or catch a bullet to the head.
Before my soul leaves my body and floats out without a whisper.
My mission is my people, Africa from the vultures we shall deliver.

So many young souls blessed with wisdom in abundance.
Youth so intelligent in the depth of their eyes shines resilience.
Put your faith and hopes in your kin and guide them with diligence.

In your eyes I see the shame, but rest assured it will not remain.
In this world if one of us is not free then we are all to blame.
You can’t attain your future if you never embrace your past.
One day I will sit with you once more, enjoying better days then the last.

Hamza egal
Copyright ©2010


sida ubax dilaacay

ama roobkoo da'ay

daymada barwaaqee

indhahaa ku dugsadoo

kama daalaan aragoo

dookhaygaad noqotee

naftaydaa ku doontoo

xaalkeedu ma daganoo

hurdo diiday habaynkii

kaa doonay meeldheer

kaa dayay aduunkee

kaa doortay hablahoo idil

maxaad damacday adigu?

dibna qalin la moodyaay

indha deero leeyeey

dumarba u qiima badan

qalbigayga dawaysaay

darajadeedu saraysaay

markaan ku dayaba

sida dayax ilayskii

dunidaba iftiimiyee

quruxdaadu i deeqee

kaa doonay meel dheer

kaa dayay aduunkee

kaa doortay habloo idil

maxaad damacday adigu?

da'daa iyo asaagaa

dalkeeniyo dibada jira

adaan kaa dalbadoo

beerkayga dushiisiyo

wadnaha dacaleedaad

inbadan dawaaftee

haa igu daawanine

haana i dafirinee

igula dadaal caashaqa

kaa doonay meel dheer

kaa dayay aduunkee

kaa doortay habloo idil

maxaad damacday adigu?

Ahmad Jilani Runsheeg
Copyright ©2010

With Age Comes…

With age comes all the wonderful events that life holds,
With age comes times of happiness, and times of joy,
With age comes times of anger and misery,
With age comes times of sadness and sorrow,
With age comes grieving and mourning,

Despite it all age brings wonderful events into our lives.
Newborns enter into a strange world,
Young men and women find their companions for life,
And some become the leaders of an Ummah that awaits them.

With age comes responsibility and concern,
With it comes the understanding of treating others just,
Of refraining and abstaining from unlawful desires and lust.
With age comes loving and living,
And with it comes the ability of trusting and believing.

Age is just a number,
But with it comes intellectual minds,
Various knowledge’s and peoples of many kinds,
With age comes the ability of telling a watermelon from a cucumber.

Age can be childhood or adulthood,
Or it can be what’s in between - being a youth.
Our age can be spent in wasting time,
Or not sharing with the poor our dollar and dime.

Being a youth is a gift that we take for granted.
It is when we can have our seeds of good planted,
Education we can seek,
And with good words we can speak.

In our short years of youth we can spend doing good,
Or we can do drugs and hang about the neighborhood.
Being a youth is something magnificent,
We are bestowed with wonderful gifts from the Beneficent.

We make choices and do deeds that affect us for life,
To attain paradise we must strive.
With age comes the ups and downs of a journey that’s long,
So let’s hold on and remain steadfast and strong.

Take advantage of this gift and praise Allah,
Don’t let go - follow the path of Rasulullah (pbuh).

- Nimo Abdi Warfa
Copyright © 2010

People Have Mentally ‘Twin Towered’

Stupidity has been subsidized but people still pay whole
We’ve been socially constructed and tailored with 'fabrications' and shoes made with fake 'souls'
And the people who know this are mentally conflicted thinking, "should i be naked or clothed?"

Our spirits have ‘fallen’ and souls are way beneath the rubble
i take the time to share my shine and enlighten you with non-specifics that might disrupt your little bubble
I put a fist up to symbolize support for those who grind to fight the struggle

Struggles our generation exploits and do not really part take in
Mute the hating, freeze the frame, pause the video and try and find whats 'vacant'
Behind the concept of 'darkness', a dire situation is what we’re facing

Hard to draw the 'big picture' cause my imagination is absent from the scene
My words are dirty with the truth, "great minds don't think alike" so i hope you get tangled with what i mean

You can google intelligence but will never find enough 'hits' to suffice the 'addiction' of a real intellectual

i can give you minimal directions, cause i really don't lead sheep

All i do is help 'mend mines'
Specifically speaking the minds i know best which is 'mens minds'

God willing i hope to see this happen in my lifetime
i dream that the proletariat and the disenfranchised people will 'rise', like an 'incline'

'Slope' filled with hope
And I hope you see what I see without a scope

Prevailing justice starts with minuscule acts such as 'kindness'
And to prevail you need to take off the your ‘shades of ignorance’ and contribute to the cure for 'social blindness'

And if along your contributions and lifelong journey you encounter corruption
I would suggest not fighting fire with fire cause its really counter productive

Copyright © 2010

I love talking about him

Man, I’m in love.

I love talking about him; I love his blessings upon me so strong that you almost can cry. Fell a tear, because this is sincere. Saying his name makes my heart runs faster than the train. Perhaps it sounds like a cliché to you, but for me, he opens the entire way. From here to there. Step by step is what I do everyday.

Oh man!

I wished you could touch the love I experience each day!

Love so true that I almost despair away. He is the one I come for comfort, the one who knows all of my secret. For you, he might just be a guy or the one you really want.

But what do you know?


You are just a child. Raised by a society where nobody told you power comes from within. With no limits, only strong belief. Deceived by the world we living in,

We fall in love.

My love has everything. He writes my day. With a smile on my face I carry on. When I recite, he listens. I never delay when he calls. This is true love,

My love is Allah.


Laila Siad
Copyright 2010

Worlds Apart: Between You & I (Pt.2)

The day came by,
when no longer,
I was part of your circle,
of acquaintance.
Worlds apart we are.
No longer shared views,
but different,
and contrast.
I worked hard,
to deny it (at first.)
Then to fix it,
without no avail.
Moving ahead,
is the best,
thing to do,
for you and I.

Sadiiq Ashuhle
Copyright © 2008

Worlds Apart: Global Domination (Pt.1)

Seas of obscurity,
separate us.
Battles of ideology,
we engage in.
Voices of reason,
we call to represent.
Forces of military,
we rational upon.
Submission of the other,
we goal upon.
Within this battle of ours,
everything else is collateral damage.
Enter WWIII.

Sadiiq Ashuhle
Copyright © 2008

The one my eyes behold.

Have you ever been enchanted by an aura refreshing like a tropic summer weather. Beauty so mesmerising her soft nature tantalising, warm thoughts appear in me even before the sun is rising. Intelligence is like a beacon that directs the one seeking knowledge knowing her education is more then just a privilege. To be in her presence is the only way to discover her true essence, untouched by vanity she is conscious to her belief in the almighty. Modest in her speech and walk a voice that flows like a cascading melody never a burden to hear her talk. To expect perfection on this planet is just being ignorant and to spend time seeking it will only make you further reluctant. She comes so close the only give away is like me she is a child of the soil, yet angelic in appearance the type of individual you wish never to have much distance. The one to journey with me through this life to bring peace and much needed harmony. The one to take advice from a loved one as her best interest yet has the mental to find her own way, forgets never to bow down and pray. All living creatures humans and animals were all created in pairs and I wish you no heartache or tears, forget and surpass your fears. To promise you the world would make me a liar, but I have all you need to light the warmth of a loving home fire. To grow and share our blessings steady like the current of a flowing river, never stagnant but moving towards our goals together. Life is never what it seems, but having the love of a true one can only aid you to reach your dreams. Touched my a contagious fever induced by her smile, knowing for I her best to be patient she will surely try. Under no circumstances do we forget that true peace and happiness can only be bestowed by the most high.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2010

Who am I you say?

A great man once said “Some poetry is dressed in knowledge and art.” So now when I speak, Its like I’m shooting, shooting knowledge at you that you that u needed to seek. Knowledge is what I’m offering, and words are of my products. So on a scale, I weight my thoughts, my actions, my wounds and I’m destined for success, Can’t level to fail. I come from African roots, I am guaranteed to flex. So who am I you say? No, who are you? Present me with an answer, or let me elucidate you.
You say Am I a poet or an emcee? No necscience, I'm just another son of
eve ,Scripting ,Depicting ,Stories untold As I teach while the truth is unfold ,I write because I can ,Preaching so you all understand, My message for the youth ,This is my version of the truth. I am speaking on behalf of Where all is wonderful, and pleasant, Where every external thought is beautiful, Where love weights more than hate ,Let I show you better days ,Better yet Let me show you better days

Mukhtar Mohamed Copyright © 2010

For Gideon Chumo

Gideon Chumo has been my best friend ever since he came to Somalia. In fact, more than a friend, closer to a brother, for the difficult times we have gone through, exactly like family members would. I remember the first day, i guess on 3rd September 2005, when Chumo first stepped into Somali soil, through KM50 Airport,... Mogadishu and I was there to receive him, introduced and oriented him into a turbulent city (of warlords then), took him to Amira Hotel, and that's how he started his life in Somalia.
And until this day, Chumo hasn't left us, he's been nurturing young minds, teaching, inspiring and giving his service to our community, from Mogadishu Language Institute to Mogadishu University. Well done brother
Waa ku mahadsan tahay sxb dadaalkaaga iyo dulqaadka, dhibka aad nala qeybsatay. waxaan ku leenahay Ilaahay hakaa abaal mariyo
I am impressed by his writing, from a novel manuscript that I personally took to Bakara to be typed, to his poems and stories, Mash'Allah, I hope that one day you'll be published.
You can check his website, for more of his writing.

Written by: Ina Jowlow Jimcaale

This Is For You Palestine ..

Dead Straight no sugar coating.

Sincere whispers of a provoked Mind
Whispers of thoughts absolutely Defined
An assemblish of CURSES Aligned......
May you rot in HELL Israel ! for killing innocent Mankind !!

You are the ambassadors of Evil
Filthy zionists, sinister creatures since time Primeval
May Allah's wrath befall you, bunch of pesty black weevil
Heartless criminals, Let us boycott their filthy products !!

Filthy Filthy jews, dehumanizing poor Muslims
Warmongers, rejoicing at the sight of dead palestinians
Blood pools everywhere! Disgusting low lifes, spilling innocent blood!

Victory shall InshaAllah come, Dear Palestine Clutch at Hope
Trust in Allah swt, Our prayers with you, Hang on to faith's Rope
Dear Ummah please spare a Dua for our suffering Muslims in the global Scope
More prayers, more Duas, more Sadaqah
Sincerely and whole heartedly Boycott Zionists!

Israel? NOPE !!!
Its PALESTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May Allah(swt) curse the jews. May Allah(swt) curse all the people who support Israel.

“O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and Christians for friends. They are Awliyaa(friends) to each other. And the one among you that turns to them is one of them. Indeed, Allah guides not an unjust people.” (5:51)


Ilhan Bashir
Copyright 2010.

Black mineral.

Black mineral, earth’s most distractive commodity
Runs the working mind of man into the darkness of insanity

Flows underneath the earth’s crust, nothing to prohibit it
Wars fought, and innocent blood shed just to reach it

Countless nations, wealth amassed ludicrously and spent lavishly
Yet countless people dying of its ailments, stomachs ever empty

Forced to slave and retrieve this black mineral
Under the cruel and watchful eyes of self proclaimed admirals
If the wronged had their say, those they serve would be caged like animals

They say no news is good news, turn a blind eye and live confused
The Message from the state, your mind you offer for them to rape

Why is it the land so fertile, rise your hand and question
Has it never crossed your mind, why so many children die from man made starvation

In built human affection, no longer in existence
As long as those dying are not in our presences

Continue living and moving thoughtlessly
But understand this no matter if you turn your back, your hands remain bloody

Rage war on the pretence of freedom, only to destroy ancient infrastructure
Depriving children of life’s essentials, so they have no past, present nor future

Troops long gone so many dead, those fortunate to live only yearn to come home
Their hearts and minds, affected to the point it is no different then stone

Blood pours like it comes from a broken water main
On the beauty and plains of the earth’s surface it leaves a familiar red stain

Black mineral no longer flows like a river alone on its bed
Oily black but now travels with a sister dressed crimson red

Copyright © 2007 Hamza Egal. All Rights Reserved


The beauty of earth so blue and so cold
With wild emotions of stories been told
The love of life and breath of a child
In weeping denial I sought all the while
My tears turned to red in this puzzle of days
Amazed at amazement and what has been made
I screamed up to heavens, anxieties waves
Desired of comfort from Ancient of Days
Sought for the moon but found only light
Sought for the sun but found only night
The stars spoke of innocence nothing was wrong
Till man starting breathing his woefulness song
I wanted an answer, a purpose, a place
I wanted the fear with love to replace
Inner and outer to left and to right
Down and then up with changing of life
Where is this gold the prize to be won
And how does it feel to look forward to none?
Colors, emotions, and earth is what is
But what is the earth but someone we'll miss

And suddenly that certain being comes and invades

Your world of thoughts And now, Now

All I do and think of you is worth a second time
A time of wonder stunning are your rays within my eyes
Once again I rend my flesh and bask in your perfection
The thought of you is more concern than one of life's direction
Life will fall and raise itself amidst our agony
Rebirth is yours and earth is yours with love and tragedy
Existence makes us cry for that which elevates perception
The world of forms the life of norms and moments intersection
You are the One that makes us real and forms reality
Without which nothing comes from nothing left in unappealing
But there is something glorious that breaks in suddenly
As fingers moving through the veil to shine on spotted sea.

Mukhtar Mohamed

Copyright © 2010