Tuesday, June 15, 2010

-Storiestold- #2

Part one: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=429176778477

Some may see
and think of me as some kind of ex-military
Or an anti-establishment victim
who got caught up in the system.
Or a quasi-political, left-winged radical
but I merely advocate for politics that are practical.
Life means a struggle with pain
I can't see the sunny days for the rain
I feel like losing control and going insane
But through this poetry I release my pain
Calming my brain
So, I'm not a radical extremist seeking a final solution
although when I do talk of revolution,
its not a revolution in terms of tearing down
but a revolution in terms of turning around.
Seeking not to revolt but to revolve.
I seek solutions and resolve.
And I ain't been in the military
but I am militant.
Although I mean my fellow man no ill intent,
I seem to be the one they wonder and worry about
while I'm figuring out, the way
the game gets played.
Because I don't have to be an ex-convict
released from a lengthy prison stint
to know that the prison industry complex
ain't but so complex.
Or that there is nothing to see.
A perfect match for our erased mentality.
No voices
except for screams of pain, frustration, and agony.
The condition of my people remains sad to see
Its Ignorance that,
equals the unsanctioned political debate
that gets discussed amongst cellmates.
Jailbait for the socially conscious.
Exposing the game.
Imposing the shame on their conscience
Lined with death, Ahead of life.
Some believe my perception is in vain,
But my perception deeply comes from pain,
Their obsession with perfection has caused
me dare hesitation
I see things differently, I don’t see people for who they are
but who they want to be.
I am what Im going to be
Don’t show me your dirty smiles I’d love you to hate me.
I Provide the,
Vaccine from this ‘stupid’ flu
An unwelcoming helping hand to the legal Arrogant
Thoughts well-prepared, Actions are elegant.
Yet Our service,
Are all valued highly but also regarded as worthless.
I fade into my shadow. I don’t justify the ruthless
What is defined as a extremist?
The Muslim man who ain't got shit?!?
Or that green eyed, star spangled beast?
I say, "no justice- no peace"
because that's the way she wants it.
She flosses and she flaunts it.
Unwarranted? ,Undoubtedly,
”Eternity thou lie, Ethnicity shall cry
And so Equality will die
Encounter Thy, Enemy are you?
Learn, Inhale, Envy I.”.

Mukhtar Mohamed Copyright © 2010

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