Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Are we prepared?

Beautiful land, hardworking people
It’s just that some ugly souls pushed the button
A rich soil with a lot of wisdom like the combination of Martin and Malcolm
The missile always missing the waving flag because it’s unfair mission
Tribal discrimination,so much hate in one nation
Where is the motivation?
Aren't we the oppressed generation,that survived the starvation
We are humiliated, from the world we are isolated
Rest in peace to those students who got assassinated
It’s storming yet we are smiling thinking that we are healing
But we are still dying, survival of the fittest
Where is the finish line? Two decades down the drain
A lot lost their minds while crossing borders or waiting for the plane
We are not running from hurricane or weapon of mass destruction like cocaine
It’s just you and I need to come together, stay calm
And discus what’s better,let’s us stand together thru whatever weather
Yes we can do better if we avoid another Hitler’s Era
Let’s Fear Allah and over come this drama,
“because a broken heart will show no fear”
Let’s act quicker before the day of judgment appears
“we don’t have to pray to live longer when we are ending our lives shorter”
There is always rain after the storm, but there is no smile guaranteed after the pain
We face 9/11 everyday yet we are Gaza the next day like we didn't witness enough bloodstains
My words of vain kept flowing like a river before the twin towers got knocked by the American pilots
Before China’s Earth quick,way before Indonesia had to over come the floods
Way before i had to cross borders for a safe shelter, before Obama got the office job
And said Israel was killing Palestine because it’s a self defense
That’s just a moment of truth no offense, the race for power is getting intense
“the world isn't enough for the devil, He needs more Soldiers now pick a side”
No cries can be heard in the middle of a storming night, but justice will always come out
When the sun is near and the day is greater than ever because we will have to face the creator
Now let’s ask ourselves are we prepared for the hereafter?

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)
Copyright © 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013


I have been searching
for the history of my people
for as long as I can remember
All that is left of a great nation
is remnants of a war we
had no intention of fighting
battles for survival differ
battles for land or pride
but these skirmishes often
end in the form of the later
rummaging through decay
and debris for a hint of greatness
is no different than
searching for a needle in a haystack
only once you have removed
each hay strand by strand will
you find the needle or in this case
our greatness
How can I argue that
our people were once
in Israel and our
fore fathers were in Egypt
too. How we traded
with the Chinese
and the Greeks too
Do they really want
to hear that our genetic
composition can be found
in Greece and Arabia
and not the other way around
How Puntland
really means Gods land
and our how our beloved prophet
landed in the port
of Ziela and made his way
through Somalia
to Ethiopia
How there were
nations admired
by far and wide
Our history didn’t
begin with the civil
war and I reassure you
our legacy won’t end
there either

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

Some Say

Some say I am amazing
Some say I am crazy
Some say I am maize
Fertilized and harvested
Some say I am cheese
Burned with a heat and melted
Some say I am a liquid
Comparing me with a solid
Is that the opposite of being stolid
Excuse me if I can't arouse my feelings
That is my weak part of easement
Now back to what i've been uttering
Some say I am unreadable
Like unknown letters of a fable
Allow me to call myself a champion
Or define me with chameleon
Reach of colors more than a million
If wishing is permutable
I would've gained label
All over my body so I can stay stable
Some say I am a wave
Strong enough to create light
I have alot of enemies
including you and the dark
Some say I am hated
Only because I am creative
Do not compel me to become destructive
And sweep u away to the graves
Once again I am a wave
Ready to send you to the caves
Excuse me now I am summoned....
By my courage and hope
That one day i will be navigator
Freely searching for the new "me"

Osman Abdirizak (Godey)
Copyright © 2013

Chasing Innocence

When I see children,
I see no dirt, no stain, no spot of sin,
just radiating beauty from within.
I see summer in their eyes,
while we freeze with our feet on ice.
No greed, no strife,
pollutes their young lives.
When they smile so wide, so bright,
it’s only out of genuine delight,
Their imagination takes them places,
places I haven’t been to in ages.
I wish they would forever have those views,
never know evil,
never have a clue,
live in a world where the good guys win and fairytales come true.

I tried to reclaim my innocence,
but unlike knowledge, it can’t be learnt or forgotten,
it’s absence is engraved in my conscience..

So instead I shed tears for the child, who’s never had a childhood,
whose rise and dawn is like armageddon,
who’s innocent, yet carries weapons.

I chase innocence,
so my children won’t someday be the product of our own custom made evil,
I chase innocence so that lust can be replaced by trust,
I chase innocence so that one day I can see the world through a childs eyes again,
and it won’t be my imagination.

Arwa Abdulkadir Mohamud Yusuf 
Copyright © 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Virtual Open Mic

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 10: Set Sail by Ahmed Knowmadic

Bruised hearts are like battleships and
Lost lovers stranded in the corners of hearts are
Only sought after by
Overlooked and under appreciated  men
Defined as defiant and distant
Initially, these men once
Seen as lighthouses became dark
Tidal waves of dismissal washed over them
Helping them harbor hate like vessels which
Import judgments of forgotten lovers and
Carelessly were refused the export of their kindness
Killing off their god given state of affection
Brutally beaten and battered hearts
Usually transform into storms like
Typhoons or tsunamis that seek revenge
Weathered hearts absent of love
Are the reason silent storms
Transform into machines that
Envelope all the good that surrounds them.
Remind yourself of this
Supply all with love regardless of the
Way they choose to cross oceans
Any human knows we need
Love in our
Or we end up
Without life in our hearts like the Dead
Before you set out to sea to see lovers
Allow your sails to
Catch the wind of all that is love and forgiveness and know that
Kindness will wash away any previous voyages of hurt

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

Day 9: Struggles by Ahmed Knowmadic

I was born on Wednesday
a statement by fate
claiming that I would be best in the
middle of any situation
I’m not sure
about this
But I am sure
I do find comfort in simplicity
and stray far from hardships
but my father
has welcomed difficulty
into our home more
than I have had friends sleep over
His belief was
that if you get to know difficulty by name
you see it as a friend and not as an enemy
He was right
because when he departed
to Somalia I was renting an
apartment with struggle
We were closer than
then I was with success
struggle made sure
I learned this the hard way
made sure I failed before I
understood of success
I hated him at first
but eventually learned to
welcome him like my father did
because he showed me what
success really meant
And It makes me believe
that maybe I was
born in the middle
of the week
to prove my own strength
Only Allah knows
But what I do know is
that I too like my father
welcome struggle into my home
because without accepting him into my life
I wouldn’t be grateful for my success

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

Day 8: For You by Ahmed Knowmadic

This is for every time we took a risk
not knowing what could have been
What will be
And being grateful for what is

This is for the moon that shines
light into the darkness
even though it doesn’t have to
for the sun that keeps beaming
growth everything

This is for every time someone cries
for every tear shed for love
for every tear ever shed
for fear death
for lack of power

This is for not knowing death could have been knocking
for every sickness that we barely missed
for ever sickness that came and left

This is for every second that passes
while blessed with those to follow
for being healthy when millions are I’ll

This is for times I lied to make someone happy
for the smiles people leave on my heart
once  they are gone
For being blessed with those around me
This is for every minute that passes and will never come back
for youth
For every recess
For every time moment I laughed
for anyone who I have inspired
and those who have inspired me
This is for my mother who never stopped loving me
for my father who never stopped giving me lessons
This is for my friends

This is for every time we felt sorry for someone without them knowing
for being grateful to be alive because we all know so many have died
for those who die next
For the chance I may never speak to you again
This is for every elderly person who reads the obituary
searching for life
This is for those moments that leave us breathless
for the scents that transport us into our past
This is for every person who
Had love but lost it
Every time we felt used
For every time we felt helpless
This is for those who chase their dream not giving a damn
For those who settle when they don’t have to

This is for you.

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

Self Inflicted Wounds.

I will tell you this and this is of my own opinion. Whether to have you in agreement or in opposition is really not my required objective. Nor have you to my thoughts offering submission, such is the nature of the day that man bends his will in obedience to any, even more to his antagonist.

A blade to yourself must surely be a matter of concern, if not to you then to the one closest in kinship you turn. If you had a choice to watch yourself in the flames of Africa’s hatred burn, would wisdom of its pain be not a sure lesson to learn? From the mistakes of the past has knowledge not been derived?  Do the blisters and charred flesh offer no wisdom in return?

When did self-loathing become fashionable, selling your heritage, religion and worth in exchanged for your initiation as a creditable slave? In small gatherings of peer exchange, we used to compile guilt of such sale to our seniors. How feeble and pompous the notions of the newly beginners,as we no longer enslave only ourselves, but those to come with freshly born futures.

Africa still bleeds from self inflicted abrasions, and each and every one of us is a qualified doctor. Be he or she from the village or the very heights of the city. Selfish capitalists all breed by a single mother,modern day captives at the illustrious breasts of globalization, suckling on its ever-flowing pity. All in the name of prosperity, we destroy land, sea and all that stood of earth’s beauty.

Courteously we refer to ourselves as mankind, yet kindness is not profitable but deemed weak. A narcissist society, so deluded that the mind offers darkness that would draw prayers of thanks from the one who was born blind. May the heavens forbid least the truth I speak.

Barbaric be the nature of my skin, indoctrinated history endorsed by the one chosen to preside over me. Leaders of my people only have the intelligence to worship their fair skin savours, simplistic equations of interest-based loans paid for by the ushered human drones. 

Shall I find my path amongst the herd, grazing on abundant lies even when my senses warn me of severed ties? You see the unity of heart and mind in a person is a required relation, one without the other is sure self inflicted damnation.

My heart beats in line with Africa’s splendour, I vow to believe in the one and only creator. Never have I succumb to or befriended surrender, thankful in prostration for the gift of such solid nature. My path shall lead me to many a danger, but every struggle is worth the price for freedom's believer.

I promise my lands and our peoples a true revolution, if not by my hands then from this pen shall drip to its end our frustration. A people of iron will and unchained futures shall be Africa. Where we see one another as equals, united not only be colour but by justice and peace in all its vigour. Knowing even the seed needs the earth and the farmer, together our children and we shall all be granted a worthy winner.   

Hamza M.O Egal © copyright 2013 all rights reserved.

Senseless gazelle !

Listen !

There it is ! 

the sound of her back struggling with the ground !

tears that can't find a way to escape the pain

innocent steps wondering
what happened to that friendly voice calling her "edo"

pinched to the ground 
They spread her wings 
exposing her naivety 
while the old rusty knife narrating the stories of glory 
listing her with blood in the senseless world 
Where as they claim
No profanity or shame !

but the little girl is still stubborn 
still fighting for the taste of life
reaching out to her mum 
with remnant of  breaths 
trying to scream, 
but mum is there to redeem
singing ! :
"oh sleep baby girl sleep , 
tomorrow is pure and sweet !
dancing with wolves aint an easy game
so stop looking at ur feet 
and remember tomorrow is a feast
and all of that  for a scanty price 
drops of blood and piece of meat  
so sleep , baby girl sleep !!"

sin-less ! 
senseless !
shameless !
and who knows what else !
like a wounded gazelle 
she stands up
walks with trembling steps
in a life she will never taste
in a path she never chose    
and with a sad look , she nods her head 
trying to understand  
the voices coming from the book of Pharaohs
telling her that she earned the title 
Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2013


We may not be together now because the time is early.. 
and something bout the love we had was really other-wordly..
I had to keep it real and live it up before i settle..
Ur love was on some other level but.
I hope you understand that you will always have my heart..
and if you need to be reminded, pay attention to my art..

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2013

Day 7: I feel you by Ahmed Knowmadic

To every broken mother
in any broken
I feel you
for all your dead children
and every time you missed them
I feel you
To all those
with houses but no homes
I feel you
To the lovers who
can’t find love
I feel you
And all the love that you’re
giving isn’t taken
I feel you
To anyone who feels
like they’re behind bars
but isn’t in a prison
I feel you
An every moment you
try to escape but can’t
I feel you
For every moment
you tried to make a difference
and couldn’t
I feel you
To all those in jobs
that they don’t love
I feel you
And any artist who
can’t express their views
I feel you
For all the Queens
without a kingdom
I feel you
And every time you failed
searching for a king
I feel you
To anyone who has a story
but no one to listen
I feel you
For anyone that
wishes to die
because they don’t feel alive
I feel you
To all those that push on
regardless of struggle
I feel you
To anyone that feels
that no one really feels them
Trust me
I feel you

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

Day 6: Young Future by Ahmed Knowmadic

Young warriors
there is more power
in the tip of your fingers and lips
than you can possibly begin
to imagine
So when you decide
to speak valueless and vulgar
word on views you do not stand for
stop yourself
and speak something gentle
and intelligent
Leave those who look up to you
something to heal  with
something to carry forward
Leave those who look down
on you something to learn from
something to leave behind
When you decide that
actions speak louder than words
and you go to raise a fist
there is more power and prosperity in
raising points
Raise your pens and books
like the rising sun
let your knowledge flow
and wash away the
shadows of ignorance that has
infiltrated into the hearts of humanity
for words are mightier than the sword
There are a worlds of possibilities
placed before you
pick and choose as you will
Let not followers be your leaders
they are misguided and will
direct you to roads that
end quicker than the
act they put forth
Be content with where you stand
you are the future in fast forward
play as often as you can
and never stop to look back
unless you are saying goodbye
to insecurities and false values
History has a way of repeating itself
it is in your hands to change how
Conquer your mind before
you seek to conquer the hearts of others
you are the future
lower your fists
grab you pens
and write a different history

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

Day 5: Somali Beautiful by Ahmed Knowmadic

She is Somali beautiful
and barely understood
described as war torn
but none looked past it
like they should
She is broken and has scars on her cheeks like Mogadishu streets
and has the equivalence of a voyage from Juba to Bosasso on her feet
Even though she has seen defeat
I always find she never fails to
gift her Kismayo Smile as a treat
She knows war and has been a battle ground for love for many years
but her beauty still remains
Felt the drought of affection from her peers
but the sparkle in her eyes is the hope of better days
Freedom is written in her movements like the residents of Hargeisa
Been the Queen of my kingdom for what seems like centuries
and I would never replace her
She is ignored too often but her spirit
continues to live like that isn’t the case
We are the port of Barbara with a history you can never erase
When sad,her tears flow the equivalence of Shebelle and Juba
but has a never ending smile because she knows It’s a sunnah
Sometimes she acts like we aren’t part of the same puzzle like Djibouti
but we can never be parted like Prophet Moses did to the Red Sea
But when she needs it I give her space cause her looks can be deadly
Much like our people she knows how to put up a fight
but never fails to show up when times get dark like stars in the night
I tried to stay strong but  eventually
fell like the government of our people
Her tribe is love and goes all the way down to my bones
so we will always be equal
And if our movie was to end today
She said “Insha’Allah Jannah will be our sequel”
Because she is Somali beautiful
and barely understood
described as war torn
but none looked past it
like they should.

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

Day 4: Gallery of Bones by Ahmed Knowmadic

Their image of beauty is a gallery of bones
a showcase of ideals they couldn’t digest
fingers deep in throats reaching for
for words like
Maybe they reach for
comforting adjectives
or pride they had to swallow
but what comes up
is acidic in nature
and each meal
becomes an excuse
to throw up another
of how many times
the mirror reassures them
what they see is perfection
their minds continues to
wage a never ending war
Their throats become Gaza
and their fingers invasive missiles
directed to solve a problem
they are causing
Scarred esophagus
and vocal cords
become victims
like innocent civilians
taking bilateral damage
Their stomachs
receive contracts
for muscle contractions
they were never designed for
This school of thought
must have a zero tolerance policy
and must be the reason they expel
registered nutrients
like at risk students
I would like to take this opportunity
to remember  those
who have troubles fitting in
so they fit in to their schedules
routines to
exercise inner demons
giving up everything
just to fit into relationships
silently praying
for genes they will never own
and their bodies can never fit

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

Day 3: Everything by Ahmed Knowmadic

I see you in the clouds that bring
shade when the day reaches unbearable heat
In the skyline of the city
reaching out to heavens to belong
You leave your mark on
my mind long after you are gone
like jet smoke on the blue sky during the day
you blanket darkness
like the starts at night
You are the melting of snow
nourishing the soil for the preparation of spring
you are the green that brings life after death
You are the kindness that is present
during community service
and part of every honest transaction
You are in every smile that I gift
and every gift that makes me smile
You are the moment in which I realize
things will work out better than I had hoped
Even though I am not searching
I find you in everything that is good
And you will be found in me long after I am gone

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 2: Tears

I cried today
but I felt I had nothing to cry about
I pressed hard for a cause
but came empty like
a well after a drought

I assumed
the only reason tears escape
eyes is to prevent
being witness to sorrow
and hardship

but today
my tears rejoiced
in all the blessings
god has offered  me

Tears swelled
and burst passed
my eyelids giving praise
to all favors I have been granted

to all the sacrifices
my mother has given
for every opportunity
to speak my art
all the money
that reassures me
it’s not like when you were young

I allowed my tears to flow
for no other reason but to
pay homage to all the good
things that have come into my life

As soon as they stopped flowing
I followed through with a thousand amen’s

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

Day 1: Believe

If you are searching for meaning
you can find it within yourself
nestled deep behind the
judgement of those
who are uncertain of their own
Let fate control the unseen
focus on believing that you
can master anything your heart desires
continue to seek
all that you have ever sought for
let not uncertain dwell
alongside your hopes
give it no residency
in your future goals
Never Mistake
the eluded expectations of
other as your own
they do not understand
the pattern of your heart
nor the speech of your soul
find reason in everything
that surrounds you
destiny speaks a subtle language
that takes silent hearts to understand
and the expectation of
those who have failed themselves is too
loud to produce an opening
large enough to hear the beauty
in everything that you are to become
more often than not
the failed dreams of others
will seek shelterin the insecurities of
those who aspire to achieve
be steadfast in your decisions
translate any doubt into affirmation
because failure is subjective
and you are greatness
Make strangers of
those who plant disbelief
welcome into your domain
all those who harvest
your dreams and sell
them in the market of life
look deep within yourself
and become your own artists
paint your own portrait
sand leave the translat
ionto whomever believes

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

Poet of the week: Ahmed Abdi

Would you please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hello everyone, my name is Ahmed Abdi. I hope you're all fine. What should I say about myself other than introduction? I crave seeking knowledge be it anything than benefits me and the people around me.

When did you first start writing poetry and was there any particular incidents in your life that inspired you to write?

I first start writing poems when I was 15, at first I was regular diary writer but I had terrible day at school and I came home angry and wrote my first poem about how I felt.

What does "being creative" mean to you?

Being creative means, to be honest, observe my surroundings, express my feelings and also respect others'. Everybody is creative on their own unique ways.

What do you try to communicate with your poetry?

Humanity, Awareness, Peace, it's always good to be connected to humanity world-wide. People might not agree with me on this but I would say awareness. Spread awareness if you want to live in peace atmosphere/environment. Last, peace needs to be taught and spread because it's the only way that makes diversitity get stronger.

what do you do when you go into a dry spell of some sort or how do you write another piece when you have been away from it for some time?

I do brain-warm but mostly a cup of hot tea would do.

Do you sit and think through every word of every stanza or do you just write freely and allow the words to flow?

I allow the words to follow but I'm planing to think every word because it works wonders.

Who are some of your favorite poets?

I'm in awe of Tima Cade, Abshir Bacadle, Hadraawi, since I have been writing only Somali Poems. The last one I'm going to mention is Haliima Ahmed and the wonderful family of TNP whom have inspired me to write English Poems.

What advice do you have for aspiring poets? Any word of advice for closet poets?

If I can aspire to be inspired know that it came from you so, why don't you inpire all and conquer the world with peace?