Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 2: Tears

I cried today
but I felt I had nothing to cry about
I pressed hard for a cause
but came empty like
a well after a drought

I assumed
the only reason tears escape
eyes is to prevent
being witness to sorrow
and hardship

but today
my tears rejoiced
in all the blessings
god has offered  me

Tears swelled
and burst passed
my eyelids giving praise
to all favors I have been granted

to all the sacrifices
my mother has given
for every opportunity
to speak my art
all the money
that reassures me
it’s not like when you were young

I allowed my tears to flow
for no other reason but to
pay homage to all the good
things that have come into my life

As soon as they stopped flowing
I followed through with a thousand amen’s

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

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