Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 1: Believe

If you are searching for meaning
you can find it within yourself
nestled deep behind the
judgement of those
who are uncertain of their own
Let fate control the unseen
focus on believing that you
can master anything your heart desires
continue to seek
all that you have ever sought for
let not uncertain dwell
alongside your hopes
give it no residency
in your future goals
Never Mistake
the eluded expectations of
other as your own
they do not understand
the pattern of your heart
nor the speech of your soul
find reason in everything
that surrounds you
destiny speaks a subtle language
that takes silent hearts to understand
and the expectation of
those who have failed themselves is too
loud to produce an opening
large enough to hear the beauty
in everything that you are to become
more often than not
the failed dreams of others
will seek shelterin the insecurities of
those who aspire to achieve
be steadfast in your decisions
translate any doubt into affirmation
because failure is subjective
and you are greatness
Make strangers of
those who plant disbelief
welcome into your domain
all those who harvest
your dreams and sell
them in the market of life
look deep within yourself
and become your own artists
paint your own portrait
sand leave the translat
ionto whomever believes

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

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