Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 3: Everything by Ahmed Knowmadic

I see you in the clouds that bring
shade when the day reaches unbearable heat
In the skyline of the city
reaching out to heavens to belong
You leave your mark on
my mind long after you are gone
like jet smoke on the blue sky during the day
you blanket darkness
like the starts at night
You are the melting of snow
nourishing the soil for the preparation of spring
you are the green that brings life after death
You are the kindness that is present
during community service
and part of every honest transaction
You are in every smile that I gift
and every gift that makes me smile
You are the moment in which I realize
things will work out better than I had hoped
Even though I am not searching
I find you in everything that is good
And you will be found in me long after I am gone

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

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