Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 6: Young Future by Ahmed Knowmadic

Young warriors
there is more power
in the tip of your fingers and lips
than you can possibly begin
to imagine
So when you decide
to speak valueless and vulgar
word on views you do not stand for
stop yourself
and speak something gentle
and intelligent
Leave those who look up to you
something to heal  with
something to carry forward
Leave those who look down
on you something to learn from
something to leave behind
When you decide that
actions speak louder than words
and you go to raise a fist
there is more power and prosperity in
raising points
Raise your pens and books
like the rising sun
let your knowledge flow
and wash away the
shadows of ignorance that has
infiltrated into the hearts of humanity
for words are mightier than the sword
There are a worlds of possibilities
placed before you
pick and choose as you will
Let not followers be your leaders
they are misguided and will
direct you to roads that
end quicker than the
act they put forth
Be content with where you stand
you are the future in fast forward
play as often as you can
and never stop to look back
unless you are saying goodbye
to insecurities and false values
History has a way of repeating itself
it is in your hands to change how
Conquer your mind before
you seek to conquer the hearts of others
you are the future
lower your fists
grab you pens
and write a different history

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

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