Monday, April 29, 2013

Some Say

Some say I am amazing
Some say I am crazy
Some say I am maize
Fertilized and harvested
Some say I am cheese
Burned with a heat and melted
Some say I am a liquid
Comparing me with a solid
Is that the opposite of being stolid
Excuse me if I can't arouse my feelings
That is my weak part of easement
Now back to what i've been uttering
Some say I am unreadable
Like unknown letters of a fable
Allow me to call myself a champion
Or define me with chameleon
Reach of colors more than a million
If wishing is permutable
I would've gained label
All over my body so I can stay stable
Some say I am a wave
Strong enough to create light
I have alot of enemies
including you and the dark
Some say I am hated
Only because I am creative
Do not compel me to become destructive
And sweep u away to the graves
Once again I am a wave
Ready to send you to the caves
Excuse me now I am summoned....
By my courage and hope
That one day i will be navigator
Freely searching for the new "me"

Osman Abdirizak (Godey)
Copyright © 2013

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