Monday, April 29, 2013


I have been searching
for the history of my people
for as long as I can remember
All that is left of a great nation
is remnants of a war we
had no intention of fighting
battles for survival differ
battles for land or pride
but these skirmishes often
end in the form of the later
rummaging through decay
and debris for a hint of greatness
is no different than
searching for a needle in a haystack
only once you have removed
each hay strand by strand will
you find the needle or in this case
our greatness
How can I argue that
our people were once
in Israel and our
fore fathers were in Egypt
too. How we traded
with the Chinese
and the Greeks too
Do they really want
to hear that our genetic
composition can be found
in Greece and Arabia
and not the other way around
How Puntland
really means Gods land
and our how our beloved prophet
landed in the port
of Ziela and made his way
through Somalia
to Ethiopia
How there were
nations admired
by far and wide
Our history didn’t
begin with the civil
war and I reassure you
our legacy won’t end
there either

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

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