Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Are we prepared?

Beautiful land, hardworking people
It’s just that some ugly souls pushed the button
A rich soil with a lot of wisdom like the combination of Martin and Malcolm
The missile always missing the waving flag because it’s unfair mission
Tribal discrimination,so much hate in one nation
Where is the motivation?
Aren't we the oppressed generation,that survived the starvation
We are humiliated, from the world we are isolated
Rest in peace to those students who got assassinated
It’s storming yet we are smiling thinking that we are healing
But we are still dying, survival of the fittest
Where is the finish line? Two decades down the drain
A lot lost their minds while crossing borders or waiting for the plane
We are not running from hurricane or weapon of mass destruction like cocaine
It’s just you and I need to come together, stay calm
And discus what’s better,let’s us stand together thru whatever weather
Yes we can do better if we avoid another Hitler’s Era
Let’s Fear Allah and over come this drama,
“because a broken heart will show no fear”
Let’s act quicker before the day of judgment appears
“we don’t have to pray to live longer when we are ending our lives shorter”
There is always rain after the storm, but there is no smile guaranteed after the pain
We face 9/11 everyday yet we are Gaza the next day like we didn't witness enough bloodstains
My words of vain kept flowing like a river before the twin towers got knocked by the American pilots
Before China’s Earth quick,way before Indonesia had to over come the floods
Way before i had to cross borders for a safe shelter, before Obama got the office job
And said Israel was killing Palestine because it’s a self defense
That’s just a moment of truth no offense, the race for power is getting intense
“the world isn't enough for the devil, He needs more Soldiers now pick a side”
No cries can be heard in the middle of a storming night, but justice will always come out
When the sun is near and the day is greater than ever because we will have to face the creator
Now let’s ask ourselves are we prepared for the hereafter?

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)
Copyright © 2013

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