Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 9: Struggles by Ahmed Knowmadic

I was born on Wednesday
a statement by fate
claiming that I would be best in the
middle of any situation
I’m not sure
about this
But I am sure
I do find comfort in simplicity
and stray far from hardships
but my father
has welcomed difficulty
into our home more
than I have had friends sleep over
His belief was
that if you get to know difficulty by name
you see it as a friend and not as an enemy
He was right
because when he departed
to Somalia I was renting an
apartment with struggle
We were closer than
then I was with success
struggle made sure
I learned this the hard way
made sure I failed before I
understood of success
I hated him at first
but eventually learned to
welcome him like my father did
because he showed me what
success really meant
And It makes me believe
that maybe I was
born in the middle
of the week
to prove my own strength
Only Allah knows
But what I do know is
that I too like my father
welcome struggle into my home
because without accepting him into my life
I wouldn’t be grateful for my success

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

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