Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 10: Set Sail by Ahmed Knowmadic

Bruised hearts are like battleships and
Lost lovers stranded in the corners of hearts are
Only sought after by
Overlooked and under appreciated  men
Defined as defiant and distant
Initially, these men once
Seen as lighthouses became dark
Tidal waves of dismissal washed over them
Helping them harbor hate like vessels which
Import judgments of forgotten lovers and
Carelessly were refused the export of their kindness
Killing off their god given state of affection
Brutally beaten and battered hearts
Usually transform into storms like
Typhoons or tsunamis that seek revenge
Weathered hearts absent of love
Are the reason silent storms
Transform into machines that
Envelope all the good that surrounds them.
Remind yourself of this
Supply all with love regardless of the
Way they choose to cross oceans
Any human knows we need
Love in our
Or we end up
Without life in our hearts like the Dead
Before you set out to sea to see lovers
Allow your sails to
Catch the wind of all that is love and forgiveness and know that
Kindness will wash away any previous voyages of hurt

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

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