Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 8: For You by Ahmed Knowmadic

This is for every time we took a risk
not knowing what could have been
What will be
And being grateful for what is

This is for the moon that shines
light into the darkness
even though it doesn’t have to
for the sun that keeps beaming
growth everything

This is for every time someone cries
for every tear shed for love
for every tear ever shed
for fear death
for lack of power

This is for not knowing death could have been knocking
for every sickness that we barely missed
for ever sickness that came and left

This is for every second that passes
while blessed with those to follow
for being healthy when millions are I’ll

This is for times I lied to make someone happy
for the smiles people leave on my heart
once  they are gone
For being blessed with those around me
This is for every minute that passes and will never come back
for youth
For every recess
For every time moment I laughed
for anyone who I have inspired
and those who have inspired me
This is for my mother who never stopped loving me
for my father who never stopped giving me lessons
This is for my friends

This is for every time we felt sorry for someone without them knowing
for being grateful to be alive because we all know so many have died
for those who die next
For the chance I may never speak to you again
This is for every elderly person who reads the obituary
searching for life
This is for those moments that leave us breathless
for the scents that transport us into our past
This is for every person who
Had love but lost it
Every time we felt used
For every time we felt helpless
This is for those who chase their dream not giving a damn
For those who settle when they don’t have to

This is for you.

Ahmed Knowmadic
Copyright © 2013

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