Thursday, April 18, 2013

Self Inflicted Wounds.

I will tell you this and this is of my own opinion. Whether to have you in agreement or in opposition is really not my required objective. Nor have you to my thoughts offering submission, such is the nature of the day that man bends his will in obedience to any, even more to his antagonist.

A blade to yourself must surely be a matter of concern, if not to you then to the one closest in kinship you turn. If you had a choice to watch yourself in the flames of Africa’s hatred burn, would wisdom of its pain be not a sure lesson to learn? From the mistakes of the past has knowledge not been derived?  Do the blisters and charred flesh offer no wisdom in return?

When did self-loathing become fashionable, selling your heritage, religion and worth in exchanged for your initiation as a creditable slave? In small gatherings of peer exchange, we used to compile guilt of such sale to our seniors. How feeble and pompous the notions of the newly beginners,as we no longer enslave only ourselves, but those to come with freshly born futures.

Africa still bleeds from self inflicted abrasions, and each and every one of us is a qualified doctor. Be he or she from the village or the very heights of the city. Selfish capitalists all breed by a single mother,modern day captives at the illustrious breasts of globalization, suckling on its ever-flowing pity. All in the name of prosperity, we destroy land, sea and all that stood of earth’s beauty.

Courteously we refer to ourselves as mankind, yet kindness is not profitable but deemed weak. A narcissist society, so deluded that the mind offers darkness that would draw prayers of thanks from the one who was born blind. May the heavens forbid least the truth I speak.

Barbaric be the nature of my skin, indoctrinated history endorsed by the one chosen to preside over me. Leaders of my people only have the intelligence to worship their fair skin savours, simplistic equations of interest-based loans paid for by the ushered human drones. 

Shall I find my path amongst the herd, grazing on abundant lies even when my senses warn me of severed ties? You see the unity of heart and mind in a person is a required relation, one without the other is sure self inflicted damnation.

My heart beats in line with Africa’s splendour, I vow to believe in the one and only creator. Never have I succumb to or befriended surrender, thankful in prostration for the gift of such solid nature. My path shall lead me to many a danger, but every struggle is worth the price for freedom's believer.

I promise my lands and our peoples a true revolution, if not by my hands then from this pen shall drip to its end our frustration. A people of iron will and unchained futures shall be Africa. Where we see one another as equals, united not only be colour but by justice and peace in all its vigour. Knowing even the seed needs the earth and the farmer, together our children and we shall all be granted a worthy winner.   

Hamza M.O Egal © copyright 2013 all rights reserved.

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