Thursday, April 18, 2013

Senseless gazelle !

Listen !

There it is ! 

the sound of her back struggling with the ground !

tears that can't find a way to escape the pain

innocent steps wondering
what happened to that friendly voice calling her "edo"

pinched to the ground 
They spread her wings 
exposing her naivety 
while the old rusty knife narrating the stories of glory 
listing her with blood in the senseless world 
Where as they claim
No profanity or shame !

but the little girl is still stubborn 
still fighting for the taste of life
reaching out to her mum 
with remnant of  breaths 
trying to scream, 
but mum is there to redeem
singing ! :
"oh sleep baby girl sleep , 
tomorrow is pure and sweet !
dancing with wolves aint an easy game
so stop looking at ur feet 
and remember tomorrow is a feast
and all of that  for a scanty price 
drops of blood and piece of meat  
so sleep , baby girl sleep !!"

sin-less ! 
senseless !
shameless !
and who knows what else !
like a wounded gazelle 
she stands up
walks with trembling steps
in a life she will never taste
in a path she never chose    
and with a sad look , she nods her head 
trying to understand  
the voices coming from the book of Pharaohs
telling her that she earned the title 
Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2013

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